New Hot Topic Items

Hot Topic has a new series of shirts. Check them out.



  1. I want the “You don’t scare me” one!

  2. Edwardbitespillow says:

    just how much are they?

  3. this is getting to be way too much.

  4. lirael cullen says:

    wow… i like…. ^_^

  5. Jessica_Cullen says:

    OME! They are so cool! 🙂

  6. i think there starting to over do it a bit.

  7. I wonder if it’s really weird for Rob and Kristen to see their faces everywhere? I would think it would be. I mean, after all, they are only human… ordinary people with an extraordinary job. Don’t get me wrong… I think they’re talented and amazing people… but sometimes, I think, people tend to forget that… they are people and really down to earth. Ya’ know?

  8. I wish their stuff was cheaper!

  9. they need to make more Jacob and team Jacob shirts!

  10. Agree w/ Haley!
    There are so many Edward shirts,
    & all Jacob has is the original one that says
    “Team Jacob” on the front & “Twilight” on the back.

  11. oh sorry,
    there are 2 other ones.
    One w/ his face on it,
    & one that says “I run w/ werewolves”

  12. I agree that they are going a bit overboard with all the Twilight stuff, but they made bank on it so they’re gonna keep making it if it makes them more money…


    I am glad I am not the only one that is getting a little put off by Hot Topic still cashing in on our Twilight Love.

    Twilight Tees is excellent! They support the Lex! Good service, great shirts and they rock!


  14. ashley_119882004 says:

    I agree they need more Jacob. Hope fully they’ll have more when New Moon comes out!

  15. Are they going to keep making merchandise for every new Twilight movie that comes out? If they are, I think they should at least make some more items for the other characters. It seems like everything is just Edward. Or Edward with Bella.

  16. I don’t think I’d be comfortable wearing a twilight shirt w/ robert or kristen’s face on the front….calendar…yes…shirt…not so much. Maybe it’s just me….but I’m glad I’m not th only who thinks the twilight merchandise is getting to be too much.

  17. Well, at least these have more color to them…

  18. dude I have the last one in purple

  19. Beth:I’m so with you.I wouldn’t feel comfortable either wearing a shirt with someone’s face.I wish they wouldn’t mix the books with the movie.It’s annoying to see girls claiming they love Twilight just because it was turned into a movie.

  20. Melanie Cullen says:

    I know! People everywhere now are claiming themselves as major Twilight fans because they’ve seen the movie. Twilight’s becoming sorta like a fad now, where EVERYONE’S reading the books, and soon no one will. People are like “those Twilight fans are so annoying.” Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that they’re getting so much publicity, but I miss the way it used to be.

    The last Twilight shirt is kinda cute, though. Even though they have NO HOT TOPIC IN CANADA. :'(

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