Rumor Control: Will the Real America Please Stand Up

So many of you directed our attention over to Celebuzz that supposedly directly quotes actress America Ferrera, of Ugly Betty fame, as having auditioned for New Moon, spoken about Chris Wietz, blah, blah, blah…you get the idea.

Celebuzz supposedly cites this blog run by (according to the publicly available profile) a Hollywood entertainment lawyer. So wanting to credit the actual initiating source of the story to give credit where credit was due, we discovered a couple of things:

  1. No place on that blog can we find any of the statements supposedly attributed to actress America Ferrera. In fact we can’t find them period, not even coming out of another actress’ mouth (you’ll see why this is relevant in a second)
  2. There is talk of "America" having auditioned, but she isn’t directly quoted.
  3. When you trace the tags on the bottom of the blog entry there is an "America" tag. Actually, to be specific it’s an "America Young" tag which brings you to every post this blogger has written about Native American actress America Young.
  4. You can see a photo of the talented America Young on this entry. You can also check her out on the IMDB.

So…best wishes to America Young in her audition process. Here is a link to her official website.  We have never seen America Young perform, but based on her picture, in our opinion, she certainly looks like the character of Emily.




  1. Vanessa Hudgens I bet was auditioning for Jane. She is short and has a childish voice and pretty face so I would guess that would be who they would cast her as if she did audition.

    America Young looks like a great Emily. But I wish they would just cast appropriate types in the roles. I don’t see the point of paying high salarys to well known actors of actresses. Get unknowns with talent who don’t distract from the story.

  2. allisonlovesedward says:

    she looks exactly how i pictured emily… that’s so weird. obviously i think she looks the part.. i just hope she can pull off the acting.

  3. OMG!! she looks perfect!! I hope she does great on the audition and gets the part…love to see new faces for this awesome story :)!!!

  4. Looks wise she would fit, but her voice is way too high. I also watched her demo reels and I have to agree with previous posters, her acting is horrible. Also her voice does get extremely annoying after a while, but maybe she could deepen it some when she’s playing Emily. I think if Robert can disguise his accent then she could get her voice to go deeper.

  5. newmooner123 says:

    I applied to the open casting call for native american actors/actress’s needed for new moon.(not to long ago) They sent me a package to audition for Emily before the deadline of Jan. 30th. I sent them a demo reel…..but really that was the first time I have ever even heard of that phrase 🙂 Im a native american residing in canada, so im excited to see what happens.

  6. lirael cullen says:

    woo hooo!! She’s beautiful. I definitely see her portraying Emily.. she’s go the whole youthful, sweet, “motherly” look about her. hmmm love it! and newmooner123 good luck to you! Native pride baby!! hahah yes, yes,… i’m apache from new mexico 🙂 anyways good luck!!

  7. I’m happy about her!
    ALSO do you guys know Q’orianka Kilcher?
    She played Pocahontas in “The New World” in 2005..
    wich means now she would be like 18 or close.. I also think she would be PERFECT for Leah in Eclipse! Look up her Imdb!!!!!! I am sure you will agree! this proves there ARE better to choose from than Venessa(thought we know that is a rumor,but still)
    PLEASE Chris Weitz..find Q’Orianka and ask her to be a part of the cast!!!!!

  8. wow – interesting post! thanks for the lead – and i agree, she looks to be the perfect emily!

  9. Thanks for clarifying the whole “America” thingy! We can always count on you guys for the right info. She certainly looks perfect for the part…
    And, good luck to newmooner123!

  10. thats pretty dead on, on how i pictured emily (except the fact that her face isnt ripped up yet)

  11. She looks the part…but can she act?

  12. newmooner123 says:

    Thanks exslayer….but I know my odds are not that great lol, im not an actress, but did well on my demo 🙂 But hopefully they will put me as an extra……Im sure they will choose the best emily.

  13. Miss Switz says:

    Yes, yes she would be a VERY good Emily… Very good indeed…

  14. I have no idea what you all are talking about! EEEEWWW is the first word that comes to mind when I saw her picture. She is not how I pictured Emily at all. Emily is supposed to be beautiful and America Young is not beautiful. I hope she does not get cast and they pick someone who looks the part. She can be the stunt double and thats about it.

  15. It’s so stupid that people would think America Ferrara would be in New Moon. Who even started that rumor. But yeah, America Young seems like a good pick. No complaints. I totally vlogged about this yesterday when I found out from Check me out on YouTube. (click my name!)

  16. They need to go with acting talent first. I would love to see someone who has a native american background. Keep looking!

  17. I agree with DJ and angie. I think if half her face is covered in scars and with technology now days they could actually make her look decent. She looks like a tard a little. I think its the eyes. Anyhoo, there are so many beautiful and I’m sure talented Native Americans out there that they should definitely keep looking.

  18. newmooner123 says:

    … look at this audtion for emily..i dont know what to say about it…and plus people were not suppose to post their audtions on the internet……http://www

  19. Peace_Luv_Twilight says:

    She absolutely looks the role.
    But can she play it?

    That’s what we need to worry about.
    Acting should come first. Hair and make-up can take care of the rest.

  20. BobbyTwilight says:

    Have you seen her reel? It looks like she is all fight and no real acting talent. Twilight needs better actors.

  21. IPreferJacob says:

    I don’t know if it matters at this point, but for what it is worth, I think it is the material in the reel more than her acting chops. If anyone is interested, I think her people put up a new main reel of America, and I don’t think it is half bad:

    I think America (Young) would be great as Emily (Young), and the comments about her not being pretty enough are insane. In. Sane. I guess I forget that everybody that posts on these boards are supermodels LOL!


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