Rumor Control: Will the Real America Please Stand Up

So many of you directed our attention over to Celebuzz that supposedly directly quotes actress America Ferrera, of Ugly Betty fame, as having auditioned for New Moon, spoken about Chris Wietz, blah, blah, blah…you get the idea.

Celebuzz supposedly cites this blog run by (according to the publicly available profile) a Hollywood entertainment lawyer. So wanting to credit the actual initiating source of the story to give credit where credit was due, we discovered a couple of things:

  1. No place on that blog can we find any of the statements supposedly attributed to actress America Ferrera. In fact we can’t find them period, not even coming out of another actress’ mouth (you’ll see why this is relevant in a second)
  2. There is talk of "America" having auditioned, but she isn’t directly quoted.
  3. When you trace the tags on the bottom of the blog entry there is an "America" tag. Actually, to be specific it’s an "America Young" tag which brings you to every post this blogger has written about Native American actress America Young.
  4. You can see a photo of the talented America Young on this entry. You can also check her out on the IMDB.

So…best wishes to America Young in her audition process. Here is a link to her official website.  We have never seen America Young perform, but based on her picture, in our opinion, she certainly looks like the character of Emily.




  1. Thanks for clearing that up! 🙂

  2. Twilitex57 says:

    Ummm, who is she trying for again?

  3. water lily says:

    She would make a lovely Emily! I hope that is the role she’s looking at.

  4. I love you guys so much for not posting rumors but debunking and explaining where they came from instead. It really shows your intelligence and desire to keep everyone in check when it comes to stuff like this.

  5. To Twilitex57

    It is reported she’s trying out for the role of Emily

  6. ive never heard of America Young, but she certainly looks like a fantastic emily!!

    and thank god, because im realllyyy not a big fan of America Ferrera.

  7. She is a much better choice for emily than vanessa hudgens. I hope America gets it

  8. TO Becky

    Wasn’t Vanessa Hudgens trying for Leah?

  9. Vamp_angel says:

    She looks the part so that’s good… (:

  10. Newmoonlover says:

    America Young is perfect for the part of Emily!

  11. I was thinking Emily too! She would be perfect!

  12. to di– Vanessa Hudgens was NOT trying out for Leah or any other role in the Twilight universe. That was a rumor that spun out of control.

  13. *Someone* I thought Vanessa Hudgens really did try out for leah…didn’t lexicon prove that she did?? I don’t know. But that girl for Emily is AWESOME!! She looks adorable for Emily!

  14. Actually I see America more as Leah than Emily. I don’t know why, I just see if from the picture.

  15. ChelseaLee says:

    It’s amazing how you can track back a rumor! Haha! America Young is beautiful! She’d abe a great Emily!

  16. America Young’s face sort of looks like what I pictured Emily would look like. But is she Native American? I think it would kind of ruin the movie if they cast someone who wasn’t true to the background of the character. She does look wonderful though.

  17. Laney: no, the lexicon proved that leah isn’t even in the new moon script, therefore there’s no way vanessa hudgens or anyone else could audition for the part.

  18. i just realized, she has the same last name as emily! that’s awesome.

  19. I agree. Based on her looks alone, she would a good Emily.

  20. Twilight123 says:

    Omg she would be absolutely perfect!!

  21. Sterling Snow says:

    She looks like she would be a good Emily. Best of luck America 🙂

  22. Wow, she’s beautiful.
    She’d make a good Emily, I think.
    Good luck America, I’ll be rooting for you!

  23. irunwithvampires says:

    # 14- Yeah, I totally agree! America just looks like Leah to me. No idea why, it’s just how i pictured that angry she-wolf.

  24. Yes! Finally someone of Native American descent to play a Native American role. Why didnt anyone think of that before? She looks great for Emily.

  25. She looks like the PERFECT Emily.
    I wish her the best of luck :]

  26. She seems more Leah than an Emily.

  27. Melanie Cullen says:

    She does looklike Emily…..I think she’ll be great! 🙂

  28. samihalovestwilight says:

    Thanks for clearing up the rumours.
    She would be a great Emily…although she does sort of look like Leah.
    I wish her the best of luck!

  29. How old is she??

  30. Rachel: they did think of that before. solomon trimble.

  31. She actually looks a lot like the emily i pictured in my head. I like the idea of having small actors and actresses for the makes the movie seem more real. That could be just me though who feels that way. I’m excited i hope she gets the part for either leah or emily!!

  32. wow, she would be perfect for emily! i hope she gets the part!

  33. uh oh…i just saw her demo reel on her website and her acting is atrocious. i sure as heck hope she’s improved a lot since she put that thing together if she’s going to get this part… click on “demo reel” at the top.

  34. Omg if you go to her website and go to her drama reel she talks about vampires!!!

  35. I second Cristina’s comment… haha. I also have to agree with Kizmet, a little.

    She doesn’t have the… voice, should I say, that I would have attributed to Emily. I imagined her older sounding, I think. Then again, I also thought the same about Carlisle and Esme. It’s not exactly rational.

  36. I don’t want to come of like a bitch, but people need stop talking about how someone looks and worry more about their acting skills. I don’t give a rat’s ass how the actors look. There going to try to find people who look somewhat like the description that Stephenie gave in the book, not how readers imagined the person to be. Plus, that’s what the hair and makeup department.

    Plus, America’s demo reels are terrible. She CANNOT act. Maybe she improved; I don’t know when she did those demo reels, but Kizmet said it best, “her acting is atrocious.”

    I really wish the rumor was true, and it was America Ferrera that auditioned because at least I know she CAN act.

  37. Kizmet #18:I realized that too! It’s such a coincidence.I wish her good luck.And I think she’ll do a great job because Emily doesn’t have such an important role in New Moon.I wonder who’ll portray Sam.

  38. safrina: they already have a sam, atleast someone played him already in twilight. when they were at the beach, remember? and his only line was “the cullens don’t come here.” something like that.

  39. Oh yeah! I don’t know how I forgot that! Thanks Kelli.

  40. Dark Brown Pools says:

    I think she’d be great for Emily. She’s got the whole look down. When I first saw the picture, I was like “Oh no, they’re not replacing Kristen Stewart!” but then when I read she was Native American I thought she was going to play Leah Clearwater, which would be an absolute disaster. I hope she’s good! %)

  41. Danny Chipman says:

    Cute girl, for either Leah or Emily.

  42. She would make a great Emily.. althuough since I saw the picture before I read the stuff, I saw Leah right ther. I guess it would work both ways.

  43. ohh great emily!

  44. twilightobsessedddd says:

    Wow what a fantastic Emily! or leah too, although she looks too…. happy? cheerful? not a bitter angry crazy person lol? great for either role!

  45. PERFECT Emily!!!!! OMG, couln’t find a better girl!

  46. emily wasn’t bitter remember she was happy and loving, leah is the bitter one, though she has reason… broken heart and all

  47. Twilight Nymph says:

    She looks like a good Emily so if she’s any good at acting, then she’d be great.

  48. Choua Yang says:

    Wow. Never heard of her before but she does look like a good Emily. Sam and her will make a cute couple. I really wondering who’s gonna play Leah?

  49. she is very beautiful, i kno i have seen her in a movie but i cant remember what one, i hope she is a good actress

  50. She definitely looks the part, but I have to partly agree with Kizmet. She can’t act in a drama. I can see her in a TV sitcom, maybe. But even though it is small role, Emily is an rather emotionally-heavy role. I don’t think she’d be able to pull it off.

    But, who knows? Maybe I’ll be surprised…

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