Dakota Fanning Speaks to Access Hollywood


  1. First!
    I hope Dakota is on for the part. I think she’ll make a great Jane.

  2. omg i really hope she gets that part! she will be perfect, ever since all this talk about her being jane i can’t get the image of her out of my head acting as her. from now on anyone else will just be a disappointment.

  3. i am soo excited for her. i know she would do well if she got the part. this just makes the waiting that much harder!!!

  4. Edward Cullen is Smelxy (Smells good and sexy) says

    I sooooo wanna see Push!!!
    But Dakota, we’re here for you! ๐Ÿ˜€ I can TOTALLY see her as the bratty, snotty, evil, malevolant Jane Volturi!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. well…
    i’ve never seen any of her movies…except for that horse one…anyone know what i’m talking about?
    But, she seems to bubbly, and sweet, i dunno if she can pull off jane’s character.
    She looks like Jane though, that’s for sure.
    Oh well, we’ll see when New Moon comes out.
    AHH! so excited!
    oH, does anyone know? on imdb.com, they’ve listed New Moon, but it says it’s called Twilight 2.
    NO! Stephenie named her books for a reason. That’s why we have twilight, new moon, eclipse, breaking dawn, midnight sun.
    NOt, Twilight, Twilight 2, Twilight 3, Twilight 4, Twilight parallel universe.

  6. iloveedward says

    I really dont want her to play Jane!! I’d rather have some more relativly unknown actors!

  7. I think she’ll do a good job. The only movie I’ve really seen a lot of her in is Uptown Girls, and even when she was younger she had the cold, unattached attitude down. If she is familiar with the books and the character, she’ll be fine. Besides, people knocked down Rob before they saw him as Edward, and look how that turned out.

    And Di, I wouldn’t be worried about New Moon being listed as Twilight 2. Some sites just do that to clarify its presence in the series for people who aren’t familiar with the books. If they called the next movie anything but New Moon, they’d be facing hordes of angry fans. Summit’s not going to do that. They’ll just say “the bestselling sequel to ‘Twilight'” in the ads so people know where it stands.

  8. Twilight Nymph says

    I think she would be a great Jane, so It’d be awesome if she gets the part.

  9. I really liked the fact that when the interviewer asked her if she was excited to work with Rob she didn’t get all giggly & mentioned in the same breath that she’s a big fan of Kristen & the rest of the cast as well. I think she’s a good actress and although it would be cool to have a lesser known person to portray Jane, I think she’ll do a great job.

  10. I think that Dakota will be perfect for Jane. I hope that she gets the part!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. Ugh, I really need to get the sound on this computer fixed. I feel so left out. ๐Ÿ™ I think Dakota would make a good jane though.

  12. Twifanatic Amanda says

    Definatly not seeing Push. I hope she’s Jane ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. She’s so adorable. And she’d be the best choice for Jane, hands down. She’s the right age and a phenomenal actress. YAY! I so hope she gets the part!

  14. Team Twilight (formerly known as Twilighter) says

    Finally a video with Dakota actually stating something about the part!! Well I’m all for her if she’s Jane ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. i don’t think she would make a great jane. someone else would be good, just not her. not that i don’t like her, it’s just that, they could get a much better actress to play jane and not a 14 year-old girl, even though jane is supposed to look young, i just don’t think dakota would be right for that role.

  16. The more I think about her as Jane, the more I like the idea.

  17. i really hope shes not jane. shes way too young. and i think its annoying that just because she thinks she might want it its like completely up to her and everyone else is down for it. and didnt she just say in the last interview that shes never read the books? and now shes a huge fan of them? ……

  18. If they start bringing in well-known actors..it just won’t be the same..

  19. i think its dumb how everyone says ” they have to be unknown”
    whats the difference if its good?
    plus her fans will see the movie and it will make more money!
    then eclipse will be good.
    i for one thinks she would be great
    and kristy:
    how would it not be the same

  20. I’m with yoyo on this. How would it not be the same? So they have to this obscure, indie actor/actress to be in the Twilight movies? Its about the skill of the actor not their popularity. And Lavendar, Jane was actually very young when she was changed. I’d venture that Dakota is about the right age.
    I personally would’ve picked Anna Sophia Robb (Bridge to Terabithia) but Dakota is an awesome pick too.

  21. If they did it for all the money..then they shouldn’t do the movies at all…Second, when i read the story i don’t picture the characters looking like a famous actors..becuase they aren’t supposed to be….When it’s someone you have never seen before i believe it helps build that character through that actor and helps it seem more real..though..it’s cleary not and it’s just a story..I love these books, and i would hate to see the movies go down hill just becuase people got greedy..I guess i should have said i’m afraid it won’t be the same if they bring in well-known characters. It’s just what i think. I could very easily be wrong. again, it’s just my opinion.

  22. kristy means it wouldn’t be the same if you bring in well known actors because take Zac Efron for example every one knows him as Troy Bloton or whatever so if you bring in well known actors every one knows them as they’re past characters

  23. shamelesslyobsessed says

    i sooo hope dakota fanning gets the part. i believe she’s perfect for it. she looks it, and we definitely know she can act it (c’mon! she’s an acting prodigy). i can’t wait ’til they figure who for alec, also.

  24. that’s exactly what i’m trying to say. thanks abby

  25. Twifanatic Amanda says

    No one is saying that Summit is right for wanting to make money. They were a small independent company until Twilight got them on the map. If they really wanted to make the movie good and weren’t focusing on the money they would give New Moon a bigger budget than 50 mil. Twilight has made 324 million worldwide, they can spare it, but they won’t. That being said, why does it matter if Dakota is Jane? I would’ve had a problem if it was a Disney actor, such as that HSM girl rumor. Dakota has been an actress since she was very young, if she can make it work as Jane, which I think she can, all power to her.

  26. i never really thought about Dakota as Jane for somereason she annoys me maybe its one of her movies that made me really dislike her, iDK. I mean Jane is not a character where i would freak out if they messed up, i mean i would be upset but its not really that critical as say the Taylor situation. I mean i’m not really excited but i’ll live if she gets it.

    lavender she said she hadn’t read them, yes but it was an old interview this one is recent. The post said they had found an OLD interview where she mentions them and she said she would read them and apparently she did.

  27. She’d make a great Jane. She’s a fantasic actress who would be able to pull off Jane’s character. I’m so excited for New Moon!

  28. allisonlovesedward says

    i think she can pull it off. her smile… it could be evil… lol.

  29. *dazzlingcrookedsmile* says

    I personally think she will be perfect as Jane. She fits the description perfectly, she’s a very experienced actor, and very mature for her age. Isn’t she only like 14? I can actually see her as Jane in my head now when i read the books. I hope she gets the part. As for the whole “famous people” thing…as long as no disney stars like Zac Efron or whatever end up in the saga I’m happy =D

  30. I don’t have anything against Dakota but I just think someone whos less known should get the part. If she does get the part she won’t have much screen time and she shouldn’t be paid much money..I dont know if she’d want to do it or not. I hope they don’t go and pay her big bucks because that would be unfair to the main cast members. Hopefully Summit will think things through before just handing her the role too.

  31. I also hope that they have her audition because all the other cast members had to go through auditions before filming. Kristen and Rob both had to spend hours in auditions before they got their parts. The fact that Summit would just offer her the part without having her read the lines of the character seems stupid to me. I know they’re still in talks so we’ll see what happens. I have a feeling they’ll give her the part because she seems like she’s interested, but only time will tell.

  32. In response to pretty much everyone who commented before me…
    Dakota Fanning is one of the best actresses in Hollywood, if you are someone who knows what you are looking at.
    Yes, she can play creepy roles… she can be evil… if you just saw her cutesy movies, you wouldn’t know this, but I’ve seen her play evil… she can do it.
    Jane was 12 when she was turned. Jane is supposed to be cute and sweet looking. People are only terrified when they look at her because of what she can do and because of the evil presence she carries.
    Would you rather have an indie actress that can’t act and looks nothing like Jane, or someone who can actually play the part perfectly, regardless of how famous they are? I prefer the unknowns as well, but sometimes famous people are right for the part, and want people that are right for the parts. Besides, Dakota has not made many years in the last couple years and since she has started going through puberty, she looks, and her voice sounds, drastically different than when she was making tons of films as kid… so she shouldn’t be too distracting.

  33. she’d be a great jane this Jodelle Ferland

    http://www. youtube. com/ watch? v=zwD-n6l2VL4

  34. @sara
    I agree with you. I don’t have anything against Dakota, she’s a great actress, but i think it won’t hurt if Summit gave another actresses out there a chance for audition. Just to make sure they get the right Jane.

    She, jodelle ferland, is good too. why won’t summit consider her? (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xb9fYc3uBXk)

  35. I always just thought jne was a little younder,but oh well. lets see what Dakota brings to the movie.

  36. lirael cullen says

    *sigh… i just wanna ignore all the sad comments about how some people don’t want her to play jane. I think, she would be brilliant!! Extremely so.. Hey i’m all for it!!
    and it doesn’t matter if she’s famous or not famous or whatever.. some say that’s not how they imagined her and stuff like that.. well i’ll let you in a little secret, we all imagine the cullens and wolfpacks differently its not just you..
    I’m sure though, once Stephenie Meyer approves or puts in her two sense there’s nothing we could do about who gets hired..

    Anyways… just rambling.. getting tired of all the negative comments for Dakota.

  37. Oh PLEASE if she is going to play Jane actually cut her hair for real and dye it and PLEASE, i repeat PLEASE at least DO NOT use another awful wig.

  38. Hello News Flash!
    Just look at her in this photo!!!

    ((I did not make that photo someone else did!))

  39. You should go to http://www.twilightguide.com. Someone has a picture of Dakota fixed up to look like a vampire. It looks scary! Good scary. ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. I alwasy thought Jodelle Ferland would make a good Jane too and they wouldnt have to dye her hair or put some hideous wig on her hopefully.

    I also think that Q’orianka Kilcher wouyld be PERFECT for Leah. I know shes not in the script,but for Eclipse! Look up her Imdb,she was Pocahontas in the New World! she should be the PERCFECT age! It shows there ARE better offers out there! Chris Weitz are you listenting? Go find Q’orianka and ask her to be a part of cast PLEASE!

  41. futuremrscullen says

    I think Dakota would be perfect for the part!

  42. I totally agree with all the people above that care more about the skill of the actress than how famous they are. There are NO drawbacks to having Dakota on the film. Hopefully she could teach some of the less experienced leads a few things to improve their acting.

    50 Mill for the budget? That is…not good. Not good at all. At least Chris Weitz has experience so NM cannot be as terrible as Twilight. I will look forward to NM more once Dakota signs on. I do find her a bit annoying from time to time, but the girl can act.

    Who knows if they handed her the role or if she had to audtion? Not me. But she has the resume of an A-lister so as far as I’m concerned they dont need to audition her. I can’t say I was impressed by the audtion process for the first movie.

  43. STAB!!!!!

    if she plays jane i will kill somebody!!!!!!

  44. Dakota is an amazing actress, the girl can do creepy, have you seen her in Hide and Seek? And so what if she’s a know actress it’s her acting ability that matters. She has gotten awards that other actors would kill for. And like Rachel said she doesn’t need to audition the girl has a very impressive resume.

  45. i think its funny that people are worried about well known actors staring because u will associate them in other roles.i mean no one complians when someone like kiera knightly goes from being a pirate to a dutchess…i mean do u picture her on a ship will she is actually the dutchess i think not…i’m sure whoever does the part will be what the director and sm want…so ease up on dakota…she is very young and very good

  46. sorry, what did she say? I was too busy staring at Chris Evans..hehe

  47. YAYYY!! Dakota FTW! I’m so excited. She will most likely get the part i’m sure. it will only make the movie that much better.

  48. twilightlover411 says

    i think she will make an amazing Jane!!!! i really hope she gets the part!!! she has the smile and has the talent i absolutly adore her!!!

  49. i think it should go to someone else, personally.

  50. I think Dakora can do it, She is one of great actress, She can changed from girlie into evil. she can do it!!! I am 100% behind her!!! and if they decided to cast someone else not Dakaota then i am happy. I don’t care who they cast for Jane and Alec…

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