Twilight and New Moon Movie News

Chris Weitz took a recent trip to Kalama High School in Oregon to see if it might be used for New Moon. Kalama was used for several Twilight scenes such as the parking lot crash, the volleyball game, and their weight room was transformed into Bella’s hospital room.  You can see a bunch of Kalama and later Madison HS in the candid photos taken last year by one of the film’s films extras, Kiz.

According to this article, the Blu-ray version of the Twilight movie will intially be released only at Target and Best Buy. Other retailers will have it roughly two and a half months later.  The regular version hits all retailers in the US and Canada on march 21st.

The UK release of the Twilight DVD is slated for April 6th according to Amazon.UK




  1. I hope they keep the same school. It fit the book image perfectly, I thought. 🙂

  2. Kalama is actually in Washington not oregon. Sorry. It is about 30 minutes north of Oregon.

  3. jacob black girl fan;) says:

    the below me what! their not going to keep the same school that sucks is it true!

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