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The LA TImes has an update about the possibilty of a SAG strike and what measures are being taken to prevent it.

The Charlotte Observer has a run down of Kristen’s upcoming work for this year.  She is going to be a very busy girl.


People Magazine is taking a poll on who should play Alec.  Check out who they are thinking about and vote for your favorite.


 /Film has a review of Adventureland. 

 "I screened this film right before seeing The Informers, and I feel that Adventureland is a much better representation of the 1980’s."



  1. Wow, those are very different and weird choices. My favorite is Tom Felton. He is a good evil character!! Ok heck no on the High school musical dude, lucas Grabeel. If I see another HSM person up for a twilight role, I am going to freak out!!

  2. people has some serious issues with their choices.

  3. allisonlovesedward says:

    I like Freddie Highmore as Alec. He looks young like Alec is supposed to. They didn’t give a very good selection at People though.

  4. it’s weird, cause I thought Freddie would be good for Alec’s roll when me and my friends were talking about it a month ago. To be so young, he is an AMAZING actor. The other choices People Mag have are WAAAAAY too old…

  5. Vamp_angel says:

    What is up with the weird choices? Out of the four, my fave would be Tom Felton. He’s great at being the evil Malfoy. Ugh, Lucas Grabeel?! I don’t think he’d suit or pull off Alec. And what’s up with all the mainstream actors/actresses? Can’t bother trying to find a more unknown actress/actor. Well that’s how all actors/actresses careers start out.

  6. I would rather they cast more “unknowns” as well. I just so love the current cast… I’m really looking forward to this movie! Soooo hoping it’s better than Twilight. πŸ™‚

  7. hmmm..
    from these choices, I’d definitely go w/ Tom Felton.

  8. People just don’t seem to get it that Alec and Jane are supposed to be young, not even teenagers. If any of those people above had to be chosen though I would pick Tom Felton, simply because he’s played an evil character before and did so with flying colors. Sadly he’s in his 20’s.

  9. Don’t they need to make final cast choices soon if they want to release the movie in November?

  10. UUUH, no. All the choices are suckish beyond belief…. Grabeel… related to HSM, ew, super ugly, yes, really annoying, duh, and seriously-COME OUT OF THE CLOSET ALREADY! CLAY AIKEN DID IT, AND HE’S JUST FINE! Tom Felton… good actor, could be Alec…i guess… but really, go on any potter fansite, and you’ll see that at the slightest mention of Twilight, the potterheads want to bite the twi-hards’ heads off…so not a good idea to mix the two franchises even more… Charlie Bucket, or w/e ur name is, kid…..too young looking, still, not good looking enuf (seriously wats with the eyebrows? they’re called tweezers)and do you people really think of a high pitched, pre-puberty voice when you think of Alec?…and that French Fry….WTH? get out of here…need I say more?…….fin.

  11. Twilight Nymph says:

    I say Freddie too, I’d say Tom, but one he’s 21 and two I see him more as the kind of person that would want to cause pain not someone to cut off your senses.

  12. Gaspard should play Aro with that look! But realistically, they’re all too old, and none of them are ‘lovely’ looking. They’re not boyish or apathetic at all.

  13. Ew, arent Jane and Alec children? Im so confused as to why everyone is suggesting all these older actors.

  14. Tiffany H. says:

    Luckily these are just suggestions from People… and not Summit. πŸ™‚ I’m sure, in the end, they’ll find the right person for the job.

    I hope Kristen does well at Sundance… and enjoys herself. This is going to be another exciting year for her… and, by the looks of it, busy-busy. Good for her!

  15. out of those choices, either freddy highmore or tom whoever. DEFINITLY NOTTTT Lucas grabeel!

  16. charlotte says:

    Are they serious?! jane and alec are CHILDREN. They’re like ten. dakota fanning’s too old even. She’s, like, 14. and all these other actors are in their twenties. they should get a couple of unknown 11-year-olds

  17. Wow! I never thought they even thought of Felton for New Moon. HP and NM connected with Robert and Felton. Then, what will happen in Eclipse and perhaps BD?? HellO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Freddie Highmore is SPECTACULAR! Have you seen August Rush?? He stole my heart <3 :*) He should be Alec.

  18. Okay. Jane and Alec are supposed to be 13! Not in their 20’s. I love the series and I am a HUGE fan but, I swear, if they get any more HSM people in there, that would be really bad. Ugh! Disney…And dakota fanning! They are going to have to do some serious work on her to get her to look like Jane….

  19. samihalovestwilight says:

    I’d say Freddie cause the otherr choices are too old .
    Not Lucas Grabeel!!!
    What is with the HSM choices??!!

  20. They’re all way too old. I agree that they should find a couple of unknown kids.

  21. CassieMarie says:

    It doesn’t really say how old they are in the book, but it does say that they had to be changed very young before they could be burned at the stake, so I think they should look like children.
    Most definitely not twenty something year old actors, though I think all the choices People gave are good, maybe for other roles.
    I think Remy and Bella Thorne would be absolutely perfect for Jane and Alec, and they are incredibly talented at a young age.
    Or Jodelle Ferland (Silent Hill) as Jane would be incredible, and Remy Thorne as Alec, they still look enough alike.
    I don’t think Dakoto Fanning would be a very good choice, she’s right in the middle of developing and would grow too much by the time BD was filming, and would look too old and different by that time.
    They need young actors, who are fairly unknown, just like the rest of the cast was, thats part of what made the cast so amazing.

  22. Love Bite says:

    The people featured on the People Poll certainly had my heart racing in excitement!

    Lucas G. was ok-ish. But from his movies, I just remember him as the perky, slightly clueless, and bordering on feminine guy.

    Freddie H. is a personal favorite of mine. I would gladly take a bullet for him! (Well, you know, a paint ball bullet thing. Or something along those lines. ;D) In some ways, I can see him as Alec along side Dakota as Jane, and others I can’t.

    Tom F. would be pretty good in my opinion. He seems so slimy and pompous- Harry Potter brought out the best of that side of his actor self- but if I saw him and Dakota together, I don’t know if they would click. Now, that’s just me- I could be SO wrong- but I just can’t see them together. -shrugs-

    Gaspard U. I don’t even KNOW him, but when I saw him, I was interested. I wonder what movies he’s been in…? If I see his acting, I may be swayed to like him as a possible contestant for the role of Alec.

    So, this was my outlook on the poll. Well, this definitely shows that I really haven’t a life! πŸ˜‰


  23. Miss Switz says:

    Freddie Highmore and Abigail Breslin. Or what ever her name is. I think that they could do it together. Hold on let me just like, go get a picture of them both and compare them…

  24. Miss Switz says:

    OMG yes yes yes yes yes! go and compare Abigail Breslin to Freddie Highmore and they could pull it off together!!! OMG i am a genious!!!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!

  25. My choices for Alec and Jane would be:
    Jane: Jodelle Ferland
    Alec: Remy Thorne
    I imagined them as Jane and Alec when I was reading the books…

  26. I like Brenda’s ( the girl above mes) ideas
    I didnt even reconize lucaus!
    jane and alec r ssopoto be young! not even teenagers!

  27. andrea leigh says:

    I agree with Brenda on Jodelle. She has the look for me on who I think can pull off Jane. But I’m unsure about Alec..

  28. andrea leigh says:

    I think Josh Hutcherson would/ could be a good Alec. Not sure though. Tell me what you think.

  29. Well i love you says:

    I had a problem picking an Alec becuase i pictured Alec a lot younger. Like, if we do end up with dakota fanning,can any of them convinvingly play her twin, even if we ignore the looks and go by age?

  30. ewwww! What is with Kristen being the title character in a movie about a runaway stripper. Ick. But hey I guess that 95% of the film roles for young women are for strippers. I sure will hate to have images from that crap movie thrust in my face as you know it will be. Did I say eweeuuuu.

  31. Twilitex57 says:

    Lucis? Aww mann. We have to deal with Dakota, now I don’t think this is the best choice… to tell you the truth, for most of the evil vamps i’d like to see some unknown people.

  32. Those are really weird choices.And they’re way too old.The twins are supposed to look like children and not adults.And what’s with the HSM choice?

    I think it would be better not to mix Twilight with HP.I like Brenda’s suggestions too but I still think Dakota could make a good Jane.

  33. I always pictured Jane as Jodelle Ferland and Liam Aiken as Alec. Yeah, I KNOW Liam is too old to play Alec, but still. Anyway, Tom Felton? Seriously? NO! I like him and all, but I just don’t think it would work. I really just prefer him as Draco Malfoy. Definately not Lucas either. Gaspard still makes me think of Edward. But I think Freddie Highmore is the best choice out of those four. Or maybe the Remy kid some people were talking about in above posts. He looks pretty Alec-ish to me.

  34. None of the choices look like how I imagine Alec to look like. I thought Alec was suppose to like a child. Why are they casting adults?

  35. Chocoholic428 says:

    Good to see other people have actually READ the book and know that Alec and Jane are KIDS.

  36. I think it is important that Jane and Alec actually LOOK like kids in the movie because it feels like an important point for the Cullens to be able to say to the Vulturi (sp) ” Hey, we are not the only ones who have child vampires”.

  37. Dark Brown Pools says:

    I think Tom Felton should play Alec, because of his accent, his ability to play darker characters very well(Draco Malfoy of Harry Potter), and his youth(I know he is not a child actor like Dakota Fanning[who will be playing Jane], but Alec does not have to be). And please, all you voters, do not be discouraged by that picture! That is a very very bad shot of him! I suggest that you Google Image Tom Felton or watch the most recent Harry Potter film. When I first saw the picture I thought it was some actor in his thirties!

  38. Dark Brown Pools says:

    Oh, and to all you people who think Alec is supposed to be a child, make up does wonders for actors! I bet they can make Daniel Radcliff look 40 and Clint Eastwood look 20!

  39. okay so what the hell is up with the cast of HSM wanting to be in New Moon?! Hello this is not another disney movie!!! And quite frankly I wouldn’t choose any of the four to play alec. They need to stick with unkown actors. I mean honestly I hadn’t never seen the actors of Twilight before Twilight, but when I found out who the cast was I fell in LOVE!! They coulnd’t have picked a better cast!! I know summit will pick the right actors!

  40. Haley Joel Osment should play alec thats what i think

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