Twilight Comparisons Everywhere

So, is Inkheart, "Twilght for a slightly younger genration?"

Is Notorious, "Twilight for dudes?"



These are just two examples in recent news. Lately it seems like everytime there is a hyper crowd there’s a Twilight comparison. When the paparazzi are out, suddenly there are questions of "What is Pattinson around?"

It seems like all of a sudden everyone is comparing their upcoming project to Twilight. What do you think of the sudden rash of comparisons?


  1. Devon061381 says:

    I think it’s amusing – I mean, how many times have we heard comparisons of Twilight to Harry Potter? 😀

  2. Ditto Devon

  3. Ridiculous. If only someone would ask one of us what we found so appealing about the Twilight series; and Stephenie’s writing in particular, they might get it.

    I am luckily enough to have a friend that has the same perspective as Twilight as I do. So we discuss this at times. It annoys me that they think we are a bunch of screaming teens. If they only knew!!

    If you ask me; the movie was so successful because of the readers and the love we have developed for the books, not because of the actors (Although that did help). In that capacity, I could understand the HP comparisons, but applying that to other projects just seems rather redundant and pathetic to me.

    Sometimes I feel as though we are misunderstood!

  4. I don’t think there is any need to compare Twilight with anything else! Twilight is TWILIGHT. It was not specifically desingned for a certain audience, if you like love stories – then Twilight is for you- I think that is the reason why it has captivated so many of us.

  5. hmmm, I think I will read Inkheart before seeing the movie!

  6. Brittany from Canada says:

    I am 100% with you Nostalgicmiss. People were obsessed with it even before the movie came out, so it doesn’t all revolve around the movie. Even though that has a lot to do with it. I personally think the books were better, but I still fell in love with the movie.

  7. Oh, and to #3 Nostalgicmiss,

    done get so upset, you are not the only ones who think this way. I only hope we all can do it again for NM. I am not a screaming teen, but I get all excited inside knowing what people can do! The Twilighters made NM possible. Thats just a fact. We are making stars out of some people and money for others! But most of all we are all haveing fun in the process!!!! LOL! Your not misunderstood!

  8. I have to say my daughter, who is 15, has been waiting a few years for Inkheart to come out. She loved the books. Keep in mind she has read the Twilight series several times and The Host (which is excellent). I think at this point with no new Stephanie books coming out, the Twilight DVD not out till March and New Moon still in the works she’s hyped for Inkheart.

  9. It is so refreshing to find so many of us on the same page with regards to the Twilight saga. We are all not screaming tweens. For those of us who enjoy a great read with a captivating story line; the movie is simply the icing on the cake! In my opinion, these so called comparisons are made to capitalize on Twilight, quite often, for undeserved gains. It will be the fans who make or break NM…we all agree on that one!

  10. inkheart is nothing like Twilight, not only the way they’re written and how personal twilight feels in comparison to inkheart, but the stories are COMPLETELY different. If you’re going on recent fantasy films/novels then fair enough… but beyond that there’s nothing there.

    Anita Blake books however…

  11. I agree with Devon about the Harry Potter thing.

    But about Inkheart comparing to Twilight: NO!
    Are there vampires in Inkheart? NO! Does Maggie fall in love? NO! (Unless they really changed the movie from the novel, but, come on, she’s twelve years old.)

    But anyway….what’s with the comparisons? I thought they were over comparing -_-

    *gonna see Inkheart on Sunday*

  12. Devon061381 says:

    I can’t be sure about the motivation to compare, as some of it could be for financial gain, but I think a lot of it has to do with misunderstanding the phenomenon that is something THIS big. Harry Potter became a huuuuuuge phenom, but I can’t remember it having been really compared to anything (I could be wrong here, it’s been 10 years lol). So anytime something new comes out that is fantasy-related (or not, maybe) that seems to have quite the following but not everyone understands, they link it something that is understood. For example, someone saying something to the effect that Twilight is dominating globally just like Harry Potter has done over the last decade – someone not familiar with Twilight but familiar with HP will go “ohhhh ok so it’s another huge fantasy series that everyone is going nuts for.”

    But that is where the comparisons should end. The storylines are different, and for any of these series you can’t pin a specific age group of readers down. It can be annoying reports don’t do their homework and understand the differences between the two, but for the scenario I outlined above, I think it’s acceptable and only makes sense that a comparison, in that particular way, would be used.

  13. futuremrscullen says:

    I think it’s ridiculous! I mean, how exactly is Notorious anything like Twilight. Someone, please give me a similarity between Edward and B.I.G. Because I can’t see one lol.

  14. What!? Inkheart is NOTHING like Twilight. Don’t get me wrong, Inkheart is an awesome trilogy, (Dustfinger and the Bluejay aka Silvertongue aka Mo are a couple of my all-time favorite characters in fantasy novels!), but there’s not a vamp in any of the books, nor a werewolf… The plot isn’t even remotely close to Twilight, so I really don’t see where the comparisons are coming in other than they’re both fantasy book-to-movie adaptations.

  15. I think that the rash of comparisons is for the sole purpose of driving attention to other projects, and reflects a lack of understanding of why TwiHards love Twilight in the first place.

    For example, tons of movie reviews for ‘Let the right one in’ have compared this vampire flick to Twilight, when they really have little in common in terms of genre, etc.

    Just my 2 cents!

  16. And did someone really compare ‘Notorious’ to Twilight?? LOL!

  17. The only reason I can think why all these comparisons are being made is to capitalize on Twilight & the huge success it’s been. (I gotta be honest it’s been bigger than I though it would be!) None of those movies are close to Twilight.

  18. Twilight Nymph says:

    I don’t think it has anything to do with those movies. So, I’d say the comparisons are lame.

  19. it is weird, because most of the things they compare it to have no similarities. They just think attaching that name to their project will get attention… and it does… look, see, the Lexicon posts it even though those projects have nothing to do with Twilight, because Twilight is mentioned. That is exactly their goal. Free publicity from Twilighters.
    Also, I am offended they would call Inkheart for a younger generation. EVERYbody in my family wants to see it and we are all well over the age of 21.

  20. xI-MustBeDreamingx says:

    I want to see Inkheart. I’ve read the books and no it is nothing like Twilight.
    I love them both, but differently. It’s like a comparison to Harry Potter and Twilight. Both great series but nothing alike.
    I think they should just realize that Twilight is unique; it can’t be compared. That’s one of the great things about it.

  21. AngelSong says:

    Yeah I agree with nostalgicmiss-we as a fanbase are severely misunderstood. Everyone thinks we’re just a bunch of screaming tweens who can’t see beyond anything Edward (the Edward part may be true), but what about the older fans? Twilight Moms and Twilight Twenty-somethings? Do they get a mention. No! And it’s not just girls who love Tiwlight-there are loads of boy fans too. My brother, for one, is almost as obsessed as I am about it and he tried to hijack my copy of ‘Breaking Dawn’ off me the day I got it (I hit him with it). So to all you media hypey people-THERE’S A LARGER FANBASE!!! And plus, Twilight is a world unto itself-it is uncomparable!

  22. AngelSong says:

    Oops I spelt Twilight wrong … soz 🙁

  23. Devon061381 says:

    I really don’t think the Notorious comparison has anything to do with storyline comparison – I think they are calling it “twilight for guys” meaning that this is a movie the guys are going to freak out about, ala girls freaking out about Twilight, imo.

  24. no inkheart is NOT the twilight for younger readers, i’ve read all the books a few times, and enjoyed the story but there was no pull. I never put it down and felt the NEED to pick it back up again. it was alright, im excited for the movie, but nothing like twilight

  25. Bookflower says:

    Okay, so I’m not going to talk about the films, because the films of both Twilight and Inkheart disappointed me (inkheart probably more so). So, in terms of the books…
    No! Inkheart is not a Twilight for the younger generation. I’m not going to rant about how they are nothing alike, because other people had already done that.
    No, rather I’m going to say: Its wrong to classify Inkheart as for the younger generation. It’s like saying Twilight is for teenagers. Yes so I did read Inkheart much earlier than Twilight and was much younger, but even now, if I had to pick between them, I’m sorry, but I would have to go with Inkheart.
    One last note: Don’t be put off of it by the film. The book is so much better. And, GO DUSTFINGER! (He wa probably one of the first characters that made me cry…)

  26. Hey I want to see Shopaholic and those books are terrific. We are allowed to like and see other things none of it changes how we feel about Twilight!

  27. Disgustingly unoriginal journalism. Hasn’t anyone ever heard of writing creatively? So sick of the pigeonholing of literature. Every book/film is unique. Get over it, media!

  28. You want to see Twilight comparisons? The movie Interview with the Vampire. If it has vampires in it EVERYONE feels the need to say “ZOMG EDWARD IS SO HAWT SO TWILIGHT IS BETTER OME”. I used to be a huge Twilight fan and then I saw that movie where vampires burn instead of sparkle and I look back and saw how Twilight fans are. I still absolutely love Twilight, but IWTV is more about vampires and Twilight is more about romance. Face it people, the Twilight fans are squealing eleven year old girls that think vampires exist and that they’d all drink animal blood and love humans. If you don’t believe me then go on IWTV videos on YouTube and in the comments all you’ll see is comments about Twilight. Can we please keep our priorities in order people??

  29. ectwilight88 says:

    I agree that is so true. why cant people just let twilight be twilight and not compare it to other movies?

  30. I think that Twilight & Inkheart have nothing to do so I think they shouldn’t be comparing them . THEY ARE NOT ALIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. I’m glad that there are some people that are on the same wavelength as me.

    I love Twilight long before it got popular and the movie existed. Naturally, I was very excited when the movie came out, but it was not such a big deal to me. The books are the ones that matter.

    I agree wholeheartedly about the screaming fans part. I’m not a screaming fan and will not be. Unfortunately, the majority are those who screamed. That’s why non-fans don’t take us seriously. It makes them think Twilight is for little girls.

    I always complain to my brother (who is a twilighter himself) that because of the movie, the Twilight books got all popular and “in”. Some of these people have no real love for the books. They just want to be part of “the next big thing”.

    No use comparing Twilight to other movies out there, unless there are vampires that sparkle in the sun and a human girl who fell in love with a vampire.
    If not, it’s like comparing an apple with an orange, whose are only similar in their category.

  32. Tiffany H. says:

    I don’t know. I think it was bound to happen. When something big and fantastic comes along, everyone wants to use it as an example… even if the two don’t compare at all.

  33. samihalovestwilight says:

    i’ve read the inkheart books and it was okay
    but nowhere near as good as twilight
    these comparisons are totally ridiculous and I totally agree with Nostalgicmiss
    we are not just a bunch of screaming teens

  34. I think it’s stupid to compare Twilight to anything else as though there haven’t been other movies and book series that caused so much fanaticism.

    And the Pappz flash their bulbs at many other celebs moreso than at Rob… what abotu Brangelina, and little miss Cyrus?

    I think this entry is a complete overstatement of the effect Twilight is having on the world. The comparisons are strange to me.

  35. Firstly, if I were to base the majority of Twilight fans, based on my experience at the Breaking Dawn release party… I certainly can understand where they believe that most of the Twilighters are screaming teens. The Barns and Noble I went to was packed with 80% teenagers and yes they screamed the entire time. 😛 The Twilight series has a massive following and even IF 80% of that following is screaming teenagers, that still leaves a hefty 20% of non-screamers. In short, while you shouldn’t bet on my figures, I honestly believe that the teenager bit makes up the majority of the crowd. That’s not a bad thing. That same demographic made Titanic successful, a film, of which I still consider one of the worse movies I’ve ever seen.
    As for comparisons…

    You have to understand Hollywood, to understand why you hear comparisons, and as many stated, some of which can’t really be compared with the said material. When we “pitch” an idea to be made into a movie, sometimes we will compare it to films that come close to it, such as demographic appeal, scale, scope, story… and on and on. If the film we are comparing it to was highly successful, a studio might take notice of the project. All and all, love it or hate it, Hollywood is a billion dollar-a-year business. They want to make money, and if they can create a film that could generate the same appeal as one hot property did, then they want to monopolize on that heat.

    In short when a studio says Inkheart is like Twilight, what they are really saying is that the film cators to the same demographic as Twilighters. They want that same demographic that made the cheaply made Twilight movie a box office success. See…

  36. I agree with Kerry. Twilight and Inkheart are nothing alike. The only similarities are that they are both in the young adult section for books and both fantasy.
    No love story in Inkheart (at least not in the first book, and only minor in the next). It is more of a daughter/father relationship and Dustfingers deep desire to return home.
    The movie was good, but the movie was so much better. I was fine with all the adjustments and actually thought the screenwriter did a great job until the got to the end of the movie where they changed way to much of the story itself. I do hope that they make Inkspell and Inkdeath as they are actually better.

  37. AMBER- I THINK YOU ARE SOOO WRONG TWILIGHT FANS ARE DEFFINETLY NOT SQUEALING ELEVEN YEAR OLDS OK!!!! IF YOU THINK THAT THEN YOU TRULY DONT UNDERSTAND THE SERIES! STEPHINE MEYER INTENDED TWILIGHT TO BE DIFFERENT THAN OTHER VAMPIRE STORIES THAT IS ONE REASON WHY SHE WROTE IT IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!! ok i just had to get that off my chest.I agree with you Adrielle 110%. before the movie twilight wasn’t really popular i got into it from a friend but twilight itself came out in 2005!!! that’s gotta be proof that people are just readind it because it’s ”in” and because everyone is reading it!!! geez i h8 when people do that it really makes me mad. and when i first came this site everyone was like bashing kristen and rob and now all of a sudden they’re in love with them!!! well in my opinion i think they’re all HIPOCRITS

  38. This is getting a little out of hand. I’m a pretty big book reader and I find it quite annoying that most of the series now are being compared to Twilight these days. Inkheart is NOTHING like Twilight. Sure, they have some similarities, but geez, they are TWO DIFFERENT BOOKS! Why can’t Inkheart just be categorized into its own section instead of being compared? Is it really necessary or something?

    On the topic of Twilight fans, its getting out of hand really. I started reading the book when it first came out and practically no one I knew had even heard of the book. But as soon as they have news that its turning into a movie it seems as if everyone is reading it. I, personally, find it a bit embarrassing to even call myself a fan anymore because its getting so ridiculous. Why on earth would anyone go up to an actor, a human actor, and ask them to bite them with no hint of a joke in any of their words? That is just plain stupid? You do know Robert is human! Not a freakin vampire that he plays on screen. And to agree with Kara, most of the fans are hyprocrites. At first they hated the cast, but as soon as the movie came out people are suddenly in love with them.

    Don’t take my bashing in a bad way now. I’m a huge Twilight/ Harry Potter/ Inkheart, etc fan like anyone else, but these tiny things just tend to annoy me. Does anyone else believe that as soon as the Book series is done with the movies that no one will be reading the books anymore? Or if they are its only because of the movies?

  39. The comparisons are idiotic. Made probably by men who do not understand Twilight. I am really worried about having a male director for New Moon. I can just see the whole movie being ruined by Hollywood male cliches and they type of “actress” who populate male movies. You know Bella has a make over! Bella and Alice shop for lingerie and have pillow fights while wearing lingerie and stilettos ! Male were wolfs can suddenly phase human fully clothed however Leah phases nude, etc, etc, etc. It seems male directors never tire of these and other idiocy’s that make movies unwatchable for women. But Twilight is like Harry Potter movies in that about only one fifth of the book makes it to the movie. I like both the movie and the books but they are not the same at all.

  40. I have read the Inkheart Trilogy, and I say with great feeling that the Twilight Saga and the Inkheart Trilogy are NOTHING ALIKE. They both are books for older readers. But that’s as far as similarities go. I liked them both for completely different reasons, and to compare them is a little unfair to the authors- and in some way the readers.

    In another light, it’s kinda interesting that when groups of people meet up, people think, “Must be another Twilight thing.” But come on, people. Let’s be realistic. Twilight is different from Inkheart, and it is DEFINITELY different from Notorious. (Uh, isn’t that the movie about Biggie Smalls and his rise in the music industry? What does that have ANYTHING to do with Twilight?)

    So, in general, I’m not ecstatic about the comparisons between Twilight and other books-made-movies or just movies. Twilight is in a class of it’s own, and it should stay that way.


    PS; Devon, that is so true. Harry Potter vs. Twilight. ROUND ONE…HUNDRED AND TWELVE! Ding, Ding, Ding!! 😉

  41. It’s hilarious.

  42. Gosh, a ton of people on here are so melodramatic….

  43. Actually, I just went to go see Inkheart today and I thought it was a good movie. It was a lovely family movie. Nothing to do with Twilight whatsoever, though…

  44. Dark Brown Pools says:

    I hate it. I think the only reasonable comparisons are to Underworld:Rise of the Lycans(because it involves vampires), and if they make a movie out of Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies Series(fingers crossed, it’s the 2nd best series ever).

  45. I don’t see any resemblance between Inkheart and the Twilight Saga. But Inkheart was good.

    My problem is, I’ve been looking for something similar to Twilight but have only come across one book that is actually semi-comparable so far. It’s called The Puerta Tempus. It was GREAT, but my search now continues. Does anyone know of anything else that actually does have a story like Twilight? (and is good?)

  46. inkheart has great graphics but the story is not that very impressive .~`


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