EW asks IF Dakota Fanning is Jane who should be Alec?


Access Hollywood’s Tony Potts shares his story of knowing John Stewart but not realizing he is none other than Kristen Stewarts Dad.


Boxwish has the latest craze in winter fashion, Bella’s Mittens!


Nylon Magazine talks to Camilla Belle, who is starring in Summit’s newest movie Push.  She talks about her upcoming projects and Rob.

Here is your exclusive sneak peek into "The Hillywood Show’s" special on ‘Twilight’.  It is the most anticipated parody from "The Hillywood Show" this year and it has already been featured on ten different "Twilight" sites! Look for it soon Twilighters! Coming February of 2009! 

Bella Swan played by Hilly Hindi
Edward Cullen played by Special Guest Star (Robert Pattinson look-a-like)

For more information on this parody and all the updates visit: 


  1. The sneak peak of the Hillywood show covering Twilight looks pretty good. I look forward to seeing it when it’s released.

    As for the suggestions about who should play the role of Alec I’m very disappointed. Lucas Grabeel? I’m sure they could have made a better suggestion then that. The boy is far to old for the part. I understand that they can make him look younger with the use of make up but, he still doesn’t make my top ten list.

  2. Edward Cullen is Smelxy (Smells good and sexy) says

    God. Lucas Grabeel? Haven’t they figured out we don’t want fricken’ HSM in our Twilight? Elijah Wood might be okay…anything but HSM though…
    Dakota Fanning all the way! She is NOT too old, because Jane and Alec were turned when they were very, very young! 🙂

  3. Twilight Nymph says

    I agree, no HSM people. Oh, and also I’m for Dakota Fanning all the way.

  4. I totally agree, Dakota Fanning is awesome. However, keep Disney people OUT of Twilight. Seriously, he is nothing like how I pictured Alec. I will be very up set and dissapointed if they use him. Elijah Wood is okay…but I still wouldn’t like him, he looks too old.

  5. Dakota Fanning is an okay actress, for her age. But I don’t want her for Jane. She’d either have to cut and dye her hair brown, or just wear a wig, but I don’t think she looks good as a brunette. Just my two cents. I hope they find an unknown for Jane.

  6. He glitterz!!! says

    Connor Paolo should play alec!!! He’s perfect!!!!!

  7. Wait John Stewart as in John Stewart comedian? so confuzzled

  8. The picture EW provided of Dakota Fanning was way better than most pictures I’m kindve getting used to the idea of her playing Jane. But WTF?! No HSM people or any other Disney joke. Come on?! What are they gonna try to put Zac Efron in the mix? God. I don’t know who would be a good Alec. But def. no Disney stars. Is it just me but does anyone elseI think Scarlett Johannson would make a good heidi?

  9. And also I think Camilla Belle would be good to play the women who is the receptionist for the volturi.

  10. ihadanEdwardRush says

    Dakota Fanning is way okay for the Jane character.. =)

  11. Edward Cullen is Smelxy (Smells good and sexy) says

    Anyone think that Camilla Belle could play Leah Clearwater…? Even though that’s not in the script…? I can totally picture her in this movie.

  12. Cant wait for the whole The Hillywood Show’s special on Twilight. Looks really good.

    I think Dakota would be a great jane, but i definately agree on having NO HSM IN NEW MOON!!! Or any other twilight movie…
    But for Alec, what about Freddie Highmore? or someone completely new.

  13. ugh, Dakota Fanning? No way!
    I really don’t think she is a good actress, and I think she’s way too mainstream for New Moon.

    and Lucas Grabiel? Come on!
    he’s almost as bad as freakin’ Vanessa!

  14. Edward Cullen is Smelxy (Smells good and sexy) says

    wolfgirl: I had that kid in my head as a suggestion! Little Charlie! Hahahaha, but I dunno if he’d be that great of a malevolant vampy…

  15. Dakota is okay and Elijah would be AWESOME. But seriously, Twilight fans would rip the filmmakers apart if HSM came into the picture.

  16. He glitterz!!! says

    Connor Paolo should play alec! He’s perfect

  17. medleylsvll says

    Dakota is perfect, but i totally agree with the other comments of NO HSM!

  18. says

    Does anyone remember that Shia LeBeouf started out as a “Disney Star” Now he has done some great movies, like Transformers, Eagle Eye, and Indiana Jones. That was just E! making a comment, it wasn’t a casting choice. Besides, with a little hair die, I think they would be ok. Especially since they really don’t say much anyway…

  19. I haven’t seen too many names thrown out for Alec, so I looked up Connor Paolo. Looks great for the part! I’d be happy. 🙂

    I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: No HSM/rookie-Disney actors please. 🙂

  20. OMG! Who is the guy playing Edward in “The Hillywood Show’s” new parody! HE’S SOOO HOT AND LOOKS SO MUCH LIKE THE REAL DEAL! Have you guys seen this poster that I found from the same parody? Don’t tell me that does not look like Robert! Oh my gosh this guy is so mine! lol lol. *swoon*

    Look at this poster!

  21. Edwardbitespillow says

    they guy on the end of the video looks familiar…….

  22. cedward is my homie g says

    Omg. Conor paolo is thee most perfect guy for alec! Eveyone loook him up on imdb! I did and he’s perfect.

  23. Vamp_angel says

    Dakota Fanning is alright I suppose… But I prefer if it was someone else. Someone not too mainstream for both the roles Jane & Alec.

    And NO Lucas Gabreel! No to HSM. They could find a better Alec if they looked.

  24. Edward Cullen is Smelxy (Smells good and sexy) says

    Hey, I thought of another girl who could play Jane! I’m watching Supernatural episode 15: The Benders(season 1) and the little girl in that episode is a lot like Jane!!!! :O

  25. Dakota Fanning would be an awesome Jane!
    I think Freddie Highmore would be a pretty great Alec, he’s the kid that was in Spiderwick Chronicles and August Rush. Him and Dakota share similarities in the face…
    Look him up on IMDB


  27. water lily says

    Well this is kinda thinking outside the box, but what if Dakota played Jane and Alec, like Lindsey Lohan did in parent trap. Get her wigged and made up, and I thinks it would be evem more creepy if they looked almost identical. Her price tag may just be worth it, if she played 2 minor roles instead of just the one.

  28. I LOVE Dakota for Jane… I think Lucas Grabeel can pull it off but if not him Tom Felton would be amazing!!! I agree that Camilla Belle would be a great Leah but we would have to wait for Eclipse to see her.

  29. twilighter says

    ummm seriously guys i mean uhhhhh
    none of these peeps would be good for this movie.
    no offense except i do like camilla belle for leah. sort of.


    and seriously?
    dakota fanning?
    that is like the worst suggestion of all after haley joel osment.

  30. Oh my God… Lucas isn’t the only one they suggested. ELIJAH WOOD… hello. He should be in EVERY MOVIE… but it would be especially awesome if he were in this one too.

  31. Oh My Edward!! says

    OMG!!! NO HSM! FANS WOULD BE SO MAD IF THEY PUT ANYONE FROM DISNEY IN NEW MOON! I love dakota fanning though and they were considering SELENA GOMEZ TO BE JANE!!! ewwww!

  32. DAKOTA FANNING?!? My cousin could do better than that! HSM… if you put that in I’ll hunt Chris Weitz down myself… Sorry, but SERIOUSLY!!! The person that they choose to play Jane should be totally unknown and they shouldn’t have to put hairdye or wigs or stuff like that on them! It should be natural hair! AGH YOU PEOPLE!

  33. Well based on looks only, Lucas Gabreel would be pretty good; he looks very similar to Dakota, actually. However, he has yet to impress me with his acting skills if anyone wants him to pull Alec off. I’ll leave it at that though, since I don’t want my fellow Twilighters to shoot imaginary arrows at me. 🙂 It seems that the majority of us are a bit oversensitive when it comes to Disney darlings…

  34. To Alice(the one above my original post):
    I don’t mean to rain on your angry parade, because I am just as nervous about this, but I wanted to comment on your idea of “natural hair”
    You seem to have forgotten that the majority of the cast had to dye and cut their hair, or wear extensions. They also had to wear contacts and apply suntan lotion and then cake on very pale make up.
    Nothing is natural in Hollywood, honey. 😉

  35. I really would like to let people know that for Alec a nice choice will be Haley Joel Osment [ A.I, The Sixth Sense, Sora’s voice, Secondhand Lions ]

  36. I think that Freddie Highmore could be a great Alec…Lucas just doesn’t seem to fit the part very well…

    I’m for Dakota though XD

  37. I totally agree with grace.
    as camille belle playing the “receptionist”
    i dont mind that

  38. He glitterz!!! says

    Connor Paolo!

  39. Miss Switz says

    No. Absolutely not. Just like, don’t even go there. No. No. No. No Disney people. + I seriously think that Lucas like, can’t act. But perhaps he can do Caius… Mweee hee hee hee hee….

  40. Why do they keep suggesting HSM creeps?Ew!
    No HSM! But I’m for Dakota.

  41. Oh,and I can’t wait for that Hillywood show.

  42. Camille Belle as the receptionist? No way. Especially after she said “that whole Twilight nonsense…” She seems like a b*tch to me. Of course she has to bring up Rob – seems she wants to further her career by mentioning him. I’m all for Dakota Fanning as Jane! No to any HSM!

  43. Regarding to the Twilight Parody, I think it looks pretty good- and plus, I LOVE the “stripper song”, as it is called endearingly by myself. 😉

    And as for the Jane and Alec matters, I think Dakota would make a great Jane- and my mother (a Twilighter and Hoster- just made that up on the spot) agrees. But as for Alec: NO Disney- especially HSM-people. PLEASE. Lord knows they’re everywhere already. -rolls eyes- I think that my boy Freddie H. could be good. I may just be saying that because I’m a huge fan, and I’d really like to pinch his cheeks (and I’m not just talking about the ones on his face 😉 ), but he’s so CUTE! (In my opinion, of course.) Though if you looked at him and Dakota, you can tell that some improvement would be in order…


  44. twilight for breakfast says

    oh my edward, i cant wait for new moon and holy cullen robs a hottie

  45. breakfast for two says

    i love everything twilight n oh my puggie pie i love james hes my naughty man i want him to chace me in circles… and oh my edward NEW MOON so cant wait like ahhhh its totally made of awesome grrr i want me some new moon now…. bite me my hott cullen vampires….. V8 rocks my silly rainbow socks pssht fosho…i love alisa’s sugar cookies…cullen vampires dont need tampons.. haha get it no vampires need tampons hehehehe

  46. breakfast for two says

    brody is so anoying (he wouldent be if he were a vampier)

  47. love this love says

    aye o brody is my cousin and he is very annoying hehe and i would be jealous if he were to be come a vampire before me

  48. love this love says


  49. brody himself says

    ya I am pretty hot

  50. love this love says

    ahhhh brody i new you would comment this site eventually hahah i seen u look at those addicting twilight books too!!!! HAHA U CAN HIDE NOTHING FROM MR LOL

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