Convention News

There’s been a change of actors appearing at the Chicago Convention. Justin Chon is making an appearance while Kellan Lutz drops out.  Keep in mind this is typical at most cons because actors’ schedules change. ( Jackson Rathbone recently had to cancel an appearance with his band due to an episode of Criminal Minds that he picked up.) Make sure when you are signing up for a multi-day con there are other activities besides actor appearances, because those appearances are always subject to change. Alphie and Pel will be at this con doing several panel discussions.

Creation Entertainment, that currently has the San Fransisco convention planned, is looking to do events in a variety of other cities. They have several events planned for their San Fransisco con including special private meals with the actors. Check out their new cities here including Los Angeles, Parsippany, New Jersey, and Minneapolis.

The Summer school in Forks Convention has John Granger added to the speakers list. They have also added a promotion where fans can win an IPOD Nano by signing up. Check out their site


  1. Edwardbitespillow says

    im sorry but the summer schol in forks things is over priced for only three days or so

  2. Alu Rathbone says

    I’m from Chicago and won’t be attending the Chicago convention due to the price alone. $250 dollars and up for a convention? Thats ridiculous… Comic Con and Anime Central are no where near that price.

    I’m creating an even to hopefully take place this summer or next summer… but that all depends on if i can get help or not… I’m trying to make the price reasonable like under $150. I want there to be a whole weekend of this… Twilight Ball, Six Flags Great America, and a boat tour/day at Navy Pier. The Boat tour would be a tour of chicago. But I’m not entirely sure of whats going on.

  3. girlvampsfan says

    I sooooooooo wish I could go to the Comic Con but the pice is CRAZY. Alphie and Pell (if I may call u that) if you see Ashley Greene could you ask her (only if you don’t think this is rude) if her and Jackson are dating. It’s driving me and my friends crazy. Thanx

  4. Tiffany H. says

    Conventions are great fun, but yeah… expensive. I’d have to wait until one came close to home to be able to go… there’s no way I could afford the price of travel AND tickets.

  5. The Salute To Twilight thing is near my house the day before I go on a trip 4 school. Idk, maybe I can still go.


  7. jacobsgirl33 says

    I’m really excited about the Summer School in Forks, the price isn’t really all that bad, pretty comparable to the other cons, plus they are including almost all of the meals into the price, you’d probably spend close to that just buying food all weekend… plus it’s actually IN Forks, you can’t really get cooler than that. The Prom in the Forks High gymnasium is going to be AWESOME!!!


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