Has Jane been found for New Moon?

Marc Malkin from E! Online is reporting that Dakota Fanning is in talks to play everyone’s favorite Volturi member, Jane.



  1. I think she’d make a good Jane.

  2. she’s too young

  3. proud_twihard says

    not too young I think, but not a good actress.

  4. I like her. I think that she would make a good jane because she is a good enough actress to pull it off even if she doesn’t look exactly like how i pictured her. It could be a LOT worse (kristen chenoweth anyone?_

  5. sorry, but I just can’t see Dakota Fanning playing Jane. She just doesn’t have the ability to pass of a maniacal/evil vampire. Plus, i think she looks a little too young to play the part. I really wish they’d just stick with using less famous actors and actresses.

  6. She’s ok, I guess but isn’t Jane too small a role for Dakota? I rather they use an unknown/new actress…

  7. She is a great actress! Did you see Hide and Seek and Secret Life of Bees? And she is 14 or 15, not too young.

  8. I love Dakota Fanning and she’s a note worthy actress, but I kinda always saw Jodelle Ferland; Alissa from Silent Hill as Jane, she has that darker quality to her. Whereas Dakota is sweet and innocent looking.

    Still; I am not complaining; I think it would work well LOL . . .

  9. I’m excited about Dakota Fanning as Jane. I think she’s a great actress and it will be interesting to see how she takes on the challenge of being subtly menacing and intimidating.

  10. I don’t think she can pull it off.

  11. There is yet ANOTHER Larry Carroll interview with Kristen posted this morning, where Kristen talks about New Moon, her confidence in Chris Weitz, Taylor’s buff body, etc.


  12. NOOO! PLEASE NOT HER!! she is way too annoying, young, and just doesn’t have the look. Sorry I just really don’t like her.

  13. I love Dakota and think she can handle just about any role given to her. However, I think they should stay away from well-know actors and use fresh faces.

  14. Devon061381 says

    I am extremely excited at the prospect of Dakota doing Jane. She fits the part appearance-wise and I think she’s very talented. I have had her in the back of my mind as Jane since they announced New Moon was a go.

    I’m not sure why people think she’s “too young” – did everyone read the same series I did? Because Jane and Alec are essentially still children, very young. Stephenie’s back story with how they were created says that Aro wanted to wait to change them until they were older (adults) but had to intervene early (lol). Jane and Alec may act and talk like adults because they’ve been around for centuries, but they still sound and look like children/early teens.

    Therefore, Dakota would be perfect.

  15. I think Dakota can pull off Jane pretty well.
    I mean, I always saw Jane as somewhat sweeter looking most of the time, and then she has that part of her that is totally not. Because it seems like Jane would be one of those people that you wouldn’t see as a threat until it was too late, and to pull that off she needs to not look completely scary.
    As for her being too well known… I don’t think that she is a super big star. She is kinda still on the unknown side, because I know tons of people who have no clue who she is unless you mention her new movie Push.

  16. The looks : ok but i am a bit concerned about her taking the role of Jane.
    Because i have never seen her acting an “evil role” in the first place and second it must be that ” you know I’m no good but you still very like me” kinda attitude.

  17. She is 14! She’s too young. A 14 year old Jane? I don’t think Dakota can act evil. She’s too cute. She’s almost an immortal child..

  18. Michelle williams!!!! would be better than Dakota. Just my opinion!!

  19. Okay, who else here is not surprised in the least?

  20. Also, don’t know what all this talk about Dakota being “too young” is about, considering that Jane is 13.

  21. So many of you are so picky! First of all just relax,Jane is only present for what 1 chapter. Dakota is young enough for the role and she really hasn’t worked much in the last few years. She is very talented whether you like her or not,that is your opinion,but she is talented.
    She may even be a fan of the books,which wouldn’t surprise me at all. Giver her a chance! Stpo being so pessimistic!

  22. I don’t know if that’s a good idea for her to play the role of jane… I imaged Jane more evil and Dakota doesn’t looks so evil to torture Edward

  23. She’s a great actress, but I’m not sure she can pull off the evil-ness.

  24. @ pinky:

    Michelle Williams? Are you serious? lol
    She’s like almost 30 years old! Jane is only like around 13.
    I dunno about you but I’ve never seen a 30 year old look like a 13 year old in a movie.

  25. Hasn’t anyone seen the trailer of that new action adventure Dakota is in (I’ve seen it twice, both times before I saw Twilight)? She looks so much more mature and really gritty – not at all the wholesome little girl we’re used to seeing. I figure that if she could pull that off, why couldn’t she do Jane? Plus she’s an amazing actress anyways, which is where I think the main problem is because Summit would need to find A LOT more $$ in the budget to get her I’d imagine.

  26. You know how jane should look? Like Kristen dunst who played the little girl/vampire in Interview with a vampire from 1994. Just that look she had in her eyes when she did the part. But oh well Kristen is to old now.
    Though Jodelle Furland in blond hair could probably do the trick as wel or Daveigh Elizabeth Chase ( she was the girl in the ring)but look at her these days.

  27. shes not bitchy enough…..lol

  28. water lily says

    @ Devon061381: Thank you! That was my exact reaction. Why does everyone think she is too young? (If anything she’s too old)If you read the character bio section of the LEX, she and alex were very young and small. Dakota would be great, but she’s an A-lister and may cost too much. If casting her will hurt the budget, I’d rather have an unknown. If she is willing to take a small salary, for a minor role (like Jane)then I think we should be thrilled to have such a talent in our movie.

  29. I think that Dakota’s perfect. She’s just the right age, considering that Jane is supposed to be around 13, so I don’t know what all this talk that Dakota is too old is about. She can pull off the creepy look, too. And, to top it all off, she’s a phenomenal actress who would attract more fans to see the movie.

  30. Are they kidding? that is quite possibly the biggest miatake they have made a far, which is saying something. the whole story is based in a world of vampires an werewolves, an how are we the fans suppost to believe in the movie if we see all these actors who have been in countless things. for example when we see jane we shouldn’t be saying isn’t that the girl from… what should be registering in our thoughts is that is a crazy vampire who tortures people. Not a cute little girl from war of the worlds. all i am saying is if they keep using all these known actors the movie is going to become a joke because know one is going to believe the story. isn’t that what twilight is all about, a world within our own that is special an barely imaginable. casting should not be about getting the biggest names it should be about who can play the part to the best protrayal of the character. an if that happens to be a no name so be it. don’t ruin a good thing with a stupid mistake

  31. I wish they’d find someone less well-known. Also, Dakota Fanning is cute, but she doesn’t have the “cherub” face that Stephenie describes Jane having.

    I hope this isn’t true. :/

  32. get out!! that crazy!! it will be soooo awesome!

  33. lirael cullen says

    i’m not crazy about her.. but hey! *opens hands palms open* i’ll give her a shot. You all remember how millions were screaming about Robert Pattinson, saying he couldn’t pull it off. I’d say he did prettty well. yeah, she’ll do.

  34. Wow. I love Dakota as an actress. She’s going to go far. I never pictured Jane like that but with a hair color change and some makeup…. I bet she could do it! Kristen already worked with Dakota in Cutlass.

  35. I was picturing her as Jane. I think she’ll do a GREAT job! She’s def not too young. I was under the impression from the story that Jane was young teen anyways.

  36. Doesn’t everybody remember when they announced Kristen to play Bella and Rob to play Edward, everyone got on here and complained about how they didn’t like them, they weren’t good actors, they didn’t look like the part. Then everyone started loving them. Now there’s talk about Dakota Fanning playing Jane and just about everyone is already bashing her. You haven’t even given her a chance yet, just like with Kristen and Rob.

  37. I think Dakota Fanning will be great. Not perfect, but great. She’s just the right age, she’s short, and she is small. However, my only concern is that she won’y be able to pull off being all evil-like being Jane and all. Jane is my favorite evil character, so I had hoped that they would make her as close to the image I had of her, and Dakota Fanning works wonderfully. I think that if she gets the role she’ll be great. She just needs to act evil.

  38. tori, do you think that every well known actor and actress shouldn’t be cast anymore then? Just because the audidence might recognize them from other films? It’s up to the ACTOR to convince viewers that they are whoever they’re playing.

    I think people should go on imdb and look at some of the photos of Dakota from her new movie, Push. She’s not a cutesy little girl anymore.

  39. I had pictured Dakota Fanning as Jane long before. Jane is supposed to be a child, not some 30 year old grown woman! I definitely think Dakota has the potential, she’s basically the one of the most mature teens I’ve ever seen. Plus her role in Hide and Seek was pretty spooky.

  40. Jane is supposed to look very young (pre-puberty), and from what I’ve seen recently Dakota actually looks older than her age. I also think it’s a bad idea because having such a well known actress in such a small role will take the attention off of where it should be. I agree w/ the people who want unknown actors in the roles, because 1) it helps save $$ for other important things (special effects) and 2) I like that the movies are now known for being the launching pad for young up and coming actors. I like her, but not as Jane.

  41. ok…i don’t think she is necessarily too young for part but i think her acting up to now has been too childish for the character of jane. she IS the right age but she has to act like a maniacal little girl that has lived hundreds of years. she has always played the sweet child that everything centers on, rarely is there any depth to her characters. i just cannot see this working out well.

  42. Why would they choose Dakota Fanning? WHY?
    Daveigh Chase (who played Samara in “The Ring”) would be a perfect candidate for Jane. She is very pretty… but has a malicious vibe about her. Maybe just because that movie scared the pants off me. But seriously, she is my pick. I only wish it mattered…

  43. I think Dakota Fanning would be perfect…she has those eyes that can be freaky!

    I imagined someone like her for Jane while reading the books…

    Can we say Children of the Corn???

  44. Not too young but over rated. Putting a well know actress in the role will be distracting at best. While Jane is an important character, she is minor and should not overshadow the other players. Sure, it’s a hassle auditioning but I’m sure there is an equally appealing and perhaps more talented artist out there if they would take the time to look. They need to balance Jane with the person who is cast as Alec.

  45. I think DF is too big an actress for the role of Jane…
    I doubt she’ll take it.

  46. Dragonflyfoot says

    Wow! I was SO excited when The first movie made so much money, even saw it 3 times myself to help out!LOL LOL,BUT now I am SO angry!I guess they made TOO much money, because we have to put up with some actress that isn’t even anything like JANE!!!Can’t we find someone that actaully needs this part?? Can we discover someone please??!! I am so sick of Dakota Fanning, she’s everywhere!! uggh!What were they thinking?!!!

  47. allisonlovesedward says

    I think she would make a perfect Jane. Jane is supposed to look young. Dakota Fanning is a very talented and mature actress.

  48. Kiki Alice Cullen says

    WOW. That would SO work! She would soooo be a great Jane! Wicked. I hope she will good luck to her! A shock but would be totally awesome! Lol.

  49. wow so many people saying she doesn’t look scary enough (it reminds me of when everyone said the same thing about Rachelle for Victoria) well i remember her in “Hide and Seek” with brown hair and everything and she was very creepy in that role, I’m totally sure she can pull this off but Jodelle Ferland would be awesome for the part too…

  50. It’s funny, but when I thought of casting for New Moon, Dakota as Jane was the first thought that crept into my head. I think she is a very intense actress (Hello, have you seen her movies?) and she will be incredibly as the creepy pain-loving Jane.