Sundance Report

Kristen Stewart signed autographs at the airport and later in town at Sundance.

Just Jared Jr. Just Jared has photos of Kristen at the official photocall for Adventureland.

Rueters mentions how companies like Summit have found a niche of loyal supporters at Sundance


MTV asked Kristen to stop by the MTV Sundance Photobooth. She posed for a few shots with her Adventureland co-star Margarita Levieva . They also have a brief clip where they asked her to compare this year’s  Sundance experience vs.last year’s.



The Lexicon’s own Nena Cullen is in the area and hopes to tell us a bit about teh Sundance experience later this week..




  1. haha that’s rad. larry was talking about interviewing her on his facebook today.

  2. Both Kristen & Jesse Eisenberg are chewing gum lol

    Of course everyones following you Kristen what did you think 🙂

  3. Im sorry, but it looks like she is either very tired or on something. Ahhhh to be young and not care!

  4. Wow, Kristen is so articulate. Like, umm…. I wish they would replace her as Bella, she can barely spit out a sentence.

  5. She needs to learn how to do interviews. She can’t speak very well and seems like she could care less!

  6. every time she does an interview it seem like she doesn’t want to be there or she is totally bored. of course people would rather talk about TWILIGHT, its only the biggest movie of her entire career. i get so annoyed with her sometimes. she has zero personality! im sick of seeing her all pissy in all her interviews! get used to it…you signed up for this weather you like it or not. FAKE IT at least.

  7. Heehee- that was funny. Larry got her on that last question though. He only speaks the truth my friend! 😛

  8. Okay, I don’t know who she is, really, because I’m old (34), and I never heard of her before Twilight, but I truly think Ellen Page (Juno) would have been a much better Bella.

  9. ugh i cannot stand her!! she just sounds so rude, of course people want to see her, she just filmed a huge movie (that has made her a TON of money I might add) and there are three more to go so ,frankly she better get used to it. press is part of the job hunny, GET USED TO IT. I reallyy wish they would have gotten someone else to play bella.

  10. Kristen looks totally wasted. Also, she needs to get a grip and realize that doing interviews is part of the gig when you are in movies.

  11. Edwardbitespillow says

    Dixie, i totaly agree with you…and why chew gum on an interview…im sorry but i jst think thats really rude and it seems like she doesn’t even want to be a part of Twilight anymore or something

  12. i totally thought Ellen Page from Juno would make an awesome Bella, she’s such a good actress. The key word is actress… Kristen uses the same facial expressions for happy Bella, sad Bella, angry Bella, Bella in love… she can’t act. I never saw in the movie why Edward wouldhave fallen in love with her or that she even loved him. She seems bored, like she’s annoyed with ev erything.

  13. Sheesh guys, it was one interview. Just because she’s chewing gum doesn’t mean she doesn’t care, some people aren’t good at interviews and Kristen’s done about a million or so for Twilight. Just give her a break.

  14. I’m with you Tina! She’s only 18 after all- still a baby. Can she have a sec to wrap her mind around all this?! She’s said before that she comes off wrong all the time, which she does, but I don’t think that warrants the bashing she’s getting!

  15. ashley_119882004 says

    I agree with Tina & Angel. I know if I get put on the spot my minds like AHHHH and I mess up what I say. Its just how some people are.

  16. I agree with Tina and Angel. Kristen is one of the few actresses that rather stay low key than being all bubbly and pretend to be something she is not. She doesn’t deserve that bashing and although I know other actresses (younger ones) do better interview at the end it is up to how the person takes in the fame some people handle it well some don’t. Plus if you are talking about chewing gum on an interview look at the coverage and interviews ryan secreast did for the golden globes where one big actor (i don’t seem to remember his name sorry) was chewing gum then when it was really inappropiate. Plus she is there to promote her new movie Adventureland and not Twilight nor New Moon..(feel sorry for her costar they asked him no questions about the Adventureland)……
    Sorry for the ranting..i just had to let it out…I respect everyones opinion and just thought I should let mine out. Sorry and peace

  17. teamedward1 says

    i agree that all the kristen bashing is a bit harsh (i do think she can act!!) but i do wish that she would try to look like she is happy sometimes…the only interview i’ve seen her happy in is one before the film came out. And god does she look depressed in the MTV photobooth!

  18. Sally
    OMG, I was thinking the same thing when I was watching JUNO this weekend. Kristen, in my opinion needs a little personality.

  19. Cindy
    Kristen stays low and out of the spotlight so no one will see her when she is smoking pot. LOL.
    Just kidding, I really like Kristen, but she really needs to loosen up a bit. There are so many others out their with talent like hers and more that would died for the opportunities she has, the lease she can do is be a little bit more appreciative and pleasant.

  20. Edward Cullen is Smelxy (Smells good and sexy) says

    I, too, like Kristen a ton. She seems like a great girl who just needs to work a little bit on her interviews, unlike Rob who dazzles us all the time 🙂

  21. Edward Cullen is Smelxy (Smells good and sexy) says

    Plus, Ellen Page + Isabella Marie Swan = Not a good mixture.
    I mean, Ellen Page is like my hero, I loved her in JUNO and stuff, she’s just such a fun person 🙂 But I can’t see her as Bella, and there’s not going to be a chance that they’re chaning the main character either.

  22. I don’t think Kristen knows what’s going on half the time lol.

  23. Can you imagine how tired the girl is?? She has stated several times she’s not good at interviews. I have taken the time to see her other movies and she has grown as an actress. Cut her a break, she’s 18 and on the brink of something totally huge. (ok, besides getting high)

  24. I actually think Kristen is pretty articulate and very bright. Her answers in interviews are unconventional and well thought out. She’s not comfortable giving interviews, but I don’t think it is fair that she be bashed in this way. She will learn; she will grow older, be a little more confident.

    I also loved how she played Bella.

  25. yeah, i really dont think she’s being “low-key” .
    & i agree, she isn’t a very good actress .
    she’s always boring,
    & seems like she’s too cool to care.
    when really, i dont think that she’s cool at all.
    plus my friend told me she smokes pot.
    she’s just a draggg .

  26. Kristen is not boring at all! She’s actually quite exciting to watch in interviews especially since most actors her age are all perfectly perky and bubbly, their facial expressions don’t change at all no matter what the question. And they seem to have the same PR-packaged answers in interviews that seem obviously memorized. Kristen’s answers are straight-up, matter-of-fact, no-bulls that are completely hers which I find refreshing! She’s honest and gritty which turns some people off. In fact, with all the bashing she gets, she puts me at the edge of my seat whenever she appears at Q&A’s. But whatever, she comes off as honest which is what’s important. In fact, if you really get past her casualness, you’ll find her answers to be well-thought and sensible.

  27. futuremrscullen says

    Wow… a lot of Kristen hate here lol. I think she’s quite charming. I like the fact that she’s not always out in front of the cameras and dying for the attention like most other celebrities are. I don’t think that she’s bored or annoyed with doing interviews. I think she’s shy. And she may smoke pot, but honestly, I’d much rather it be pot than coke or heroin. I mean, who would you rather your daughter look up to… Kristen Stewart or Lindsay Lohan??? I’d pick Kristen ANY day of the week!