Update From Kaleb Nation

As many of you know, Kaleb has been having what could probably best be described as technical difficulties or a huge misunderstanding with YouTube (We understand, we had to explain to a former webhost that we weren’t a porn site because he had only seen porn sites pull in the kind of traffic volume that we do.). Kaleb explains the status of the Robert Pattinson Contest of Awesome in the video. After you watch the video, stop by and give Kaleb a cyber hug, he sounds like he needs one.

Here is the link to the video which is not letting us embed it.



  1. I understand Stephanie being upset about what happened with the leaking of Midnight Sun…but why is she punishing Edward and her fans? Edward’s story will be a 100 times better than Bella’s I bet and it deserves to be told. I think she’s handling it in a very childish way by punishing the wrong people. As for the movie, Twilight…it sucked compared to the book. I’m disappointed that Stephanie gave the okay. Kristin Stewart’s performance was pathetic, and that constipated stuttering. If you like mediocre acting then you’ll love the movie. After the books, Stephanie’s fans deserved better! All the young girls only showed up for Rob’s eye candy looks. Her older audience got robbed!

  2. Last Chance to Go over to Hello to vote for Rob before it closes.

  3. hahah that’s great. A porn site? Man, I can’t imagine what all the web hosts of all the other twilight sites are thinking too.

  4. Jess from Canada says

    Seriously? a PORN site? hahahaha! thats probably the most hilarious thing I’ve heard all week. Question though: why would that person know how much traffic porn sites get? that leads to a lot of acquard questions. Thank you for posting this, it made my week!

  5. Oh Carrie, I understand your opinion, but you’re making us look like a bunch of selfish fans.

  6. Twilight- making the porn sites look bad. Er, worse. XD

  7. Brittany from Canada says

    Hahaaa Jess that was a great comment. (Just in case you people are wondering, Jess is my besty in real life!) I’m sorry but Carrie, your post was kinda harsh. Hahaa Jess, so many jokes revolve around constipation.