Hot Topic Thriving Due to Twilight

This article shows how for the first time in several years Hot Topic had a sussessful last quarter, and they attribute it all to Twilight.

And of course, Hot Topic has new Twilight items including a Lion and Lamb Sweatshirt, a locket, and trading card collection.



  1. i saw that hoodie at the store not too long ago…

    thats really cool that their sales have improved that much just because of all us twilighters :] maybe that will give them the incentive to make tons more stuff for us! ;]

  2. allisonlovesedward says:

    That locket is really pretty.. :]

  3. Love Alice says:

    those cards have been out since November

  4. What is the locket even of??? I can’t see it…

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  6. I heard about this, didn’t their stocks go up 56% after Twilight merch appeared in stores? I remember reading that somewhere.

    I guess it just shows how dedicated we are as fans. Hopefully they will keep that in mind while making decisions. LOL . . . who am I kidding!!!

  7. Haha trading cards…really?!?! Now I REALLY feel too old for Twilight!

  8. I love Twilight, no deny. Still, I go to Hot Topic several times a week and they have everything so expensive. I was going to buy a shirt with Edward’s face in it and I think it cost around 25-30 box. I mean, with that money I can buy food, what a waste of time. >.>

  9. hehe. I don’t even need the trading cards. I got a complete set of 72 when I went to Forks! 😀
    Still, its cool that they are at Hot Topic now. Now everyone can get them! They are so cool. I love em.

  10. I agree with Shira. A lot of the stuff really is expensive. That’s why I only have one Twilight shirt from Hot Topic and the other from Borders. All that I really want is for them to bring back the Jasper shirt…I’ve never wanted a shirt so badly in my life! Haha.

  11. Switzerland says:

    what sux is that i live in canada and we dont have hottopic 🙁
    i have been there once and bought a twilight tee (OF COURSE)
    but they came out with all the new stuff AFTER i went…typical.

  12. I’m so with you Switzerland.There’s nothing in Canada.

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