Edi Gathegi Talks New Moon With MTV

Edi talks with MTV about New Moon, fanvideos,  the possibilities of Irina down the road (She is not in the New Moon movie. So, before we start the latest casting rumor, let’s nip this one right in the bud shall we!) TY to Sarah.



  1. yeah, i’ve seen new pictures of Taylor and he’s really been working out for New Moon!!!

    greetings from Portugal

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  3. Keri Lynn says:

    It sounds really weird to say it but I hope Edi is right and Rob is only a supporting role.
    I also like the way he described Taylor’s growth spurt, I’m sure there were a lot of people praying for it.

  4. allisonlovesedward says:

    Edi seems like such a sweet guy. It’s good that they’re all really good friends. I’m sure it makes filming and promoting a lot more fun.

    And yeah, Taylor is looking good. I’m glad he’s taking the role so seriously… but I’m sure that’s not the only reason for him bulking up. I’d be proud of a body like that! Lol.

  5. Cassandra says:

    I’m I the only one who just can see the clip where he talks about taylor?

  6. ashley_119882004 says:

    Taylor body looks AMAZING! I love how hes so dedicated. Edi seems pretty kool too.

  7. Daaang.
    I hope Taylor won’t get addicted to it, though. Some people keep going even after they’ve achieved their goal.
    I wonder if he’ll keep that look afterward? I kind of hope not, because it looks a little too much for his age. Maybe he could tone it down just a bit after the all the Twilight movies are done, and still look muscular. Then he’d still look gorgeous! 🙂

  8. Okay, I’m a little confused.. Why do the comments says “she” is not in the new movie? Isn’t HE a HE? And how do we know HE is not in the movie.. HE is laurent,, who tries to kill Bella in the meadow,, are we saying we have a sneak peek at the script and already know that scene has been cut? Am I the only person confused by this?

  9. Oh, and by the way, I’m really really proud of Taylor! Like, not a lot of people could set their minds to such a goal. It takes a lot of motivation, dedication, and hard work! I still can’t believe he did it, and I’m glad it payed off! I hope he realizes how happy and proud he has made the Twilight fans! He deserves something for all that hard work. ^__^

  10. Um, Tracy, they were talking about IRINA. lol. She’s not gonna be in New Moon, so it’s like putting a stop to any future rumors about that role!

  11. LOL has anyone seen my bloody valentine yet?? XD
    hearts for edi gathegi in that movie.

  12. HE GLITTERZ!! says:

    Ome. I just read the hunger games!!!! Everyone needs to read this book! It is an amazing book! When stephanie talked about it i was a little reluctant to read it, but it was great. Go read it!!! Go! NOW! lol.

  13. the hunger games is amazing

  14. the Hunger games IS amazing.
    and, I’m going to see my bloody valentine this weekend.
    any good?

  15. Poll ends tomorrow and
    Rob needs our votes. Every 10 minutes.

    Saw my Bloody Valentine today…Awesome.

  16. I read Hunger Games soon after Meyer’s recommened it. VERY good. It’s supposed to be a trilogy, so I’m now waiting for another author! Blah! I couldn’t get in to the Ender Sci-Fi series though… 🙁

    Anyway- I wasted alot of my day watching the New Moon trailers on Youtube. Those are awesome! I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE WHEN BELLA JUMPS FROM THE CLIFF. I hope is slow-motion art 🙂

  17. Keri Lynn says:

    Cassandra –
    The video clip is only of him talking about Taylor, the rest of the interview is in the article linked in the blurb. (“Edi talks with MTV…”)

  18. Stephanie says:

    Taylor looks AMAZING!!! Gosh he is Gorgus. I can’t believe his muscles!!!

  19. beccalovesedward, but luvs taylor ;) says:

    OME! I LOVE Taylor!!! He is so amazin not just because he is ripped now… but he is so deticated and kind! i luv him and hope 4 the best 4 him…
    ~Becca <3~

  20. can someone post this on youtube for all of us not in the states… but i have to agree taylor does rock.

  21. I love Taylor. He seems so genuine and so dedicateed to anything good. And he is also th hottest guy on EARTH! I mean who doesn’t agree… although the muscles are a bit much, he is still sweet and amazing! I wish him all the best
    His B-Day is Feb 11th!

  22. YAY TAYLOR!!!!!!! YAY JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Edi is so nice and Taylor,wow,Im proud of him because it has taken him a lot of hard work to get his body like that and he looks totally amazing.i love him!

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