Twilight Inspired Contests and Events

If you’ve ever wanted a list of just about every Twilight fan link imaginable, you can find it at the Customized Girl Blog.

Novel Novice has their latest contest up. They are changing things up a little for their January-February Fan Fiction Challenge. This time, they are asking fans to adapt a scene from the New Moon novel into a scene for the New Moon movie using screenplay/script format. 
They have even created original New Moon movie trailers to offer inspiration, as well has offering screenwriting guides and samples.
The Novel Novice Twilight January-February Fan Fiction Challenge is now open, and runs through February 28th. Get all the details, rules, guidelines & more here

Bite of Twilight has their New Year’s Contest Running. Use your talents: ex. Draw a picture, sing a song, dance, do whatever you can in your own way to wish a cast member of New Moon the best wishes you can. Everyone needs encouragement, so show them your support. Now, to do this, you must either take a video (YOUTUBE LINKS ONLY) or take a picture and send it to  See their site for full details.

You can send Rob a birthday postcard by checking out this site.


Kaleb Nation, the Twilight Guy, has an update about his YouTube Contest of Awesome.



  1. The postcard idea is really cute! I would send one in, but I don’t think that Rob would want to know about my town…it is so horribly boring and such a typical small town in Iowa. It drives me absolutely insane! Maybe I’ll send one with Iowa City on it…it is much more interesting, and I do go to school there…hmmm 🙂

  2. ihadanEdwardRush says:

    The Postcard birthday project is cool! I’m gonna send one definitely haha! =)

  3. the postcard project is quite interesting also I great idea if I were him I will definetely love it…lol… 😀

  4. ihadanEdwardRush says:

    I added their myspace account already and responded too to my E-mail. They’re nice people. so let’s support them =)

  5. Just a comment…off topic but has anyone noticed that Twilight has now grossed over 283 million worldwide!!! I hope summit bumps the budget for New Moon!!!

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