Twilight Lexicon to Attend Chicago Flashback Weekend

Flashback Weekend presents
TWILIGHT Chicago Convention
February 6-7-8, 2009

6810 N. Mannheim Road
Rosemont, Illinois  60018

Twilight Lexicon at Twilight Chicago Convention

Twilight Lexicons’ very own
Alphie, Pel, & Somethingblue (AKA Lori, Laura, and Shelley)
will be in Chicago February 6-7-8, 2009
for the Flashback Weekend
TWILIGHT Chicago Convention.

The TWILIGHT Lexicon team will be presenting TWILIGHT panel discussion topics including:

  •  the latest "NEW MOON" movie news,
  • the journey of TWILIGHT from novel to major motion picture,
  • the on-going debate (battle) between Team Edward and Team Jacob. We know who Bella ended up with, but who do you think she should have ended up with? ( Alphie and Pel are on different sides )

…and more! You will also have the opportunity to meet the TWILIGHT Lexicon team at their table in the Dealers room.

Weekend events will include:

  •  TWILIGHT celebrity guest autograph and meet and greet sessions
  • photo-op sessions (pose for photos with TWILIGHT celebrity guests),
  • celebrity guest Q & Q’s, TWILIGHT panel discussions
  • A Friday evening Forks Prom Party, a Saturday evening Vampire Costume Ball and Costume contest
  • A TWILIGHT merchandise dealers room, and more!

Current Twilight movie actors attending are Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene, and Peter Facinelli (subject to change if their schedules change)

Visit or call (847) 478-0119 for updates.


  1. SO JEALOUS! nothing ever happens near mee!!

  2. It would be GREAT if you all could also attend TwiCon in Dallas as well…

    We’d like to go. It sounds like a lot of fun. It’s just a little too far away in time confirm that we are going to be in attendance. We’d hate to say we are going to Twicon have plans change and mislead someone. We don’t like to say we’re going unless we are really sure we are going. For now we are going to Chicago

  3. JEALOUS!, MIAMI????

  4. Too far for me. 🙁

    Keep voting for Rob over at Hello, he’s in the lead, but only by a small margin:)

  5. Going to miss it!!! but I’m going to the San Francisco event!!! Yay!!!

  6. stupidshinyvolvodriver says:

    Oh! I so wish I could come along!! As head evil minion to The Godmother, I would be required to stalk you while keeping all other crazy stalkers at bay. I’m pretty sure that’s somewhere in my job description. It goes along with carrying all the goodie bags you collect.
    Have fun, females!!

  7. ah i wanna go i live in chicago but the prices are a little too much for me i wish you could just buy tickets to only the events you wanted to go to

  8. MissDrProfessorCullen says:


  9. I really hope the Lex will be able to go to TwiCon! It’s like, the biggest con with the most stuff so it makes sense that all the fan sites would be there. Maybe they can do a panel again like the one they are doing in Chicago!

  10. Jessica L. says:

    Alright, I’ll be there. Look for the girl with the AMAZING Twilight Jeans, you’ll know when you see. It’s going to be so much fun! TEAM JACOB!!!!

    Cool, we’ll be looking for you!

  11. Emmett_Cullen says:

    WOW!!!!!! i cannot believe how far away i am and how much money it would take me to get there… im so sad i want to go SO bad if only you could get sponsered or something… i would want it so BADLY!!!!!!!!! I am sucha big fan…. im so sad now… are there any events in Oregon??

  12. I so wish I could go but I live in Canada.*Sigh*
    Well,to those who’re lucky enough to go:enjoy!

    And a question for the Lex:could you please post pictures after you came back from the con?

    There will be pictures, and maybe video if the organizers allow.

  13. Thanks!

  14. Cool! we will be attending the convention in
    San Fran. will the lexicon people be able to attend ?? We are sooo excited and cant wait

    We’d love to be there, looks like a great con. Unfortunately, just not good as far as our scheudles go.

  15. See you guys there 🙂

    Haha. I’ll probably drop by and say hi.

  16. i’m so glad u guys r going to be there! hopefully i can save up some money and convince my mom to let me go, i’d love to meet u!

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