Jackson Rathbone’s Band on MTV

Jackson Rathbone gave MTV inside access to his band 100 Monkeys.



  1. ChelseaLee says:

    Anyone see the behind the scenes clip that Jackson shot himself with a camera? Banjo-lele anyone? Hahaha!

  2. ome, he’so sooooo awesome!!!

    then again it IS Jackson…..


  3. uhm..i love him better as an actor…i didnt really like it to be honest but id probably buy theyr cd just because hes in twilight. lol

  4. Alice4Ever says:

    lets just say if they make a cd i will buy it. this is the music I’m into

  5. i love love love 100 monkeys. i’m so excited for their albums!

  6. ashley_119882004 says:

    Very Multitalented. Go Jackson!

  7. mmm i love jackson but not in favor of the music. though i’d probably buy the cd to support him. =)

  8. ihadanEdwardRush says:

    Wow Cool! go Jackson! =)

  9. Please cut your hair, Jackson.

  10. i love it in all but
    its kinda scary… to me lol
    but i still love him lol

  11. how cute!! aww god i love him! :]

    he was lookin pretty dang hot, if i do say so myslef. the music was cool, maybe not something id normally listen to though.

  12. they are so awesome and jackson is adorable!!!

  13. Wow I like the beat to the song! ^__^

  14. I like it! When does the album come out?

  15. lil_voice1 says:

    just so you all know…. Decode by Paramore is on the Australian charts (www.take40.com) its number 36 🙂

  16. I dont like his music. sorry, guys.

  17. Alu Rathbone says:

    I WANT TO MARRY HIM! lol…I like his music… its very good… and his voice too…. its in the music that i listen to anyways!

  18. mrsannyleisecullen says:

    im so happy that none of the twilight cast (robert and jackson)are shallow pop artists they are so wonderful and far more original than i could have imagined. GO JACKSON (i still prefer him as Jasper tho)

  19. They vaguely remind me of the Doors! I really enjoyed the song.

  20. Oooooooooo. wonderful! I love Jackson!!!!!! <3
    His music is good too. He’sso talented. 😀

  21. Team_Jakeward says:

    Jackson was good but i diffently like the Jasper look on him better.

  22. Jackson is such a hotty! oh my god! i like his song too! I love twi guys! <33

  23. HOT!!! I love the facial hair!!

  24. lostintheworldoftwilight says:

    outside of the u.s 😛 , can someone please put it on youtube 🙂

  25. lirael cullen says:

    hmmmmm,… Wow.. i likes it… Probably buy it, the kind of music i listen to sometimes anyways..:p

  26. ChelseaLee: YEAH LOL banjo-lele awwww that was so cute! 😀


  28. bella_nella says:

    he is super gorgeous!!
    i love himm he is so talented
    he is super cutee
    i would definately buy the CD!
    i cant wait to see him in New Moon

  29. Sepulchralroses says:

    ooh….He’s better as Jasper.

    But it’s great that he’s not just an actor…he has a life outside, too! =)

  30. It’s like watching Jasper jam out. Haha!

  31. AH!!!!! It’s so awesome!! GO JACKSON!!!!

  32. Not impressed with the music. I mean, I admire him for his effort and it takes guts to get up in front of a crowd and perform…but to be completely honest, if I didn’t know it was Jackson, I would seriously make fun of them. They were off tempo (you could tell because Jackson kept looking at his guitarist and motioning for him to speed up) and his keyboard riffing was terrible. If you look at a lot of the faces of the audience, they were less than impressed, too. I almost felt bad for not liking it because I’m such a Jackson/Jasper fan. Definitely not a great live performance, though. Because it’s Jackson and he’s such a charismatic guy, I would support his music but they need a manager to help them grow their talent.

  33. Like it… sorta reminds me of old school White Stripes?! Maybe it’s his looks too.

    Love the White Stripes.

    I enjoy art that is not mainstream pop.

  34. aw. i like him.
    the end of the song was good. i dont know what was up with the middle
    but he was hot the whole time.

  35. It’s really not main-stream sounding, which is cool. They are original. I liked it, thought he was a good preformer… And I would have fun listening to him live… I doubt I’d buy his CD though… just not the type of music I listen to regularly. But I still commend him for being so multi-talented!

  36. Wow I really liked the song.It’s catchy.I started unknowingly humming it.I hope they publish a CD I would download It at once.And the band name’s cool-100 Monkeys-It’s a solid, wacky-band name you know?They should make a video or contribute a song in new moon for any funny scenes.Btw I really liked him in the movie(Jasper-Jackson fan)-even though the writers didn’t give him much lines but he played Jaspers part very well(Jasper being tense you know).He’s multi talented and has very nice green eyes like mine…I can’t wait for Eclipse where he’ll tell Jaspers story and teach everyone to fight…..Go Jackson/Jasper

  37. .:amanda:. says:

    hmmm.. the song was okay, i like him better as an actor though, and and I like his hair better blonde =]

  38. i love this song, wow he has a pretty good voice,especially since it’s live

  39. hes sooo hot!
    i love his band. its my kind of music.


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