Vanessa…an Out of Control Game of Telephone

So here is the story folks:

Ages ago there was an unsubstantiated rumor on the Vanessa Huggens forum that she was auditioning for Leah. we never published it because 1. rumor..duh, 2. it was before there was a confirmed director (awfully hard to audition for something that has no director), and 3. unless Melissa Rosenberg’s version of New Moon is way different than the book, Leah doesn’t show up until Eclipse (Edited: Yes Pel admits it, she forgot the party at Billy’s, however it’s minuscule and probably cutting room floor material.).

Next step, it’s kind of a slow news month so a media site runs a "Who should be Leah story?" which struck us odd for reason number 3 mentioned above, that and the fact that a leaked list of open parts made no mention of Leah or Seth (they kinda go hand-in-hand). As stories go, they were clear they were just speculating. Harmless fun in a slow news month.

This then leads to Ashley Greene being asked at this event what she thought of Vanessa and if she would make a good Leah. We’re paraphrasing here, but Ashley basically says she’s never met Vanessa, but thinks she’s great, and she could be good at the part. In the same breath, Ashley also mentions that she hasn’t read the New Moon script yet.

Flashforward to a crowded Golden Globe after party. It’s loud, noisy, everyone is excited and wants a picture with Mickey, Kate…you get the idea. Ashley Greene gets a mic under her face for 30 seconds and gets asked about Vanessa again. She repeats what she said the other day. "I think she’d be great," Greene enthused. What Ashley didn’t do though several media outlets have jumped to this conclusion is confirm that Vanessa auditioned. All Ashley did was confirm she likes Vanessa’s talent. It’s kind of like confirming you like chocolate ice cream, it doesn’t mean you’re about to buy out Ben and Jerry’s in a corporate takeover.

So Just Jared decided to do the only sensible thing..actually asked Vanessa’s management. According to Vanessa’s representative, "I don’t know anything about the audition. As far as I know, it’s just a rumor."


  1. I totally agree with you Alu Rathbone ,
    i think Vanessa would be great in NM…the people making comments and talking trash are problemly the same people that did not want Rob apart of Twilight. You people really need to grow up! Not only was jasper a disney person but so was that guy who is playing Eric!!!!! these people are actors and actresses playing different people in different roles thats what they do. I hope Vanessa gets cast as jane, that would be perfect! Summit is also producing Vanessa’s new movie coming out this summer, her name alone sells products, this business is all about the money. Look how her name attached to this movie has the media world in a craze and she didnt even do anything! That people is star power!!!!! And for the people always hating if you had the chance to break out in song in a disney movie, sell thousands of merchandise with your picture on it, and make alot of money…you would do it! so stop being so jealous, it’s not very becoming.

  2. I read this article yesterday, and then this morning my radio station addressed it. They said it had been confirmed. I wasn’t listening to it, but my brother was, and he seems to be convinced that PST wouldn’t say something without being absolutely sure that it had happened. It ensued in a quite large argument about the reliability of PST compared to the Lex.

  3. I was under the impression that they were shooting New Moon and Eclipse at the same time so it would make sense that they were casting the part. Whether or not it is Hudgens is a different issue.

  4. Sorry – But Vanessa don´t fit in the role as Leah.

    I can´t imagine that they would use Vanessa in the film (I mean NM, E and BD)… Because:
    1. She would be VERY expensive to hire.
    2. Stephenie Meyer would´t let her play as Leah… Meyer always said that she can imagine the people/charecters and Vanessa dosen´t fit that Leah (and Twilight!!!) image.
    3. Almost every Twilight fan would´t be happy with that dicession (Me inclusive!).

    I´m sorry but that´s the way I see it.

  5. Twilight=HSM for teens.

    Don’t worry Twilight fans, the feeling is mutual. We also consider the script and acting well below par and agree that Vanessa should not touch it with a ten foot pole.

  6. edward is a hotty says

    um no offense to the disney lovers but i dont like hsm and i think it would be a disaster to just think about it i mean disney o well exept jasper they picke him well but vanessa its just creepy

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