Vanessa…an Out of Control Game of Telephone

So here is the story folks:

Ages ago there was an unsubstantiated rumor on the Vanessa Huggens forum that she was auditioning for Leah. we never published it because 1. rumor..duh, 2. it was before there was a confirmed director (awfully hard to audition for something that has no director), and 3. unless Melissa Rosenberg’s version of New Moon is way different than the book, Leah doesn’t show up until Eclipse (Edited: Yes Pel admits it, she forgot the party at Billy’s, however it’s minuscule and probably cutting room floor material.).

Next step, it’s kind of a slow news month so a media site runs a "Who should be Leah story?" which struck us odd for reason number 3 mentioned above, that and the fact that a leaked list of open parts made no mention of Leah or Seth (they kinda go hand-in-hand). As stories go, they were clear they were just speculating. Harmless fun in a slow news month.

This then leads to Ashley Greene being asked at this event what she thought of Vanessa and if she would make a good Leah. We’re paraphrasing here, but Ashley basically says she’s never met Vanessa, but thinks she’s great, and she could be good at the part. In the same breath, Ashley also mentions that she hasn’t read the New Moon script yet.

Flashforward to a crowded Golden Globe after party. It’s loud, noisy, everyone is excited and wants a picture with Mickey, Kate…you get the idea. Ashley Greene gets a mic under her face for 30 seconds and gets asked about Vanessa again. She repeats what she said the other day. "I think she’d be great," Greene enthused. What Ashley didn’t do though several media outlets have jumped to this conclusion is confirm that Vanessa auditioned. All Ashley did was confirm she likes Vanessa’s talent. It’s kind of like confirming you like chocolate ice cream, it doesn’t mean you’re about to buy out Ben and Jerry’s in a corporate takeover.

So Just Jared decided to do the only sensible thing..actually asked Vanessa’s management. According to Vanessa’s representative, "I don’t know anything about the audition. As far as I know, it’s just a rumor."


  1. I thought the rumor buzz was strange as well. I knew it was being blown out of proportion. I’m glad the Lexicon took the time to set the record straight on this issue; instead of publicizing the rumors, you guys help palliate the news of Hudgens as Leah.
    I’m glad you guys are as concerned with the New Moon news as everyone else.
    keep it up you guys!!! :o)

  2. Damn. LOL Well, at least JustJared was upfront about it. Haha.

    There was also another rumor about Brenda Song auditioning for a part in New Moon. I mean, come on… really? Let’s just do this: drop the Disney starlets altogether!

  3. Amber Pederson says

    Thank GOD somebody brought this up. Everyone’s getting so crazed over Vanessa Hudgens and Brenda Song ‘supposedly’ auditioning. It’s a bunch of crap, I’m sure. Somebody mentioned it and it got way out of had, I bet. I could say something like OMG! NIKKI REED IS BEING RE-CAST AS LEIGH AND SOMEONE ELSE IS GETTING TO BE ROSALIE and I can GUARENTEE you that SOMEBODY would believe it.

    I’m wondering… Well, do you think they’re just going to do ALL of the casting? Including characters that don’t really show up until Eclipse just so that they can make a smooth transition from NM to E? They want to film them back to back, so that’s why I was wondering.

  4. haha okayy that’s good!! thanks soo much for clearing this up!! now ill get some sleep tonite!! hahaha just kidding! i wasnt THAT worried!! haha
    I wonder how all this got so completely over speculated?? well thanks anywayyy =]=]

  5. Amber Pederson says

    LEAH* Sorry. Lol.

  6. actually leah and seth do make a brief appearance in new moon, but there’s no dialogue from them

  7. They COULD have them in NM but it’d be unnessisary…they should probably wait for Eclipse…

  8. Jennifer R says

    OMG thank you for clearing that up!!!!!

  9. I knew that, but who am I to contradict MTV and hope they’d listen? I happened to see the interview where they asked Ashley that and she was like ‘Really? She auditioned? I didn’t know that…’ Then MTV posts their article the next day. 😛

  10. thank goodness that was just a rumor, although i never thought it was anything more than that.

    but actually both leah and seth do appear briefly in new moon, at the spaghetti party at billy’s. leah is described as beautiful and preoccupied because she never lets go of the phone the whole night, and seth idolizes jacob and hangs on his every word. i’m guessing that they’ll be cut out of the movie, though.

  11. YEA, im sorry, i dont like vanessa
    oh um Leah was in NM for like a little bit. remeber the speggehtti party at billy’s people?

  12. soozabooza54 says

    Lex, you are wonderful! We can always count on you to bring us the straight deal! 🙂

  13. Thank you GOD I was so worried about that.i don’t want some teen HSM musical wannabe pop singer in Mew Moon it would be a disaster!!!

  14. THANK GOD its just a rumor. BUT its been going around on a lot of reputable sites, so Im still a little leery.

  15. Lindsey:we have the exact same thinking.
    I am SO glad it’s just a rumor.

  16. Something Twilighty says

    thank god! and lets pray it STAYS a rumor!

    No Disney Channel Stars!!!

  17. if they do put her up for audittion and she gets the part of leah
    i will refuse to ever respect the director because no offense but i dislike vannessa H greatly
    just like some people dont like jacob, or edward, i just refuse to like vannessa
    i truly hope this is just a rumor and that she does not auddition for the part of leah

  18. Edward Cullen is Smelxy (Smells good and sexy) says

    It better stay a rumor >_<
    Thanks for clearing it up!

  19. ashley_119882004 says

    Thanks so much for clearing it up. Glad its just a rumor.

  20. OME. If it wasn’t a rumor I think I would have thrown up. NO DISNEY STARS!!!!

  21. i like disney stuff…
    but you just can’t mix disney and twilight.

    i agree, that would be a disaster.

    glad to know the Vanessa craziness was just craziness.

    also, i’m glad i wasn’t taking a drink of anything when i read this: “It’s kind of like confirming you like chocolate ice cream, it doesn’t mean you’re about to buy out Ben and Jerry’s in a corporate takeover.” because it would have come back out my nose. Hilarious AND true, gotta love the Lex.

  23. I hate HSM and all disney related material lol
    sorry disney people. But i was sooo happy when Ashley Greene hadn’t heard anything about Vanessa.

  24. I love how people are like ‘I hate disney stuff! you can’t mix twilight and disney!’

    Uuuuh. last time I checked…yup, that’s right. Jackson use to be a disney channel kid. He was the Disney 365 guy if I remember correctly., yes, you can mix disney and twilight, obviously. Unless Jasper isn’t really in the movie and I just imagined it all.

    Granted I don’t support Vanessa at all, rumor or no. Really I mean she…no. All she can do is gabriella. the end.

    I think they may have a cameo, just as they cast embry and sam. I don’t think there’ll be more than that although there is that whole moment during the legends being told where Leah is suppose to look sad, right?

  25. ilovejacob!!! says

    Thank God!!!! Vanessa would not make a good Leah!!!! Thank you so much for clearing everything up!!!!

  26. THANK GOD that was just a rumor. Seriously

  27. allisonlovesedward says

    thank you sooo much for clearing that up :]

  28. caravsangel says

    Thanks for covering this. I get sick of seeing rumors all over the net.

  29. Switzerlander94 says

    umm…as much as i LOVE HSM, i dont think they should EVER be put together in any way, shape, or form.

    THANKS! 🙂

  30. caravsangel says

    Dayna: the scene where they are telling the legends and Leah is there is in Eclipse

  31. Thank you SO MUCH for clearing that up. I really hope they don’t cast Vanessa or Brenda in Twilight at all. I like Brenda, she’s OK…but Vanessa I really can’t stand. If they were to cast them, eh. I don’t know if I’d even want to watch it. Yes, I would let them ruin the movie for me. I just can’t see them in Twilight – at all.

  32. Edward Cullen is Smelxy (Smells good and sexy) says

    Dayna: Jackson didn’t get his face printed on merchandise, though, or break out into song and dance, OR put naked pictures of himself on the web.

  33. Im an glad it is just a rumor, however, I also think that this very well was also a way for summit to feel out the Vanessa Hudgens possibility.
    After all they are associated with VH next movie Band slam , and will need to market this film for maximum profit !

    I was shocked that they would even consider VH , with so many great actresses out there.

    I was hoping they would hire someone like the girl who acted opposite Christian Bale in the New World, she was 14 when she did the film , but should be just the right age about now.
    Now she at least is an amazing actress who won awards for her acting and she is also from some tribe, so she would fit the description.

  34. Sara( Yeah theres many of us) says

    At least someone is sensiable… Thank you for this, I figured it was blown out of context, because if commen sense tells you that it seems no one BUT MTV and a few other nonsense resorces (no offense) have said somthing, it is probly not true unless they have a video or interview( crediable) that says it from first person rather then a ‘a friend of a friend’ crap. So thanks :D, you guys get my kudos for today. 😀

  35. I am so glad that this is a rumor. If it turns out that she does get the part I am going to be seriously pissed. She can’t act that way leah’s part demands seeing as that she acts so poorly as it is she can barely be called an actress. She will ruin the movies if she is apart of them, seriously… We’ll have to wait and see

  36. BlueStarlight says

    I also thank you for clearing up this matter. CURRENT Disney kids should not be considered for the Twilight series…in my opinion. These kids are already tied to something bigger than themselves. Granted, I haven’t watched any of the HSM movies, because just the previews annoyed the heck out of me!

    The casting people need to really consider the actors for these roles- they should know by now how rabid the Twi-fanbase is! We’ll get on the boards and bash someone if we don’t think they fit the part. I wasn’t around for the Rob-bashing; I hadn’t heard of Twilight at that point. I just feel like they should stick to someone less popular and let them blossom into the character. Again, just my opinion.

  37. If Brenda Song or Vanessa Hudgens are cast, there will be hell to pay.

  38. Uh…Fox 6 news in Alabama just reported that she did audition.

    *scratches head*

    I’m confused now. =)

    They are all relying on a story that major news outlet submitted that is wrong!

  39. AGREED-with number 36-BlueStarlight

    The obsessive HSM fans on that website caused me to HAVE to post something that at least made sense and summed up a full sentence with correct spellings and punctuation. I must say, I don’t like having to be mean or put people down, but I just seriously don’t like Vanessa. Definitely grates on my nerves for some reason. Perhaps it could be her Disney-ness, her naked pictures, or her annoying musical roles. Albeit she isn’t the first to do these things and actually “didn’t audition,” therefore not a criminal, I guess. I guess I’m simply ecstatic the fandom agrees with me for the most part.

  40. Also, I’m upset (not really) to say that I had to e-mail the editor of People magazine. Why People magazine? Just because that’s where people keep on mentioning they’re finding the information. I nicely asked them to take down the false information on the situation, including twisting Ashley Greene’s (whom they misspelled ‘Green’) words into making it seem like she’s the one who confirmed it. We all know she was just being nice (her natural state) on saying that she’d be good in the role, and I so mentioned that to the editor. (Or whoever reads the random e-mails.) I hope they read it! I labeled it ‘False Content’ so they should. Haha.

  41. Alu Rathbone says

    They could be doing scenes for things that were not in the book… like… idk… charlie going to Harry Clearwaters funeral… and them giving lines to the family… you never know… or they could be planning to film new moon and then jump right into eclipse… sometimes they do that… doubtful though… but a possibility… the reason they would consider doing that though is cause they need to keep the vamps looking the same age along with the werewolves… but who knows… they don’t tell every one whats going on in the offices…

    I think she’d be awesome for the role though… lets get through new moon first… and then we’ll see what happens with eclipse…

    and as a reminder… we didnt know till filming what werewolves… la pushians… what ever you want to call them… were going to be in the twilight movie!

  42. Alu Rathbone says

    oh number 36 and number 40…

    Just cause she’s a “Disney” actress doesn’t mean a thing…

    Thats type casting… no matter what movie they do they are going to have to deal with rabid fans… and fyi HSM sucks…

    And as for bashing an actor or actress who is cast in a role… Dont… you all did that with rob and a few others… and that was before you really were able to see him act… give some one a chance…

    Oh don’t go saying, “If they cast someone we don’t like we’re going to bash them.” That is so immoral and immature and then you all wonder why they say the series is for 12 year olds when you yourself know your like 16 or older… then you all have a fit cause they are saying that it’s for 12 year olds… act your ages and not your shoe size…

    don’t bash the actors… its a bad move…

    And again… i think that Vanessa would make a great Leah if she gets the part in Eclipse… if they even make an eclipse…

  43. Thank you so much for clearing that up! We posted the “news” because so many major new sites had articles on it. Then all of our members were up in arms because they didn’t want Vanessa in NM. I guess it was a lot of worrying for nothing. Now we’ll have a lot of rumor control and cleaning up to do. 🙁 I wish people wouldn’t start rumors in the first place.

    Thanks again, though. 🙂

  44. HayleyMarie says

    On they have not one, but two front page little tidbits about Vanessa being in New Moon. EVEN A POLL!

    wow. just wow.

  45. Twilight Nymph says

    Well thank God, it’s just a rumor b/c forgive me for saying this but she’d be completely awful. A wretch at playing Leah, I just don’t see her as it. I mentioned this a few days ago, she too girly for Leah. Leah, is well as she’s described in Eclipse, a Harpy.

  46. Thank god it’s a rumour!! Better to hv unknown & new faces for NM – save cost & who knows, a star may be discovered, just like Rob Pattinson!

  47. :O
    Sorry to all you vanessa fans out there
    but i honsetly think vanessa should stick to those “diseny channel original movies”

    twilight had a heap of new up and coming stars and the movie rocked; leah should be played by someone a little less known in my opinion :]

  48. Rob needs our votes. Go over to Hello and vote.

  49. Vanessa HUGGENS. Haha, I LOLed at that.


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