New Moon Movie News

MTV has a post up about speculation of New Moon casting. There have been rumors circulating on the Internet for a month on who will play Leah Clearwater. Now granted, we haven’t seen Melissa Rosenberg’s script, but keep in mind, however that these might just be rumors since in the books Leah actually appears in Eclipse and is only mentioned in passing in New Moon.  We’re actually thinking that Volturi casting rumors might be more credible at this point. MTV is also covering New Moon actors in the video clips found here.

Yahoo Movies has New Moon listed as one of the most anticipated movies of 2009.

FILM Gecko Film Gecko is confirming what we have long suspected with the upcoming New Moon movie, and has been backed up by Lana Veenker (who cast the local parts for Twilight), "The L.A. casting director has been hired, but their information will not be posted. I’m guessing that’s because of the number of unsolicited calls and submissions they’d receive." In other words folks unless you are an established industry professional with representation, there’s no point in sending in your resume for …fill in name of character here. There is no casting cattle call at this point. No news on extras yet, which typically will be a local cast.