Twilight Mixed Bag

Here are a couple of items that don’t really go with anything else, but they are interesting.

It seems that E! has only just caught on that there is Twilight merchandising, and they featured (of all things) the perfume currently being offered by Hot Topic. Amazingly the existence of the 1,000’s of tee shirts, jewelry, dolls, and calendars has eluded them. In any case, it seems the idea for the perfume, or at least its container isn’t exactly original.


Thanks to Serena, we have some coverage from Philippines over the false rumors of Twilight being made into a TV series, and DeCode getting airtime. 




  1. I actually thought of Nina when I first saw the picture of the Twilight Fragrance. I was like, “holy-rip-offs batman!” but then I bought the bottle and it’s plastic all the way around (as opposed to class and mettle) and is actually larger, and really, the similarity lies in the theme, more than the colour or shape. That is like calling any perfume a rip off of another because it smells nice and comes in a small decorated bottle.
    It is a pleasant scent, but I will probably stick to my Fantasy by Britney Spears for most days.

  2. ***Glass and metal***
    wow i should not type before i put my contacts in…

  3. Brittiany says:

    I bought the perfume. It smells pretty good. I wonder if the fragrance has any meaning with the books, because you know Alice likes her frangrances.

  4. The idea of Twilight being turned into a tv series-no matter in which language-was just horrifying.I’m really happy that the rumor is false.

  5. You can get the perfume at at Borders too!

  6. Sarah Mohr says:

    I just saw it at borders this weekend… I was going to get it, but they were having a huge sale… LOL

  7. 1. They DO sell the perfume at Borders. It’s the same thing for $24.99 instead of $48. BUY IT AT BORDERS IF U WANT IT!

    2. Brittiany the perfume is lavender and freesia scented. As you dhould recall, that’s what Bella smells like to Edward. So you were right, it does actually have to do with the books.

  8. *should

  9. Twilitex57 says:

    Ohh, thats pretty cool perfume stuff, neato. But how much is it? I wouldn’t pay more then 15$ for it to tell you the truth.

    Wow, a series, umm okay? Isn’t it a book series? Idk, bit strange, but it’s good now so.

  10. Alice4Ever says:

    I just bought the perfume. In my own opinion it smells very nice. I think it wears nice on skin as well. It smells very clean too

  11. Am I having really bad deja vu? I come back from my new years holiday and see everybody going on about this perfume and how its copied this other bottle… except I remember reading about it before I went away. Maybe two or three weeks ago.. I’m not sure but I definately heard all this before and now Perez and Trent and you guys are saying it like it’s new? Or am I going crazy?

  12. Lol I got the Nina Ricci perfume for for Chistmas because it reminded me of Twilight

  13. They are very similar. However, this could be the act of someone else and Hot Topic isn’t actually producing the perfume, just selling it.

  14. OMG im going to buy this perfume FIRST THIINGG….

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