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Justin Chon, Eric Yorkie in the Twilight movie, will be attending the Palm Springs International Film Festival Opening Screening of the film, "Last Chance Harvey" on Thursday, January 8th at 6:00 pm! Palm Springs High School, 2248 Ramon Road, Palm Springs, CA. Justin is always happy to meet and greet fans. Give him a shout out if you are there! TY to Krystyna who runs his fansite.



Robert Pattinson came in second in the Celebrity Love Awards on Popstar. You’ll also notice that Stephenie, Kellan, Taylor, and other Twilight names made the list. According to Popstar, "Our contest runs every year.  The Jonas Brothers had a head start last year since they were involved from the very beginning.  It wasn’t until the Summer that the Twilight fanbase started to participate in the contest, so I think it speaks volumes about Rob’s popularity on the site; he was very close to coming in first place.  It would be great if you asked your visitors to participate early this year."  So, we are letting you all know! Let’s get Rob up there for 2009!

Portrait Portrait Magazine interviewed Sam Bradley, one of Rob’s music connections.


  1. Sam Bradley is amazing. His voice is soothing, and I can immediately see where they connect when it comes to music.

    I was happy to see Stephenie on that list. With the movie hype, it had seemed that a lot of the fans left her in the limelight. I’ve been proven wrong. (:

  2. I think Robert should have been first on that Celebrity Love Awards on Popstar.

  3. Edward Cullen is Smelxy (Smells good and sexy) says

    OMG! I go to Palm Springs every winter!!! But I don’t got till Feburary!!!! =[

  4. i just want to ask…. is ashley greene and jackson rathbone together? i mean are they in a relationship? coz they really look good together… well just want to know..
    thanks by the way…

  5. I love how it’s like a battle between disney stars and twilight stars for the most love. How can they count the JoBros as ONE celeb? No fair!

    check out this (my) review of Twilight the movie at

    Also lots of book reviews, if you go back to august you’ll see a Breaking Dawn Review! ๐Ÿ™‚

    –sarah jane (aka. sJs2)

  6. We hear that every year about the Jonas Brothers. They’re a band, no different than Paramore or even Nine Inch Nails (who is generally thought of as Trent Reznor to those who are real fans of theirs). We have profiles on 1/2 million different celebrities; any one can be nominated just by writing a letter to them. Our ranking system minimizes any undue weight toward them as a band or individuals. Keep in mind, they lost last year to Rupert Grint (best known as Ron Weasley in Harry Potter) so it was entirely possible for anyone to be in first place; it just comes down to how many fans choose to participate.

  7. I wrote like 15 times to Stephenie in popstar.I’m so happy she made it to the top fifteen.I hope she gets to read my letters and writes back to me.That would be awesome.

  8. Ok so question… Does anyone know if they decided to use Taylor as Jacob in New Moon? They better cuz I don’t want that other dude by a long shot. let me know if anyone has any news!


  9. I wish Summit would release a statement about Taylor. Or maybe you guys already know and are holding out on us! Lol. I can’t help it, I’m getting impatient!

    And I heard that Ben Barnes could be casted as Aro? Mmmmmm.

  10. Alice Cullen says

    I wanna know if they are using Taylor or not NOW!!!

    I saw a picture of Taylor in a magazine, and he looked much bulkier. I think he should do it! And I would feel so bad for him if he didn’t get it because he is such a fan of Twilight.

  11. Hey guys, if your a Taylor Lautner fan please check out my new blog called, Taylor Fan Blog. Here’s the link:

    And as for whether or not Taylor will be in New Moon, I’m PRAYING he’ll stay. It won’t be the same without him.

  12. Congrats Kristen for #8 spot – although you should have been #3!

  13. oops – # 7 spot for Kristen, I mean. Congrats twilight!

  14. Edward Cullen is Smelxy (Smells good and sexy) says

    I hope Ben Barnes is Aro!!!! That would be amazing! He’s such a good actor, I loved him in Prince Caspian!! He carried the character out as I had planned in the book!!!!!

  15. R Cullen (for edward only) says

    I soooooo want Ben Barnes is aro!!!
    He is really kool n i think he wil play th role preety good~!!!!

    by th way….it is a good thing tht nearly all of th twilight cast got on th list!!!!!!

    wel wat else cant u expect!!???!


  16. Edwardbitespillow says

    wait what happened with Taylor and the whole Jacob thing….did we ever find out what happened at the lunch? if anyone knows…PLEASE POST IT!!!! thanks:)

  17. B.L. Mc Coy says

    I like Taylor Lautner and I think he’s a good looking young man and a fine actor. However, in the book, Jacob has a growth spurt after he begins to get into his werewolf (shape shifter) personna. He grows to 6 feet 7 inches tall and if they are going to be true to the story as it is written, they will have to have a taller “Jacob”. That’s the reality of the thing, guys. I have no idea what the new director will do. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  18. staplerinjello says

  19. XXdanger_magnetXX says

    yeah but even though he has to grow a lot taller they still don’t need to replace him. They can just use special effects or tricks of the camera. Either like what they did in benjamin button or like how they made gandalf look soo much taller in lord of the rings. It is possible so there is no way they need to replace Taylor. If i can think of things lk that and I know hardly nothing about making films, I’m sure the director knows lots of other things they can do to overcome the height issue. So lets hope they don’t replace him, I’m keeping my fingers crossed ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. I second Diana’s question, I came to this post trying to find info on the comments…

    I just want to mention there are different ways to make people grow taller than naturally in films. They’re already going to be using effects, why not just … effectively make Taylor a little taller? Or, film like they did LoTR, they had “Gandalf” sit closer to the camera than “Bilbo” and then “Bilbo” looked shorter! Voila! If nothing else, slap the sexy boy on stilts, I don’t care. He’s got it all, attitude, previous experience with Twilight cast, even if he’s lacking the height, it’s not a huge deal. (Honestly I can’t see a nice girl like Kristen warming up to Copon, he sounded kinda jerky in every single interview he’s ever given)

    Twilight wasn’t bang-on the mark for accuracy, either, so I’m sure using Taylor isn’t going to bring the New Moon Gods crashing down around us.
    I’ve said it SO many times, but I’ll do it again:


    rant complete. ๐Ÿ˜›

  21. i don’t understand what is the appeal of Robert Pattinson (Edward); he has an unusually shaped nose


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