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Kaleb Nation, the Twilight Guy, reacts to MTV’s Woman of the Year being Twilight fans.


Things are still tense over at the Screen Actors Guild where a strike is a real possibility.  The strike would not only wreck havoc with the Twilight shooting schedule, but other films and a variety of TV shows as well. 

No matter what happens here, a serious rift is developing in the union that has always in the past stood strong and basically united.  As prominent entertainment lawyer Jonathan Handel puts it, “This is going to end badly, no matter who blinks, or when.” In the next 30 days, let’s hope that tensions ease. On January 23, the SAG members have to return their ballots indicating whether they support a strike or not, the tallying of the votes will then proceed with results coming out shortly after that. 

Now for an insightful story on Robert Pattinson’s next project (note the name of the publication it’s important and the disclaimer at the end.)


  1. Oh noes! I hope there is no strike!!!

  2. Haha at Burning Star.

  3. I didn’t think the The Spoof article was funny at all. Imagine if something like that actually happened, what that would do to all the fans. Also it was poorly written, lots of typos and then the part where “Rob” says he did the first Twilight movie when he was 17-18. But its the mistakes like that that I hope will keep people who don’t process the name of the site from taking the rest of it seriously.

  4. Yeah, I actually believed it. I agree with Rachel…Perhaps you should take that off your site since it isn’t true and you want to be known as a reputable site. It’s not fair to Rob to have people actually believing that who don’t understand what is. I didn’t understand what was as I was reading it, despite what you said in parenthesis. If I didn’t come back here and read Rachel’s comments, I would have believed the article, and it isn’t very fair to Rob at all to have people thinking things that aren’t true.

  5. Twilitex57 says:

    oh, i thought it was real!
    i was a bit disturbed.
    i was like WHAT??
    okay, it’s all good.
    but that was DUMBBB.
    did you know kristen stewart smokes?
    nice example, realll nicce.

  6. ohhh, thank goodness! For a second I thought that was real! Good thing I read the comments! Yeah, I would suggest taking it off the site because some people probably believe it.

  7. OMG,
    the spoof article is totally hilarious, Burning star…lol…that was stupid..

  8. iluvtwilight says:

    whoaa… hahha I actually believed it at first!! haha whooopz

  9. and btw its just for fun..calm down, take a breath, laugh….

    Taking things a little too seriously..

  10. hahaha, wow.

    I actually believed the “Burning Star” thing.
    after I read the bottom I started laughing at myself, lol

    Good one!

  11. omg i thought the burning star thing was true!!
    thatnk god its fake!!

  12. Ahahaha “some porn and nudity” The Burning Star article is hilarious! I love sarcastic comedy writing! If you liked that article I suggest you look at Very funny!

  13. hard to believe with all the factual mistakes….

  14. Oh come on, people – get a sense of humor. It’s a SPOOF. If you don’t like it, go read something else and stop complaining.

  15. Twilitex57 says:

    no one is complainnig. they’re just saying its’ not funny. i don’t really think it was.
    too many mistakes.

  16. Alice Cullen_Wannabe says:

    Haha! Burning Star! At first i was like WHAT?! Good one!

  17. thegratefulbrunette says:

    heh heh heh 😉
    “burning star” was really funny. i luv satire… but really people took that way to seriously! Come on! “take it off of your site.” WOW O_O
    But again, ubber funny!

  18. OMG!!! i thought the “burning star” thing was true! hahahahha i feel really stupid now…

  19. Whoah.
    When I got to the disclaimer I went O_O
    Wow, that really disturbed me.
    A lot.
    I did notice some errors, but I didn’t think it was a fake. Wow. Just wow.
    That bothered me quite a bit.

  20. ok so if no one actually said anything I probably would have believed that spoof… I feel dumb lol.

  21. That was dumb and not even close to being believable.

  22. OH MY GOD i didn’t read the disclaimer until a minute later… but for a minute there i was like “WHAT?!?!?”


  23. definitely believed it at first
    i was going um…okay…
    and then i was trying to figure out how i was going to see it

  24. can someone explain to me about the strike? why are they going on strike?

  25. Yeah, figured out it was fake as soon as it said that those two wanted to be in a porno. That would’ve been hilarious tho! Plus, some misspellings, but those things are fun to read!

  26. oh my gosh i thought that burning star film was real and i was like what the hell… rob would never do a porno. hhahah

  27. wait hold on are they dating

  28. NOT.


  29. I’m thinking you shouldn’t post stuff like that if you want serious Twilight fans to take you seriously and keep coming to your site. There’s enough junk out there we just want the facts 🙂

  30. O OMG i totally thought that thing was real to ahaha wow i even called my friends and was like freaking out… wow

  31. LOL. I actually thought that article was real!! I was like, “What?! Why Rob?! Why would you do that to us?”

  32. i am a bit embarassed to say that I actually went on and searched it… my friends had a good laugh at that when I told them.

  33. kookimebux says:

    Hello. And Bye. 🙂


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