Twilight Movie Numbers

 BOX OFFICE MOJO Here’s the latest on the Twilight Movie from Box Office Mojo.


Domestic:  $142,094,695    80.4%
+ Foreign:  $34,578,536    19.6%

= Worldwide:  $176,673,231  


Interesting Facts

  • Twilight is the third most popular women’s focused film this year right behind Momma Mia and Sex in the City. It should easily overtake Momma Mia this weekend, and Sex in the City by next weekend if not sooner.
  • Twilight is the 12th highest grossing film this year and climbing. It should easily break the top ten by the end of the weekend. It will probably finish out in the number 7 slot or higher.
  • The country outside the USA where Twilight is the biggest success is Italy where Twilight has brought in 12 million followed by Mexico at 6 million and Spain at 5 million
  • The movie hasn’t opened yet in the UK, Ireland, Germany, and much of South America, all major Twilight hot spots.
  • Twilight is the top grossing vampire movie of all time.


  1. Yay, I’m glad to find that it is doing so well, but did we have any doubts? I just hope that it does as good in those other countries.

  2. I am proud to say I have contributed over $40 dollars to that! Go Twilight!

  3. Mary Alice Cullen says

    I’m sooooooooooooooo happy for the Movie. I know when it comes out in the other countries they are going to make tons of money. I hope they do make the top 10 list of this year.


    I’m actually seeing twilight again later today with Bailey +others. woot to seeing twilight multiple times!

  5. so, if Twilight is doing so great, why are they only giving us $50 mil for New Moon? or was that rumor not correct?

  6. Alice Cullen says

    YAY!!! I have contributed $80 to $142,094,695!!!

  7. Alice Cullen says

    I don’t know EBeth…I think Summit is being a little cocky and risky with their thoughts for the budget. It could have been a rumor, but they say that since Twilight did so well with a tiny budget then they don’t need a huge budget for New Moon for it do well.
    But they better be careful because WE will be the ones who say if New Moon is going to be a hit or not. They better not mess with US!

  8. *cackles evilly* And so the conversion begins…


  9. very happy for twilight! i like it.. a lot. great!!!!!!!!!

  10. Yay!!!!! I’m proud to say that I’ve contributed 72 dollars so far, and will be seeing it AGAIN later on today!!!!!!

  11. Mary Alice Cullen says

    I feel bad i only gave $8.00 and so bad, even though i bought a shirt and all the books. And i’m going to buy a tote in Hot Topic tomarrow. SO happy

  12. SWEET!
    it beat interview with a vampire

  13. FLY TWILIGHT FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Where the hell do tickets only cost 8 dollars? Mine were 18 bucks. D:

  15. my tickets were only $6… if twilight is only the 12th, whats the first. i can imagine twilight being like the 2nd or 3rd… but 12th?

  16. $70 of that $176,673,231 is mine! im so proud of myself! I’ve been saving since June for this movie, and i still have enough money to see it 8 more times! I didnt know it was the top-grossing vampire movie of all time! Twilight totally kicks ASS!!! And the critics thought it would fizzle out at 30 Million…tsk tsk

  17. it’s sex and the city, not in.><

    but it’s awesome that it’s doing so well. they’re supposed to be taking it out soon so they can get the dvd’s out asap…

  18. Paul, let me help you out here.

    The number one hightest grossing film of 2008 is The Dark Knight. If you didn’t know that.

    And for your information, how the freaking hell can you imagine Twilight at number 2 or 3? What’s wrong with you? Have you ever watched The Dark Knight before? I have. That movie was a trillion times better than Twilight. Twilight wasn’t that good.
    If you haven’t watched it yet, then you are very sad indeed.

    Look, listen, believe me Twilight is not the kind of movie that would make as much as The Dark Knight did. It couldn’t, it just couldn’t stand a chance against the great Dark Knight!

  19. These are great news!

  20. little-freak says

    great news!!!!


    stupid german cinemas…

  21. haha
    i watched the movie twice…
    i might go again and again and again,until the dvd comes.


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