Official News from Summit and Stephenie Meyer

Stephenie Meyer’s official web site has been updated today with the announcement that Chris Weitz has indeed been given the director’s position for New Moon.  The announcement comes with her own feelings about missing Catherine Hardwicke as an authentic voice for the Twilight world and a good friend, as well as her hopes for working with Chris in the future. 

There is a letter from Chris to the fandom because, yes, he is very much aware of how much these books mean to all of us.  He talks about how much he enjoyed Twilight as a film and how devoted he is to bringing a faithful version of New Moon to the big screen. 

Stephenie also updated her movie page with photos from the premiere.


  1. Sheesh. Everyone just needs to simmer down. Seriously. I’ll wait…………………..
    all better? Good. Now, after reading Chris’s letter, I feel much better. About A Boy really was a great movie. If you haven’t had a chance to watch it, I strongly recommend you go rent it. It’s worth it.

  2. Alright, I am now taking my pitchfork back to the barn. First, it sounds like this guy is a really good director as well as a writer. Maybe he will be able to have some good input on the script. I also like the fact that he’s going to try to stay close to the book. I like the fact that he attended a screening of twilight and was paying attention to the reactions of the audience. So, he seems to be taking the fans into consideration.

  3. I’m really wondering how they are going to portray Bella hearing Edward’s voice… at first I thought that would be a fairly simple thing to create onscreen, but now that I think about it it might be pretty hard.
    Not to mention the fact that the screenwriter doesn’t think it would work to take Edward completely out of the story so I guess she found a way to bring him in more since she has already written the script (I HOPE CHRIS FIXES IT)… let’s just hope it’s through dreams or memories and that she didn’t bring him into the story in ways that aren’t true to the book. His absence is crucial to the end.

  4. No matter who-or-what…
    With this-or-that…
    …i just get really depressed when Greed speaks over ‘art’…
    over vision…
    over creativity.
    Letting that ‘flow’ happen naturally and unforced is when the best results will occur.

    While reading the news (found on Google searches)… i noticed the words ‘Summit’ and ‘capitalize’ came up more than once in different articles.
    Money and fame change people– in ideals, ethics, and morals. The Ego wins. Give Summit the taste of a little success… and it’s a form of crack suddenly?
    Yeah… i’ve heard that too.
    That’s why i’m crossing my fingers that Robert Pattinson stays true to his pre-fame self… i hope he never-never gets used to that.
    (his music is more beautiful than his acting in my opinion)

    Can you tell as a multi-media artist (writing/drawing/painting/Makeup Artist/music) that I’m just a li-i-i-i-i-i-i-ttle jaded with ‘the big guys who get rich off the little people’s ideas’?
    Well we’ll see about the future movies… and see what this RUSHED version will produce.
    Quoting Kristin Stewart “I sure hope they don’t f*ck it up”

  5. I just saw your post enamorada and I must say that you took the words right out of my mouth. I was angry about the changes, just like many of you, out there. In fact, I stated in an earlier post that I was not going to go see NM. I have since changed my stance. I love the book series, and would love to see them all brought to the big screen. So, I’m not going to help bring it all down by boycotting. I now think that it could be interesting to see how things turn out with a new team on board.

    Look, they changed actors, playing the role of Dumbledore, in the Harry Potter series and he was a major character and was in the first movie quite alot. Jacob was a minor character in Twilight and barely had any screen time at all. So, I don’t think the change will be that disruptive.

  6. They had no choice but to change Dumbledore because the actor died.

    Please keep Taylor…

  7. Ps…

    Just don’t read what the die-hard fans of The Golden Compass novel said about the movie…


  8. As Weitz himself said, the proof is in the pudding.

    Bring it on, Chris Weitz! Bring on New Moon!

  9. Well there is so many opinions, but the common consensus is we all what the best for this movie. I felt a lot better when I read the letter from Chris and Stehpenie. I am not a fan of his past movies, only About A Boy. I didn’t like Golden Compass the book though, so I feel I am a little prejudice there. Overall, my biggest thing now is PLEASE KEEP TAYLOR LAUTNER, PLEASE!

  10. No! I’m sorry, I’m just not a fan of Chris Weitz’s movies. I saw the Golden Compass when it came out and it was a TOTAL failure! I can’t believe they would allow him to direct! GRRR! M. Night Shamylan would have done a hecka better job!

  11. I’m really happy about this and I know New Moon will rock!!!!

  12. Golden Compass was nothing like the book. In order for everyone to be wild and crazy (to the same level as TW — or stronger), of course you’re going to need SM “endorse” CW. And after such a poignant introduction, you have CW spilling out promises. So, all he could say to defend himself as to whether or not he can capture Bella’s experience is that he worked “some of the most talented actresses in the world”? That’s like a guy pulling out his black book on the first date and naming all the other girls that he’s been with and how much they liked him, in order to convince you that you’re lucky enough to be spending the evening with him.
    *sigh* what a waste of thought. I don’t believe the SM endorsement. Of course she’s protecting her book (and the money that goes in her pocket).
    All I have to say is, I’m keeping my fingers crossed on this one. I won’t be expecting anything WOW so, when the time comes, I won’t be disappointed.

  13. Devon061381 says:

    Alright. Pitchfork and torch are being put aside…for now. I appreciate Stephenie and Chris both writing to the fans. I hope Chris really understands what we’re freaking out about. Stephenie “knows” us – she knows how rabid we are. Chris is just putting his toes into that water now and beginning to find out.

    Here’s my list:

    1. I hope Chris is cool with the fans coming to the set like people did with Twilight. And be as open as Catherine has been in regards to providing information and keeping us up-to-date in interviews, etc. Be visible.

    2. PLEASE KEEP TAYLOR. For however much I dislike Jacob’s character in the last half of New Moon and all of Eclipse, and part of Breaking Dawn, I think Taylor plays a great Jacob and I think it’s a complete cop-out if Summit gets rid of him for someone “taller” – the whole “looking 25” doesn’t matter as much to me. They can make Taylor look taller.

    3. Please don’t eff up this film. I know the Golden Compass and whatever series that is has lots of fans, but I would hazard a guess that the Twilight Saga has a much stronger, larger fan base, and it would be a monumental clusterf**k for millions and millions of fans world-wide if this movie isn’t done right.

    4. Keep Stephenie as involved as she was on Twilight.

    Chris…we’re putting our trust hesitantly in your hands…please don’t break it…I’m keeping my pitchfork properly sharpened while it’s resting in the barn, just in case.

  14. ALL YOU THAT SAY THAT IT DOENST MATTER MUCH IF JACOB DOSENT LOOK OLDR AND TALLER BECASUE YOU WANT TAYLOR… IT DOES MATTER. THAT IS A MAJOR PART OF THE STORY AND ALOT OF WHAT JACON PLUS THE OTHER WOLVES HAVE TO DEAL WITH. You are just willing to set that all aside to keep Taylor because you want to keeo him as the character. SOrry but it IS an important part about Jacob and if its not added then it just wnot feel like the same story to me.
    and to alice#55. I am REALLY glad you saw reason!!! I am happy you have opend your mind to the idea of giving the next person a chance. I hope they do a good job.


  16. NO!

  17. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    Micheal Copon would be a great older look Jacob if Taylor can’t beef up ( even though i love him, but i think won’t be able to). Copon is super hot. And I realy hope Chris does a good job and i hope he knows what he is getting himself into.
    Good Luck Chris.

  18. Bring it on Chris!! I, the one who is lookin forward to see what’s the Volturi is like?… mmmh

  19. I must say I am still a little worried. With book to film adaptations, what any fan wants is for it to stay true to the book. Or at least enough so to where you get the same feeling you did with the book. As someone who has read Phillip Pullmans “His Dark Materials” trilogy until the books fell apart, I have to say that I was DEVASTATINGLY DISAPPOINTED with the Golden Compass movie. At first I was hesitant to blame the director and thought that it was really the screenwriters fault but then I found out Chris WAS the screenwriter. The movie did not follow the book AT ALL!!! Hence the reluctance to give him the benefit of the doubt. Although, Chris is only directing so perhaps there is hope after all. And since the Twilight Saga doesn’t deal with as controversial a topic as religion perhaps they won’t be as compelled to completely change the story line.

    As an aside, I am definitely opposed to changing actors for the role of Jacob. If there was a chance that he wouldn’t be right for a second movie, he should not have been cast in the first place. But he’s here now so let him stay.

  20. For all u peeps that are nervous about Chris as the new director, the plus side is that New Moon cannot possibly be as bad as Twilight (movie) was. He at least has worked with special effects before, he has already done a book to film adaptation (regardless of whether you liked it or not), and he has some script writing experience. His worst efforts would still be waay better than Hardwickes apparent best efforts.

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