Official News from Summit and Stephenie Meyer

Stephenie Meyer’s official web site has been updated today with the announcement that Chris Weitz has indeed been given the director’s position for New Moon.  The announcement comes with her own feelings about missing Catherine Hardwicke as an authentic voice for the Twilight world and a good friend, as well as her hopes for working with Chris in the future. 

There is a letter from Chris to the fandom because, yes, he is very much aware of how much these books mean to all of us.  He talks about how much he enjoyed Twilight as a film and how devoted he is to bringing a faithful version of New Moon to the big screen. 

Stephenie also updated her movie page with photos from the premiere.


  1. I just got an email from Summit about that.

  2. I’m hopeful that Chris Weitz will do a good job. One of my bigger concerns (while watching Twilight for the fourth time, just after rereading NM) is that many of the important elements in NM were used in the Twilight movie (a friend of Charlie’s dying, mysterious deaths thought to be an animal – which should have triggered the creation of more werewolves and leaving Bella’s scent on the trees for the tracker – OK, that’s really in Eclipse). I hope the screenwriter is reading all the books, so she doesn’t write herself into a corner. Plus, I wish they would have mentioned Jasper’s powers. It would only have taken one line.

  3. Thank you Stephanie for finally giving us confirmation! Those producers were smart having her do it… It’s easier to be hopeful now.

    I do think Weitz is a very skilled director- BUT – New Moon is a very dark, despressing and down right scary (whole Italy experience) read. That needs to be captured well and not “lightened” in anyway. Dive into the gloom Mr. Weitz (for the first time I think on film looking for his resume)! Don’t be scarred. 🙂

  4. Like he said, the prrof is in the pudding and i appreciate that he is taking this seriously and knows he has a serious fanbase.

    Dsolo, I agree I missed one of my fave lines in the movie when Jasper tells Bella she is worth it. We lost that without his power. Less Rosalie, more Jasper 😉

    I love the Pitchfork comment by Stephenie…LOL

  5. I am happy this is resolved, and appreciate both Stephanie’s posting and Chris Weitz’s letter. I especially appreciate the “fans of Edward, Bella and Jacob” Please, keep Taylor as Jacob. Who else has the heart, charm, acting skills and masculinity, soft and tough, mature and childish, all the things Jacob is.

  6. Sophie Cullen says

    Well, I’m not going to think too much about this until the movie comes out. However, I appriciate that fact that Chris seems to understand just how devoted the fan population is. Hopefully, he’ll try to keep close to the book. My guess is that he’ll do really well. ^_^

  7. I’m not sure what it is, but hearing Stephenie’s take on it, and Chris’s letter, made me feel a lot better about the New Moon movie. I liked some of what Catherine did with Twilight, but hopefully Chris can do it better. He does seem set on staying true to the book, and it is true that he has worked a lot with adapting books to the screen in the past. About A Boy was an amazing movie, and if he can do wonders with the screenplay for New Moon, I will be happy. The screenplay for Twilight was not that great. About A Boy was very witty, and so much of what Stephenie writes is just that, witty. A lot of that was lost in the Twilight movie. Maybe Chris will work more with Melissa to change that. I hope.

  8. I’m glad that Chris is trying to stay faithful to the books. He really seems dedicated to keeping all the fans happy. Then again, he might just be scared that if he gets is wrong he will have legions of angry, rabid Twilight fans after him. And anyone associated with the books knows that we are a force to reckoned with. 😉

  9. Im not saying anything until the trailors start to come out. All I will stsate right now is that I have butterflies in my stomach( and not the good kind)

  10. JodeenSings says

    Well, I guess I’ll pack up my pitchfork . . . Although, I’d really like to hear the status of Taylor as Jacob! I’m such a rabid wolf fan – they better keep Krys and Solomon, too.

  11. BananaBears says

    New Moon’s going to be just fine, i think. as much as i’ll miss catherine hardwicke, chris weitz seems like a promising director. it’d be interesting to see how he’d make new moon into a movie

  12. YES! I am so excited. I love Chris Weitz’s work. About a Boy is one of my favorite movies! I only hope that he’ll get a decent budget to work with. And I agree, I hope he’s brave enough to dive into the dark side of New Moon. But from what I’ve seen in teh Golden Compass, Weitz isn’t afraid of the dark side.

    So, yes, bring it on! And on to another great year of Twilight mania!

  13. I’m happy with the new guy, as long as he doesn’t share CHardwick’s skewed vision of New Moon and Eclipse. :/ He better realize that New Moon and Eclipse (the entire series!) are about EDWARD AND BELLA, not some lame, nonsensical, cop-out attempt-to-extend-and-drag-out-the-series “triangle” that’s not even really a triangle. If he tries to pull that crap, I’m out for good.

  14. I just hope that Chris, unlike Catherine, realizes that New Moon is about Edward/Bella’s epic Romeo and Juliet type love. Bella does not “fall in love” with Jacob according and their chemistry certainly should be no where near the same level. I was really happy to see Catherine was fired after that comment came out. Keeping the integrity of these books is my main concern and that means portraying Edward/Bella’s love the way it’s supposed to be. Not boosting a love triangle that takes away from all of their epicness. That would make me hate the movies. If they do that for the sake of “drama” I’m totally finished with this series.

  15. I agree with you all about feeling better after reading Stephenie’s comments, and the letter from Chris (just got that in my email). I really liked About a Boy, but I haven’t heard great things about GC, so I’m still a tab bit wary, however, I will give him the benefit of the doubt-seeing that he knows he has millions of fans to keep happy. And, while the pitchfork is packed away for now, I hope he knows, it can come right back out very quickly.
    All I can say is good luck, dude. You better get it right!

  16. I figured if the new director came out with a statement directly regarding keeping the movie close to the book…the fans would calm down a bit…myself included. At least now we know he is aware and seems to be proactive in keeping us happy. Time will tell. It sounds like Stephenie is on board…and that’s reassuring. We’ll see. I can’t wait to go through all the production mania again!

  17. I have to say, the fact that the new director took the time to write to us says a lot. He just now became officially involved… he didn’t HAVE to write us. I think he understands how powerful the online community is behind this movie, which is an important thing.

    The only thing I can hope for now is that they DON’T replace Taylor! Just get that boy a personal trainer, some protein bars, and use camera magic to make him look taller! The whole age thing really isn’t that important!

  18. I am very happy that Chris will be directing New Moon, Catherine is a sweet lady but I think Chris will bring something amazing to the Twilight series and I hope he does Eclipse as well, and Since I love Stephenie, and she is happy then I am happy as well. and come on fandom so chase Chris with a pitchfork or anything.

  19. I agree with people’s disagreement on Catherine’s comment about the chemistry. She felt that in New Moon, there would have to be the same chemistry between Jacob and Bella as there is between Bella and Edward. Maybe she hasn’t read the book… or at least not very closely. I mean, maybe a lot of people have a different take on New Moon than I did. I could tell that during New Moon, Bella felt something for Jacbo that she wouldn’t really let herself realize until Eclipse, even though it was obvious to all of us. But even knowing that she felt something for him beyond friendship, I wouldn’t call it chemistry on the same level as she had with Edward. Nowhere near close. New Moon, in my opinion, is NOT about Bella falling in love with Jacob. It is about the portrayal of her devastation when Edward leaves, and her inability to get over it, even when she finds friendship with Jacob.

    So if Catherine wanted to make it a love triangle like Pearl Harbor, I am glad she is gone. If Catherine had stayed on board, I am afraid she would have made New Moon less about Bella’s depression and that she would have created a very intense romance between Bella and Jacob that just simply didn’t exist in the book. Let’s hope Chris can delve deep into Bella’s dark emotions. There is no doubt in my mind that Kristen can pull it off.

    Ok, rant over. Sorry.

  20. I’m not so concerned with the directing as I am with the writing. We already know the actors are good, and if the script isn’t then the movie isn’t going to be great. Here’s hoping to Melissa knows what she’s doing!

  21. In eclipse, Bella did say that she finally realized she was in love with Jacob so it kinda is like a love triangle we just don’t want it that way.

  22. It’s good to finally hear some news – particularly from Stephanie. I am still nervous they will scrimp on the budget and stray from the book – Stephanie please keep them on track!

  23. Eclipse is more of a love triangle than New Moon. I really don’t see New Moon as portraying a love triangle. And even Eclipse….I mean, aside from all the supernatural stuff, it’s still not a normal love triangle. In my opinion.

  24. Whats with the ribbon on eclipse?

  25. I think that Summit made a good choice in Chris. I like Catherine, but there were issues that I had concerning her statements regarding New Moon. The Twilight saga should not, in any way, be played out as some triangle from hell. Jacob loved Bella, but that love was never returned in full. So the ‘chemistry’ between Bella/Jacobin New Moon that Catherine thought should be as important as Bella & Edward does not apply. At all. Jacob is her friend, she even wishes he would be her brother, so there should be extremely defined lines between her love for her soul mate Edward and her love for her friend Jacob. The lines could never be allowed to cross.

    Let’s not forget something critical about New Moon. Even though she was close to Jacob, when the prospect of getting Edward back came around, Bella basically said “Later, Jake, thanks for your help.” This series of books is about Bella, & her journey to being together forever with Edward. Anything else is just a means to get to that end.

  26. stop bashing Cathrine….if it werent for her we wouldnt have The movie in the first place and all you fans who are now obssesed with the cast wouldnt even know who they were, especially Rob.

    and btw Im NOT putting my pitchfork away

  27. I also see a lot of people arguing over if bella falls in love with Jacpb in NM or E..this is straight from SM site

    Q. What’s the deal with Bella just falling in love with Jacob in the eleventh hour of Eclipse? Don’t you believe in true love anymore? What happened to blacken your soul, woman??

    A. First of all, let me say that I do believe in true love. But I also deeply believe in the complexity, variety, and downright insanity of love. A lucky person loves hundreds of people in their lives, all in different ways, family love, friendship love, romantic love, all in so many shades and depths. I don’t think you lose your ability—or right—to have true love by loving more than one person. In part, this is true because you never love two people the same way. Another part is that, if you’re lucky, you learn to love better with practice. The bottom line is that you have to choose who you are going to commit to—that’s the foundation of true love, not a lack of other options.

    Next, Bella does not fall in love with Jacob in Eclipse. Bella falls in love with Jacob in New Moon. I think it’s easy to understand why this fact doesn’t occur to her. Bella has only fallen in love one time, and it was a very sudden, dramatic, sweep-you-off-your-feet, change-your-world, magical, passionate, all-consuming thing (see: Twilight). Can you blame her for not recognizing a much more subtle kind of falling-in-love?

    Does this love devaluate her love for Edward? Not for me. For me, it makes that perfect true love stronger. Bella has another option. She has a really good one. An option that’s easier in many ways, that takes nothing—like her family, present or future—away from her. She would have love, and friendship, and family—an enviable human future. But she chooses Edward over all of this. This makes it real for me.

    Allow me to quote from Steve Oedekerk’s brilliant Star Wars parody, Thumb Wars:

    Loke Groundrunner: “I will go with you and fight!”

    Oobedoob Benubi: “Oh, big sacrifice; everyone you knew is dead! Glad you could tear yourself away!”

  28. Well, I’m speaking for myself here, but I already knew who Rob was. I liked some of what Catherine did with Twilight. I just don’t like her take on New Moon.

    From what Chris said in his letter, I have confidence in him. Besides, he can’t do a good job if the fans give up on him. He said he would responsive to us, so let’s not attack him.

  29. the fact that stephanie spoke up really helps this guys case, in my opinion. also that he took time to write to us also helps. HOWEVER, i hope he really means what he says about staying true to the book. pleez don’t follow the lead of the last movie.

  30. Twilight Nymph says

    ok knowing that Stephenie will be working w/ Chris on this does leave me a little bit at ease. Yet, I hope he really does respect our love for the series and keep true to the book. Yet, my real concern now is for Jacob. PLEASE KEEP TAYLOR LAUTNER! I’m Team Edward, but if you cast someone else as Jacob, than we’ll lose the Jacob we know. I mean technology is advanced and you can make him look older. So please just keep him.

  31. All I have to say to Chris Weitz is: MORE EDWARD, PLEASE!

    Also, don’t fire Taylor, that’s just mean. I hate (HATE!) the character of Jacob, but to change actors would just look STUPID at this point.

  32. I really do want them to keep Taylor, I can tell he loves playing Jacob. It would crush my heart if he doesnt come back because I know how sad he will be

  33. Yay! There is hope for New Moon. I really liked Golden Compass…I have never read the books, but for a stand alone movie it is good. Catherine’s style was waay too out there for me, it was difficult to follow,there were pointless scenes added, meaningful scenes deleted…it was just awful to sit through that movie (Twilight). This director definately has more legit experience (wish they would have thought to get someone with experience the first time around), and he obviously is more skilled. Hearing that he wrote the script for About a Boy gives me hope that he can repair the undoubtedly poor script Melissa came up with for New Moon (no offense, but the script was weak at best for Twilight).

    Marie – I agree with you 100% about the whole Bella, Jake, Edward thing in NM/ Eclipse. Bella did fall in love with Jake in New Moon, but she was definately not aware of that until the end of Eclipse…so to make her’s and Jake’s relationship anything more than friends subtly flirting in New Moon would be inaccurate.

    As far as the chicks comment that no one would know who Rob was if Catherine hadn’t cast him…Hello? Ever see Harry Potter 4? You know, that really successful book/movies series? The movies that were done waay better than Twilight…yeah, those are the ones! Now Kristen Stewart is a face I wouldn’t have recognized before Twilight. I wish I could still say I dont recognize her. Is it too late to get a new Bella…one that shows emotion?

    I am indifferent on the Jake thing, although Tyler does seem likeable, but the wig was soo awful. He doesnt look native american at all.

  34. Thank you to #27- Jess. It’s there and it needs to be recognized.

    I know I am going to be bashed for this, but I usually am anyways, but all the hate for Jacob Black is really silly. I mean, it says more about the person than it does about Jacob. I think Jacob has as much right as Edward to fight for Bella’s love. I’ve been in a similar situation, and I did NOT hate the person who was vying for my affection. I cried because I knew I would lose his friendship when I chose the other guy, the one I really loved. But I didn’t HATE him. That’s just ridiculous.

    I really think that the extreme nature of people’s emotions and the way they manifest these days is kind of disturbing. I think we need serious emotion filters.

  35. The books are from Bella’s perspective, so its a warped point of view we are given when we read the books. The movie pulls out of her head and shows the story from a less biased point of view. So, even though Bella didn’t REALIZE she was in love with Jacob until New Moon, that doesn’t mean the movie has to show only the kind of friendship Bella thought she had with Jacob. In fact, from all accounts, she gives Jacob a LOT of attention that to any outside observer (i.e. Her DAD) would seem like more than a simple friendship. It’s a complex relationship that even Bella fails to really understand until Eclipse. While New Moon does have an element of depression, is not the WHOLE BOOK. A large part is rising out of it and finding a way to MOVE on, though as we all know, she never really does, but the attempt is clearly there. which is the important point.

  36. I do feel better after reading Stephenie’s comments but I’m still not completely convinced.
    I just really hope Chris Weitz does his best and sticks to the original story and brings more chemistry between Rob and Kristen.

  37. #33-Rachel..what I ment is that you probably didnt know his name, when you first saw him cast as edward you probbly said oh hey look its ( whoever he played) from Harry Potter…and I also never read the HP books, well actually I read the first one and thought it was dumb so I stopped..but anyways my point was you didnt know his name only his face

  38. well im not going to pretend im not annoyed
    i thought he absolutly butchered the golden compass and he must of been aware of the fanbase behind that too
    i really hope he doesnt make a mess of this
    lets hope that he decides to work with SM like catherine and make it fabulous

  39. When I heard the announcement my heart sank. I’m a huge fan of the Golden Compass, and he said the same exact thing about “staying true to the book” to that fan base too. We got a movie that tried so hard to stay like a book, that it was a messy movie. I don’t care too much if the movie is exactly like the book, only if it feels like the book.

    I’m willing to give him a second chance, but I hope he doesn’t try to hard to satisfy everyone and does what will make a great cinematic experience rather than a huge piece of fan art. Either way I wish him good luck… maybe this book will be easier for him because it’s more character driven than plot driven, like golden compass.

  40. I know I have posted a lot about this, but it’s a good topic to discuss, in my opinion.

    I understand that Bella fell in love with Jacob, and when I read New Moon it was obvious to me, just like it was pretty obvious to the characters in the book, besides Bella. Its not that I don’t think she fell in love with Jacob during New Moon. The issue I have is over Catherine’s take on New Moon. In an interview she said “You have to get the chemistry as strong between Jacob and Bella as it was between Bella and Edward” and I don’t agree with that at all. Of course Bella fell in love with Jacob, but to me their chemistry should not be the same as it is between Bella and Edward.

    The article many of us are referring to is here –

  41. I think the new director & Summit want to appeal to the people who put the money in their pockets!! Just think, if all the fans of Twilight only saw the movie once – it wouldn’t have gotten to be over $120m. So they really need to keep the fans happy – we are the ones who are paying the way for Eclipse and hopefully Breaking Dawn (since they only signed on for 3 movies).

    I say hold tight to your pitchforks and don’t put them down.

  42. CYNDI- #41- Finally someone agrees with me! Keep the pitchforks out, dont put them away!

  43. Hm, I’ll wait to have an opinion until I see what his vision is.

    Am I the only one who really doesn’t want anyone to do “Breaking Dawn”? I’m sorry, but that book cannot be done correctly on film. It will just ruin it. I love the series too much to see it slaughtered.

    But, I think NM and Eclipse can be down beautifully.

  44. I saw someone say on some website that they Summit had decided to do breaking dawn but just get rid of the Renesmee story. Now, obviously they were lying about the decision to do breaking dawn, because that’s definitely not going to be decided for a while. but if they did it without Renesmee, that would destroy the entire story. The whole book basically revolves around her.

  45. I did feel better when I got that e-mail & saw the announcement on Stephenie’s site. I’m going to try to stay hopeful about this. At least Summit is making an effort to reassure us. Do other studios ever send out e-mails like that to the fans? I’m wondering about Taylor as well. I hope that is just a rumor. It just doesn’t make sense to me that they would fire him when they knew from the start that if there were sequels he would be a part of them. Also, his face is already on t-shirts and posters and all kinds of “Twilight” merchandise.

  46. I am actually thrilled/happy that Chris Weitz will be doing New Moon! I really liked the movie, “The Golden Compass”,and it turned out to be really good! I think a new director might not be too bad. I liked Katherine Hardwicke, but I think Chris may be a good replacement since she won’t be able to do New Moon. One question though-If Katherine did “Twilight” and Chris does “New Moon”, then who does the next sequels??? Anyway, good luck Chris! I have faith in you! 😀

  47. I think I needed to hear from the top people; Stephenie, Chris, Summit…this has calmed me 🙂 I’m glad Chris knows how passionate and serious we are about the story!! Chris, PLEASE read the books so you understand why we love the story!!

    Now I hope he keeps the whole cast…this includes Taylor… I cannot see another person but Taylo, he’s got it all!! I’m sure they can work something out about height..but seriously who is 6’7 out there that can play as Jacob??? Please keep Taylor!

  48. P.s.
    WHAT?!?!?!?!? There’s a rumor about Taylor getting fired????? That can’t be true! Where’d you see it?

  49. THANK YOU JESS #26!!!!
    I Have tried to get that point across SO MANY TIMES too. People. Quit freaking about some Love triangle thing. Bella DID fall in love with Jacob in N.M but didnt realize it until Eclipse cause it wasnt the sweep you off your feet type of Love like with Edward.IT CAME STRAIGHT FROM STEPHENIE HERSELF. Read the comment from JESS#26. IT DOESNT MEAN SHE LOVES EDWARD ANY LESS. adn it DOESNT mena they are going to make it look like Bella feel in love with Jacob in N.M either. I am sure thy will just make it look like they became the best of friends but it was obvious that Jacob was feeling more,but NOT Bella. geez people.Steph I AM SURE will corret ite director if they make it look like a Love triangle.I tust HER,Dont you?
    AND FOR THE PEOPLE WHO ARE THINKING OF NOT SEEING THE MOVIE IF TAYLOR IS RE-CAST is RIDICULOUS. WE GET that you have grown fond of him..BUT, It REALLY ISN’T THE END OF THE WORLD…I MEAN…THIS FEELS LIKE DEJA VU..WHAT IS THIS,ROB RE-RUN TIME? WHAT I MEAN IS, SO YOU GUYS ARE GOING TO BASE ALL OF HOW N.M TURNS OUT SOLEY ON TAYLOR? If someone ELSE is cast for Jacob how do you guys NOT know that he may be AMAZING for the role. You NEVER know..he could even be WAY better. This reminds me of all the people that hated ROB when he was first cast as Edward before he was able to show everyone how good a job he did as Edward. Lets not do the same thing for(IF)there is a new guy for Jacob. NO amount of Bulkng up will make his FACIAL FEATURES look 25 and I would rather not have them spend the money on technology to MAKE him look MORE the part(wich they wouldnt HAVE to do if he really WAS PERFECT for the role)and it wouldnt even feel like it’s really even Taylor anymore then. Instead i would rather have them find someone else that looks more the part. To me I am o.k with it cause it’s not like they are changing any of the Cullens. THAT i would freak over.I DO like Taylor,dont get me wrong..for TWILIGHT. but i just think it would be ok just cause the change in him in N.M. is SO Dramatic it would almost be like he is supposed to be unrecognizable anyways.
    IF Taylor is or isnt re-cast…I still want to go see everyone involved in the movies performance…THAN I will judge.

  50. Yeah my problem has been with Melissa Rosenberg as the screenwriter all along. Chris is a screenwriter too so maybe he’ll fix whatever screw ups Melissa does on New Moon. Lol!

    Sweet of him to write us a letter. It seems like it did its job… I do feel better. And to have Stephenie endorse him as well is a relief. I am hoping for a good adaptation, but definitely not letting my expectations get as high as they were for Twilight. I kind of shot myself in the foot with that one…