New Moon News-Major Media Chimes In

The Wallstreet Journal’s MarketWatch has more on who’s leading New Moon behind the scenes.


The La Times, which in our opinion is the newspaper who’s Twilight Saga coverage has been second to none, gives their spin here.

MTV points out something that is obviously missing, but does not persay mean anything as Kristen and Rob’s names have frequently been the only two names cited in Summit press releases.


  1. I guess the difference here, in terms of Taylor’s name not being mentioned, is that Jacob is a main character in the book.

  2. I agree Bella & Edward more on SCene time together.

  3. hmmm maybe they will recast jacob…I hope not. Taylor is pretty good. I am excited for this new director!!

  4. does anyone know for sure yet if taylor is going to be in the movie?

  5. the fact that taylors name isnt there means to me that summit is seriously considering recasting. i would be extremely upset is they brought in someone new.

  6. loltanyasmynametoo says

    i didn’t really like taylor at first, (i couldn’t get past the shark boy thing,) but i really liked him in twilight and i want him to stay jacob!

  7. if summit replaced taylor that would be a hugee mistake! everyone loves taylor as jacob and it wouldnt make sense to have a different actor playing jacob. i reallly hope this is just a rumor!!!

  8. I dont get what the big deal is with the size. Isnt Ashley(Alice) taller than Nikki (Rosalie) in real life?? They worked around it then. Taylor is perfect. I hope they keep him.

  9. I wish that they would keep Taylor and get rid of the script writer. She did not do the book justice.

  10. I hope Taylor stays. He is so excited in all the interviews about doing this series. I would hate to see them recast him; seems like he would be crushed.

    Hang in there Taylor.

  11. Summit hasnt said anything official, so we dont know for sure. I personally love Taylor Lautner as Jacob, I think he fits the description as Bella’s “personal sun.” But If they were to switch, they should at least have Taylor in the begining of the movie, and then transition someone as the older, taller, muscular Jacob.

  12. NOOOO! They can’t get rid of Taylor Lautner! He was such a good Jacob. That would be an awful mistake, even if he is on the small side (for Jacob). There’s no way that they could ever find someone who can portray Jacob’s carefree attitude like Taylor. This will make me so sad if they do that! (Seriously, I hate it when they recast people in movies.)I hope they don’t do this ….

    I MEAN WHAT IS THIS, A ROB RE-RUN? I THINK I AM HAVING DEJA VU. IF JACOB’S CHARCACTER IS RECAST HOW DO WE NOT KNOW THAT THE NEXT GUY WON’T BE AMAZING? WE ARE ALL ALREADY JUDGING BEFORE HE HAS SHOWN US WHAT HE CAN DO. THIS REMINDS ME OF WHEN SO MANY PEOPLE HATED ROB WHEN THEY FOUND OUT HE WAS CAST AND SAID HE WASNT GOOD ENOUGH. I MEAN YES Taylor did good for TWILIGHT…BUT THERE ARE OTHER GUYS OUT THERE THAT I AM SURE COULD DO JUST AS GOOD A JOB AND MAYBE BETTER. I don’t get how people say he is PERFECT for the role if they would have to change EVERYTHING about his appearance with the technology (or however they do it) to make him look MORE the part of Jacob in N.M. It would be like it wasnt even really Taylor then.So instead of spending the money on that ,just hire someone who looks more the part,and in my opinion NO amount of Buking up will make his FACIAL FEATURES look 25,he will just look like a 16 year old boy that bulked up ALOT,weird.PLUS In N.M he isn’t even described as looking “bulky” even wehn Bella first sees him again and notices how tall he has gotten he sais”yea I am still a bean pole though” Yea of course his muscles had becaome a little more defined BUT he was NOT bulky in N.M. I mean IT IS SOOO ANNOYING the people who say that they wont go see the movie if taylor is re-cast. IT’S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD..Yoyu guys are seriosuly going to determine the whole outcome of the movie solely on TAYLOR? STEPHENIE is helping with N.M’s progress and i don’t know about you guys but I trust HER, and sorry but i Love the series MORE than i do Taylor.
    ONE MORE THING… THOSE OF YOU WHO WAY N.M WON’T BE AS GOOD AS TWILIGHT CAUSE EDWARD ISNT IN IT AS MUCH, GET OVER IT ALREADY. IT IS PART OF EDWARD AND BELLAS STORY. Plus if Edward doesnt leave how will they show that they realize that no matter what, they realize that they CAN’T live without eachother no matter what. PLUS it will be WAY more emotional when Edward then comes back. Then it’s weird for the ones saying they want to add more of Rob/Edward in the Movie BUT want it to stay true to the books,is kind of hypocritacal. For the ones that say they just want to see more of Rob, GO watch another one of his movies then. PROBLEM SOLVED.This is just they I feel about this. I am not trying to offend anyone. If I did ,sorry but come on…have a little faith!!!

  14. I think it would be a BIG mistake if they recast Jacob. Everyone has grown to love Taylor!

  15. I havn’t grown to Love Taylor and I know many more that havn’t,I agree 100% with EVERYTHING Lobo Rojo said.

  16. I know that everyone loves Taylor, but i really think that a new actor might not be such a bad idea. A really really hot actor that actually looks like an older Taylor is Steven Strait from 10,000 BC and would be a perfect older Jacob and would be HOT to really steam up the tension of the love triangle between Bella, Edward, and Jacob.

  17. Steven Strait would be very perfect for the role of Jacob. I could definetly see that! If he isn’t busy they should try the chemistry out. Great thought Agashi!

  18. I definitely agree with EVERYTHING Lobo Rojo said. Taylor is a cute kid and I liked him in New Moon, but I really think that summit should try to get Steven Strait to play Jacob in New Moon. He’s only 22 now and will be 23 when NM starts filming in March, and Jacob could pass for 25 in NM. Plus Stephenie said that he’s her perfect NM Jacob.

  19. JodeenSings says

    Taylor is Jacob. He could pull it off. Another actor, well he would have a lot to overcome.

  20. Lobo Rojo — rest assured, you are not the only one! I absolutely agree! So does Stephenie Meyer, btw, who said from the beginning on her movie page that she would cast two different actors for Twilight and then New Moon onwards.

    Taylor was fine for Twilight, but we need to see a different actor in New Moon. Taylor just isn’t believable as a werewolf, he is a cute puppy, no menacing monster.

    To all you Steven Strait fans: I doubt he’ll be cast (isn’t he over 25?), but I’ve heard rumors that they want to hire Michael Copon (google him). He would be perfect, coz he isn’t only insanely hot, he also looks like Taylor’s older brother.

    anyway, I’m excited to see whom they cast. and I’m excited about New Moon!

  21. No, NO no no no!! Taylor has to be Jacob in New Moon.. As a fan, i’m willing to give up his huge hight,for Taylor being Jacob. He’s perfect. He obviously can play the happy human Jacob no probelm. And i’m sure he can step up and play the werewolf. Anyways, it’s stupid to recast someone going into the second movie, it’s not like no one will notice. fans have fallen in love with taylor as jacob. if they do recast him, it might not stop fans from seeing it once, but deffinetly mutiple times.

  22. While i really liked Taylor in Twilight, and i think he makes a great jacob, I’m pretty sure summit is probably just going to replace him with someone else. Trying to make him look older with CG effects is just going to cost more money for summit, and hiring a new actor will be cheaper. Steven strait is cute, but he looks wayyyy too old for jacob.

  23. First of all Steven to me Does NOT look way to old for the part of Jacob. He looks between 23 to 25 for me. and plus.. Rob is playing a 17 year old. HE doesnt look 17 to me either.

  24. Sorry guys, but I’m with the group who wants to see Taylor stay. The characters in these books have become like family to some of us. To see those characters brought to life on screen was a very fulfilling experience. Replacing Taylor would feel like replacing my brother with someone else and trying to convince me he was still my brother. Huh? Doesn’t work – I already have Taylor in my head as Jacob and replacing him with the finest actor in the world won’t make that go away. By the time Jacob is done going through his growth spurt, he tops out at 6’7″. Are they seriously going to find someone that tall to play the part? And Jacob doesn’t actually become 25 – he’s still 16/17 in the books. He doesn’t age when he’s in wolf form. I believe that they could make this work. If Taylor only appears to be 6’3″, I would be fine with that. I’d rather they skimped a little on his height, but kept him. The story would be way more believable to me.

    Lobo Rojo – I don’t think you’re alone, but I DO think you’re in the minority. I’m Team Edward. I’ve seen Twilight five times – today will be my sixth. But I won’t be spending that kind of money at the NM box office if they replace Taylor. I’m sorry – I’m not trying to offend you. “Just keeping it real,” as Billy said in Twilight.

    Hang in there, Taylor! We’re pulling for you!

  25. First of all yes Jacob isnt 25 buy he DOES LOOK IT and I just think i would have been more upset about Taylor being replaced if he would have been in Twilight more. but it wasnt really about him then.
    one more thing. I dont care if theey make Jacob 6’7″. I just want him to at least be quite a bit taller than Edward.I hope they dont repalce Solomon and Krys. That would probably bum me out more then Taylor being replace.

  26. How can people say fire Taylor because he doesn’t look 25 and say keep Solomon and Krys when they are just as youthful as Taylor?

  27. Twilightfan57 says

    i agree with Scarle1245. so right. i mean, maybe he isn’t the best jacob, but they already chose him, and we already adopted him as jacob. it’s to late to turn back now. sorry guys, to late to turn back now.. hopefully.

  28. Twilightfan57 says

    plus, i think they would have a lot of problems if they tried to chage jacob now, fans would be pretty upset, and thats not just bad for summit, but also the director, and the person who replaces taylor

  29. It makes sense they would replace Taylor, Jacob goes through a lot of changes that is mentioned quite a bit in NM. I totally agree with Lobo Rojo on this. I never attached myself to Taylor because I never thought he was right for the part, sorry to offend anyone. HOWEVER, when I saw his performance I was surprised-he pulled it off. BUT I cannot see him as the transformed Jacob AT ALL. Taylor just doesn’t do it for me. I will feel extremely bad for him if he does get recast because I know he had his heart in this and was super excited to do NM & Eclipse, but he is so babyfaced I just can’t see it working. I think that Michael Copon guy is cute, definately, but he’s NOT EVEN NATIVE AMERICAN! And I’m sorry because I know this is going to sound lame, but it looks like the guy doesn’t care at all what he stars in, have you seen some of the things he’s been in? I think they could find someone better, who HOPEFULLY is native american.

  30. ilovewolves says

    Yeah I never attached myself to Taylor either. I liked how he did Jacob in Twilight, but like Wolf Girl said, he just doesn’t do it for me.

  31. ilovewolves says

    OK…..people need to stop assuming that ALL of us Twilight fans adopted Taylor as Jacob and that we all loved Taylor as Jacob. I personally (don’t hate me guys) did not like Taylor for the role of Jacob. I think he did a good job, but he just DOES NOT do it for me, as a couple other people have stated here too. Sorry, but we’re not all the same here, people have different tastes and opinions and I don’t think it’s fair to keep putting all of us the same category. Twilight fan-yes, Taylor fan-no.

  32. If they do replace Taylor, I feel for the guy you will walk into this hurricane of drama. It’ll be the first thing the critics of New Moon will mention, the replacement for a film where they don’t take the actors seriously anyway

  33. wolfgirlx33 says

    i love the twilight series, and i love jacob. he is my absolute favorite character. and i understand that he is not the best jacob, and he won’t do. but i have to admit, it will be hard to find someone who can do jacob justice, i’ve checked everyone that people have suggested, and i just can’t see it. i think they should just stick to taylor. he will do. and plus, jacob is supposed to be bella’s sun. i can see taylor being like that. he just seems like a normally happy person. i think he can pull it off. and it might not be perfect, but it should do. what does anyone else think?

  34. Okay, I’ve seen the movie about 6 times. I don’t EXACTLY know which side I’m on yet. I LOVE Taylor Lautner. He’s adorable and seems so genuinely happy, nice and excited all the time! And I really think he did the Jacob in Twilight justice. I didn’t think he’d be able to pull off the stare down of Edward very well, just because he seems so naturally nice towards everyone, but he really did! It looked like he really hated him! So, props to Taylor for that.
    With all that being said, the only reservations I have for Taylor playing Jacob in NM are that he really does have that cute little baby face that I don’t think would match up too well with the fierceness of Jacob we start to see in NM. When I thought of Jacob in NM I thought of him being huge, agile, beautiful, and menacing. I just don’t know if they can make Taylor into all those things.

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  36. Seriously you guys, yeah Lautner is cute or whatever, but he doesn’t really fit who Jake is supposed to be. He’s not tall enough, or built enough, and his voice is to young! It’s supposed to be husky. And if other characters are shorter or taller than they say in the book it doesn’t matter because they’re subtle. Jake’s transformation is supposed to be very pronounced, 6’7″ people. It would be a great move to cast a new Jake. I’m all for it. Get over it people, we need a new Jake!