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OFCC The Oklahoma Film Critics Circle talks about how this is the year that Hollywood was forced to pay attention to women given the success of films like Sex in the City, Twilight, and Four Christmases.

The Veronicas talk to MTV about their Twilight and Rob Obsession among other things.


 The Australia Herald Sun sums up the Twilight experience, which is quite an experience given how the Twilight Saga is dominating the Australian book charts.




  1. Another journalist who has clearly no clue about the books (probably because he’s never read them).
    In Twilight, Edward isn’t afraid of sex, he’s afraid of KILLING her. That type of loss of control. He has to concentrate just to be in the same room as her.
    The proof of that is in BD. Even after they are married, when he hurts her after their first time, he refuses to touch her again till she’s turned. Well, we know that fell through, but still, you get that it wasn’t JUST an morality thing.

  2. Yes, that was annoying me too!

  3. Devon061381 says:

    Ahhhhh love The Veronicas! HA I just saw them Thursday night at one of their “acoustic shows” and they were awesome! They score major points for their Twilight love.

  4. OMG i love the veronicas!! so cool =]


  1. In the News says:

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