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We’ve about lost count of the number of people who have asked us lately, "What do your blog readers think?" So, time to sound off.

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  1. Chris Weitz took the wonderful book the Golden Compass and turned it into a horrible movie that didn’t finish the last third of the book! We don’t want this to happen to our beloved New Moon!! What would it be like if we didn’t get to the last third–no Italy?? We need a director who will keep to the integrity of the book!

  2. Too soon to say. I haven’t read The Golden Compass or seen the movie, but I put the film on hold at the library to see it soon. It was reassuring that Catherine was a “Twihard” herself, I don’t know if Chris Weitz has read the books or not. I think it takes a girl to fully appreciate the story (I know there are lots of guy fans out there, but it really is more of a girl book), so I’m a little concerned there. But movies are also directed at more general audiences and so Chris Weitz will have to deviate from the book to appeal to a larger group.

    What bothers me is that since Summit is apparently planning to film New Moon and Eclipse back-to-back, we’re going to have Chris Weitz (presumably) for both of the next two films. So if he botches New Moon, there is no time for the fans to have their input on if he should stick around for the 3rd movie, because they’ll already be filming/have finished filming it. If he messes up New Moon, fans won’t have time to draw breath enough to save Eclipse.

  3. all this director stuff is making my head spin. I just want to know who it is!

  4. I think the overall consensus I’ve seen is as long as whoever does it stays true to the book, we’re fine. And there’s some line somewhere between too much CGI and not enough that he/she will have to walk. This is NOT a fantasy book to me…it is set in reality and needs to portray that.

  5. I agree with Rachel. I need to know more about the guy and his thoughts on New Moon before I decide. But I’m sure that will happen before the movie is out.

    So my vote is “I’ll form an opinion when I know more.”

  6. My first reaction to the Twilight movie was that it was “amateurish”. I’ve seen film students do a better job. It was as though there was only one take on several scenes. The most glaring in my mind was Edward answering with his age and sounding like he had a frog in is throat, another when Bella tries to put her backpack on a chair and it falls to the floor and she VERY awkwardly continues the scene. The trip to Phoenix was appalling. Zero emotion from Kristen in that one. Also huge continuity holes with non-tinted windows and the threesome arriving with the sun shining. The makeup was a joke. You could see visible makeup lines and what was with the awful red lips? I understand they had a small budget, but I would have preferred they didn’t try so hard to make them look pale. And I’m a fan of Kristen Stewart, but most of the time it was like she spit out all of her lines at once, not even allowing time to breathe. I went to the midnight showing and there was laughter in all of the wrong places. There was also a noticeable silence at the end when there was screaming at the beginning. I think most people were dumbfounded. It’s damn near impossible to make a movie as good as the book, so I wasn’t expecting the story to be totally fulfilling. I’ve seen the movie five times and while I enjoy it, on its own Twilight a terrible film. It’s only savior is the wonderful book it was based on and a great fan base. I was hoping they wouldn’t make the sequels, not if they were going to turn out like Twilight. I’m a little more optimistic now that there will be a new director.

  7. I agree with Renee. Twilight was badly done. I am watching The Golden Compass right now on my computer. While I haven’t read the book, the cinematography is beautiful and I love most of the camera angles that he does. It doesn’t feel choppy to me like Twilight did. If Weitz is able to work within the small budget Summit is giving him AND stick to the story line then it could actually turn out well.

    The one thing that concerns me and will continue to concern me is Melissa Rosenberg. A director can still do a great job, but if the screenplay is horrible, then the movie will be horrible. Rosenberg DOES NOT GET TWILIGHT!!! In what universe would Edward ever call Bella a “spider monkey”???

    Oh, and Carter Burwell’s score was terrible too. Electric guitars in the biology scene? What the heck?

  8. Wow… Renee, you absolutely hit the nail right on the head. That was my feeling about the movie pretty much to the exact. My other statements were that it looked like a really long music video, the entire part where Bella and Edward are in the woods was just distractingly bad.

    I really liked the Golden Compass. I didn’t like that they skipped the end, I found it unnecessary, but it didn’t ruin the book for me, and I think Chris TOTALLY kept the integrity of the book.

    I was really really happy when I saw that they were replacing Cathrine with Chris. I’m sorry Cathrine, I like your other movies, but this one just didn’t come out right. I hope Chris does a better job.

  9. Why is there such a large gap between “It’s a bad idea they should have stuck with Catherine Hardwicke.” and the rest of the poll choices? Or is it only like that on my page…

  10. Monica: it’s like that on my internet browser as well. o_O

    Well hoping that Chris will stick with the book as much as possible, and hearing that he’s good at special effects, I’m a little optimistic that he’ll do a good job with New Moon. 🙂

  11. I am having a hard time with him because I do not like any of the films he has directed so far, I also didn’t like the book Golden Compass either so I am prejudice. I am keeping a positive attitude the best I can though. I know you can’t always judge people by their past, but in this case, you kind of have to. And, the fact that he was friends with big wigs from Summit makes me wonder if this has something to do with the decision too. Positive thoughts, positive thoughts….

  12. I kind of have to agree with renee and i think that this might be a good change because i love the books and i did like the movie to an extent. i really like it mostly cuz it’s twilight like enough said but there were a lot of things that i really wasn’t happy about and i totally agree about kristin’s akwardness!! ugh but i’m a lot more optimistic about her performances with a different director because i did NOT like catherine, so maybe this new directer will force kristin to be more emotional especially with new moon, it is EXTREMELY important that bella have EMOTION for this next movie. but over all i’m excited for the new director

  13. It’s pretty obvious what everyone wants: a director to stick to the book and not make it unrealistic. I haven’t seen Golden Compass so I can’t say if I like his style or not. Catherine’s work was good enough for me; I really enjoyed the movie and still do even after the 6th time seeing it.

    The only way our vision of New Moon can be portrayed is if they know how we feel. I’m writing a letter to Summit, once we know who is directing it, and letting them know what I want. It’s really the most that can be done. If they want another hit then they’ll take what the fans want into consideration.

    Just remember that they can’t make EVERYONE happy at the same time.. we all have a different view on all the books.


  14. I felt the same way about twilight, that they did ok with what they were given…and could have done better. That being said, I still love the film and my hope is that they will give the new director the money to make New Moon and Eclipse much better. I think any director will have a hard time with another low budget. Also, staying true to the story is key…absolutely mandatory for the fan base! Let’s hope they make some decisions based on what the true fans, that made the movie a box office hit, want!

  15. I’m really growing tired of all this directors changing thing, but I wanted to say that the His Dark Materials series are far deeper than Weitz’s movie interpretation. He made it look like a cheap children fantasy movie.

  16. I liked the Golden Compass movie, although I didnt read the books. I havent seen any other movie Chris has done so I cant say that he is all bad. I do think Twilight could have been better. Hmmm, Maybe he will have better input with the actors on getting the feelings in the movie a little better…I do believe they need someone with more experiance on the CGI stuff. I think its going to be a wait and see thing! It will be like we were with Twilight….all hoping for the best. 🙂

  17. I’m glad they’re picking a new director. My hope is that this one will do everything better. I’m not looking for oscar or award winning anything. Just a good movie. 🙂

  18. I was wondering who, exactly, is wondering what the fans think?

  19. If it’s Weitz, I just hope he can capture the darkness in the series and doesn’t handle it cheaply…(American Pie and His Dark Materials). He’s done a lot of comedy… I don’t know if that’s a good thing.

  20. The gender of the director doesn’t bother me. It seems like reverse sexism for people to say “because Chris is a guy he will do a bad job or at least not as good as Hardwick.” Golden Compass was an entertaining movie, I never read the book, but I think Chris could do a great job. The golden compass also involves CGI polar bears, which means he can do the Pack scenes more realistically then, for example, the Professor in Prisoner of Azkaban was (because seriously an almost hairless werewolf is lame).

  21. I’m still not sure what to think of this.
    I really think we just have to watch the movie first- well atleast I do before i decide.
    I loved Catherine and i’m sad that she isn’t directing New Moon, but im sure Chris will do great.
    I thought The Golden Compass was a pretty good movie… well it was okay to me- i’ve never read the books so I wouldn’t know how different it was.
    I just hope that Chris reads the series and is as enthusiastic about this as Catherine was : )

  22. I agree with Renee, who put a lot of thought into her answer. Catherine Hardwicke is a very charismatic spokesperson for Twilight and has made some fabulous movies, but, having seen the movie Twilight a few times now, I feel that the problems I have with the movie don’t have to do with the performances of the actors, their portrayal of the characters, or even many of the differences between the screenplay and the books. The movie was weak because the way it was put together does not make a good story, we loose the connections between the emotional experiences; the editing and music choices mess up our ability to participate in the emotions of the scenes. I think that’s the director. I also agree with most on this post that we want someone who will make a good movie and understand the story and love the books. I felt, for example, that there was a real misunderstanding of the “Meadow Scene” when there was all this frantic looking around for a meadow, and ultimately filming fluff in a fake meadow, when the real point of the Meadow Scene was the wonder they felt when they were discovering their feelings about each other.

  23. While I do feel bad for Catherine (I loved her enthusiasm for Twilight!!), I am almost relieved that there will be a different director for the next movie. There were a lot of elements in the movie which could have been done much better. It was bordering on cheesey/campy at certain parts, and I hope a new director will rectify that.

  24. I’m not so much worried about a new director as I am about Summit’s extremely rushed production/release schedule. If we’re going by what the official statements said, Catherine jumped ship because she needed more time for pre-production. That scares me that Summit would rather bang out a sequel than give it time to flesh out. Hopefully Chris is good under these kind of stressful situations and is able to work out the kinks along with the barely-raised budget.

  25. I think Catherine did a wonderful job for a book to screenplay movie. Especially with the budget and such. As for the new director, whoever it may be, I don’t think it’s fair to make a judgement until after the movie comes out. Harry Potter series has had different directors for each film and I think that they’ve been doing pretty well.

  26. i am dying to know when the twilight dvd comes out

  27. Devon061381 says

    Gabrielle, Catherine said in the MTV interview it will be out probably sometime around mid-February or into March.

  28. He’s gonna be fine. I can feel it… 🙂

  29. Devon061381 says

    Which, if you really think about it, is awesome for it to come out that soon. Dark Knight was out in early summer, and it just came out recently on DVD. I HATE having to wait 6 months or so for DVDs to come out, so kudos to Summit if they really do get it out in mid-February.

  30. Devon061381 says

    I’m really crossing my fingers that Weitz does a good job on the next [two] movie(s). I’m nervous.

    But you know, everyone will still go to see the movies if they are crap. Look at Harry Potter – I know SOOOOOO many diehard HP fans that hate the movies…but they all go see them anyway because they need a Harry Potter fix. They feel compelled to see them anyway. So Summit really has us cornered, because we will all go anyway, them being Twiight Saga movies.

    By the time New Moon comes out, there will be so many more people going to see the movies that haven’t read the books, that it will have a similar type of reaction that the HP films have. I have seen all of the HP movies on midnight release, and own all the DVDs, and loved all of the movies. However, I only read the series this year, and having watched the movies after I’ve read the books, it’s amazing how much stuff is left out and parts can be craptastic. But I know I will be there on midnight releases in the future until the franchise is done. And people will do the same for Twilight, guaranteeing money to Summit just like the HP films do for Warner Bros.

  31. To Renee…Thank you. You said it all.

  32. Renee, thanks for saving me the time and saying it all for me, I agree with you completely!!
    Really if they were going to replace anyone I wish it was the screen play writer Melissa Rosenberg). I thought the dialog was weak (especially considering how much fantastic dialog there is in the books), I was really hoping Summit would put more money into New Moon, I didnt like the low budget look of twilight. Honestly, I think the movie is only doing well with non twihard fans because the charaters/story is so compelling, which is all kudos to Stephenie Meyer herself, not Melissa or Catherine. So Summit can change it all up and I am hoping for a more polished New Moon.

  33. I agree wholeheartedly with Renee. I’m all for basically *anyone* but Catherine Hardwicke directing. I’ll withhold judgment on the new director until I see the movie.

  34. Renee (poster #6) you are SPOT ON!!!! Those are my feelings exactly.

    There is no way Chris Weitz could make a worse movie that Catherine Hardwicke. NO WAY!

    The effects on The Golden Compass were in-sane! What everyone complains about was the script, not his directorial abilities.

    About A Boy, was an amazing movie! Watch it.

  35. I know people are saying they don’t really like American Pie, but I loved the relationships and the development that Weitz wrote in the script and were portrayed on all levels.

    As for the Twilight Series, the chemistry between all of the actors is already there. He will just have to “fill in the gaps” that may have been left open.

    And I agree with the possibility of having great CGI effects. Here’s for hoping they can pull it off! I am keeping my fingers crossed!!

  36. You guys keep saying you hope he stays true to the book…but we don’t have to worry about the actual content because he’s the director, not the writer. And while golden compass might not have been what fans of the book were looking for, I cared about the characters and the special effects were amazing…things I failed to find in Twilight. I’m happy about his choice.

  37. Let’s face it, the special effects on Twilight sucked. I mean Edward made noise when he sparkled! If you have seen The Golden Compass then you know that the special effects were amazing! I’m really really happy with the choice becasue I don’t want Jacob to make noise when he transforms too. (Well anything else then sexy grunts 😉

  38. Edward Cullen is Smelxy (Smells good and sexy) says

    I think Chris will do a fine job, but I haven’t seen The Golden Compass or American Pie, but I have heard that The Golden Compass was a bad movie, but that was mostly because of the script/book, not the way he directed it.
    I think Catherine did a pretty good job, but they rushed the romance.
    So, yeah, any news on Michael Copon being the older Jacob???? I Don’t really think Taylor can pull off being older Jacob, no offence….
    Hopefully they make Steven Strait to do it *romantic sigh*

  39. Twilight fans are impossible to please, so I honestly think it won’ tmatter what this new director will do.

  40. everyone needs to look at this like no matter what director new moon has there will still be changes and things added in we cant stop that but i think if ur a true twilight fan then it doesnt matter who directs it or how it has been change because in the end you will love it or not.

  41. Mary Alice Cullen says

    I hope he can change sweaty Edward to shiny sparkling Edward. And I hope the wolfs blow me away.

  42. I completely agree with you Rachel.I can’t say anything before watching New Moon.And I haven’t seen the Golden Compass either nor have I read it.So I can’t say anything.

    But one thing I’m sure of is that no matter who directs New Moon, it won’t be able to be compared to Stephenie Meyer’s books.

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