Muse…a little earlier than Friday

For those of you who figured out our cryptic message from earlier today, we are actually able to announce what’s happening today instead of Friday! 🙂

MUSE, the musical artist that we all know and love from what may be the best baseball scene ever is putting on a contest! They’ve built a widget and they want you to put it on your webpage, myspace profile, blog or facebook page so that you can share MUSE and Twilight with the world! The winner will get a MUSE prize pack that includes a rare sticker sheet, a bunch of posters including an exclusive Twilight poster, a copy of their latest CD – Black Holes and Revelations, and a Twilight poster! It’s easy to participate and easier to win. Here’s how:

1. Click "get & share" on the bar underneath the widget. Select the place where you want to put it, like Myspace, etc. (If you want to put it on your Facebook, go here:

2. Place the widget on your page and make sure that it plays and works.

3. Take a screenshot of the widget on your page. Don’t know how? Instructions for PC ( and Mac (

4. Email your screenshot to along with:
     ♦your first and last name, 
     ♦listing the Twilight Lexicon as the Twilight site you found this contest on
     ♦your mailing address.

It’s that easy! Then you’re in the running for a MUSE Twilight prize pack just in time for the Holidays.


TIP: For some reason the Widget is only loading half of the time in Explorer. It’s loading every time in Firefox and Chrone.


  1. Is the widget supposed to be there..cus…i can’t see it.

  2. Great, you announced this right when my kids are coming home so I can’t do it today. I’ll do it tomorrow – thanks for telling us!!!

  3. Devon061381 says

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh! I love it!

  4. chessley_meyers says

    I just found this article:

    it’s about the vampire genre being everywhere, and has a couple mentions of twilight!

  5. god love muse

  6. Hey,
    is this just for US residents or Canadian ones too?

  7. is it only for people in US or everywhere?

  8. Alu Rathbone says

    Quote: TIP: For some reason the Widget is only loading half of the time in Explorer. It’s loading every time in Firefox and Chrone.

    no its not… I have firfox and its not loading… welll… I had to refresh the page four times… and then I had to click on comments and then it loaded…

    This is cool though.

  9. two Twilight posters?

  10. it won’t let me print screen on my laptop – like it won’t copy onto paint.
    What am i supposed to do?
    can i take a picture of my facebook and email that?

  11. Is it for US residents or can it be for people from Europe?

  12. never mind i got it : )

  13. Amaranthine says

    I love Muse…

  14. EdwardCullen#1Fan says

    where is it on myspace? I can’t find it!

  15. whens the concert and where????!?!?!?!?