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MTV talks about Rob’s next big thing which is a hook up with Rosario Dawson in Parts Per Billion. Catherine Hardwicke also talked DVD extras with MTV, so you can get an idea of what to look forward to that landed on the cutting room floor.

Reelz Channel adds their two cents in on who would make a good New Moon director.

Make-up artist, Jeanne Van Phue,  talks about her Twilight make up techniques here. and here. TY to Kaila

FANDOM FLASHBACK:  What were we thinking about a year ago today?  Check out this entry and have a good laugh!


Now here’s something a bunch of the major Twilight sites are jumping on. It started on Twilight Moms and now, well everyone is jumping onboard.

"We decided to send a thank you to Summit, the cast and crew of Twilight and to Stephenie Meyer by having The goal is to get all the fans out to see Twilight again on the same day and give the movie a bit of a bump. Let’s make sure that they get the message loud and clear! That we are a powerful box office force. Pass the word on to anyone and everyone!!! Let’s rock the Twilight box office… again!"


  1. i can`t wait for the twilight dvd ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. ‘What were you thinking about a year ago today?’ I remember that entry! I saw a picture of him and I thought his jawline looked perfect for Edward ๐Ÿ˜‰ was really happy! Aw, memories.I haven’t even seen the film yet thought cos I live in the UK.

  3. I think everyone should definitely go see the movie again tomorrow. It’s the original release date. Let’s go show Twilight some more love!

    So everyone: GO SEE TWILIGHT TOMORROW!!!!!!!!

  4. aha that thing about RPatz was funny. i remember reading that entry too :p and i also remember how i freaked out too (in a good way!)haha

  5. kessie1122 says:

    also remember how upset we were over his casting? it’s really hard to believe. he’s so perfect!

  6. When exactly are we supposed to go see it again? That wasn’t really clear…

  7. Ashley – I think we’re supposed to go see it tomorrow since that was the original release date. Not 100% sure, though…

  8. when i found out rob was playing edward…
    i practically broke out into tears screaming CEDRIC DIGGORY. i didn’t like him at first…not at alll… but that was practically a year ago. i love him now.

  9. KaseyHeartEdward says:

    Hmmmm i am really going to try and go tomorrow. It totally sliped my mind that tomorrow was the original release date! So i am going to try and get my bro to go and maybe a few friends. LOL.

    Wow a year ago. That is insane.

  10. Oh man…I remember the day Rob got cast as Edward. That day was insane!

  11. Irish_Sheep says:

    Ah memories… That seems ages ago now!
    Saw the movie at the Irish premiere a few days ago and thought he was absolutely amazing in it.

  12. Tomorrow sounds definitely like the best day to go. I was planning to go tomorrow anyway, ^_^

    Can you imagine… if the release date stayed the same, we wounldn’t be seeing the movie for the first time till tomorrow

  13. i want to see the movie again and again.. but no one to go with… i have already went by myself once, don’t want to go again and again by myself..the tix people going to think i have issue… i’m the only twilight obsess within my friends, anyone in manhattan that wants to go watch the movie with me???

  14. People forget that the UK havent even seen the film for the first time yet. When its released here the totals going to go up a lot more

  15. im going 2 see it again 2morrow!!!
    (that will be viewing #8 for me) ๐Ÿ™‚


    WOW…already a year ago. Unbelievable.
    I remember that fateful day…..
    I took 1 look at Robert’s picture & knew once filming & everything started, he WOULD be the perfect Edward Cullen

  16. I remember that! I thought Rob was ugly. I was pretty wrong, lol
    I don’t think I can c Twilight again tomarow, tho ๐Ÿ™

  17. :] pick a date and I’ll get a huge group of friends to go again.

  18. Kadee aka: Vampire Girl says:


  19. I’ve got my ticket for tomorrow night, and I’m dragging 3 friends! So excited!!

  20. I really dont want to rain on anyones parade, but on Flixster, i found an article that said Taylor Lautner wont “reprise his role ” in New Moon. Whether its true or not , i dont no so maybe someone could find out if its true…

  21. princessmeighan says:

    Kara–According to IMDB Taylor is listed as part of the cast.

  22. When I found out about casting Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen and saw his picture, I didn’t like him at first. I rented Harry Potter’s Goblet of Fire right away to check out how he acts. I liked him there, though. Looking back at his picture then and watching the movie and contemplating at his perfect jawline, he was perfect as Edward Cullen. I’ve seen Twilight 3 times and will be watching it again tomorrow with my friend. Can’t hardly wait for the DVD. I promised my daughter it will be her birthday gift next year.

  23. Kara, yes, I’ve heard that too. at least Summit doesn’t want to rehire Taylor (but they are waiting for the director to make that decision). I’ve also heard that they want to replace him with Michael Copon. Anybody heard anything about that?

    Princessmeighan, IMDB isn’t always up-to-date. They listed Catherine Hardwicke as the director until yesterday.

  24. Ha ha, and yes, I freaked out over his casting, too! I think it was that first official cast picture that just really didn’t capture how he looked at all. That’s the worst picture I’ve ever seen of Rob!!!!Anyway, I’m so glad they cast him, he was perfect.

  25. I liked RP in Goblet so I thought he would make a great Edward. No one could really be Edward but dang… he’s close enough to curl up to;-)

  26. what was her technique for bella…dont do anything?

  27. I can’t wait for the DVD! After Bella suspects Edward being a vampire, she dreamt about him biting her, damn that was hot XD I hope there is more of that in the DVD o(^-^)o

  28. Jeanne Van Phue should be hanging her head in shame over the *terrible* job she did on this movie. She should not be giving interviews.

    The makeup lines, the five o’clock shadow on a vampire, the dark smudges under bella’s eyes (a girl who doesn’t wear makeup shouldn’t have mascara smudged under her eyes), the horrible lipstick – the makeup was so bad that it was distracting.

  29. Thanks for passing along this idea of going to see Twilight (again) on Friday, the original opening day. I wasn’t planning to go today but decided to join in and see if we could send a message with a strong box office showing. I just got back from the theater and was amazed to see that it was half full, with plenty of guys, despite the opening of “War of the Worlds” today. Everyone laughed at the funny parts (especially Charlie) and had a great time. I love that the Twilight movie’s staying strong and introducing lots of new fans to Stephenie’s great work. By the way, I had just as much fun this time (my fourth!) and now I’m wondering if seeing it a fifth time would make me *officially* obsessed…

  30. Ah yes, I remember well the day Robert was cast as Edward Cullen. The day before my birthday. Haha, anyway when I saw his jawline, I mean picture, I KNEW. I just KNEW. That I had just received the best early birthday present ever. I was also planning on seeing the movie on my birthday, but alas they changed the date. God, I sound fruity in this comment…..

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