Movie News

Late Breaking Article from EW confirming what had been rumored by various sources earlier, that an offer has gone out to Chris Weitz of The Golden Compass and Oscar Nominee for About a Boy fame. There is no info on whether that offer has been accepted. Also under discussion is how Taylor Lautner can fit in given the state of graphic technology seen in such movies like Benjamin Button where Brad Pitt ages and then youthens before our eyes.

Do you live down under?  If so, you can enter to win Edward’s Volvo.

Looks like Rob has a bit of a Mr. Darcy complex according to this interview stating, "But I like it when they hate me right from the beginning."

Jackson Rathbone is going to be in the cast of Airbender the new M. Knight Shyamlan flick. TY to Natasha.

has an article talking about Catherine’s departure and women directors. (Link fixed)

Fanbolt has an interview up with Peter Facinelli.