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Reelz Channel asks for your opinion on who you would like to see direct New Moon.


Rueters talks about the Twilight movie opening doors for Rob as far as greater media exposure goes. It also certainly doesn’t hurt that he’s made Forbes list of breakout stars of 2008 in the number 5 position.

EURO TOUR  More from the Euro Twilight Tour. Kristen and Rob photo time, and Rob talking about an odd aspect of his life.

Kellan Lutz is looking forward to New Moon and those great one liners. What’s you favorite Emmettism?




  1. I think the best idea is to stay HERE for info, during the ‘New Moon’ drama. And thank you for the links you give us.

    To Taylor L. as ‘Jacob Black’… I appreciated his portrayal in ‘Twilight.’ He brought me to more appreciation of the ‘Jacob’ character. But have been fearing/wondering for a long time, if Taylor could pull off the ‘changed Jacob.’ -sigh- His natural height/frame don’t portray the ‘changed Jacob,’ to me. [Even though I want him to be able to do so!]

    I hope you will address this issue, here on Twilight Lex. I don’t like rumors but have already read a speculation that Taylor will be replaced too.

    Thank you.

  2. I think Del Toro, Iñarritu or Cuaron would do an AMAZING job with New Moon.
    We’ll see…

  3. I’m actually kinda excited about a new director. CH has never directed a big budget movie and New Moon now has a HUGE budget.
    My only worries are, will the new director stay as true to the book and she did?
    Will Taylor be able to pull looking like a 6’7 26yrld man?
    I think they’ll figure it out ^_^ let’s have faith.
    I’m MOST excited about Eclipse, so New Moon needs to go well lol

  4. Possible director: David Fincher!

    He’s captured the following on film before from AMAZING actors (and we have those in our leads)–>

    ROMANCE (ex: Benjamin Button)
    ACTION (ex: Fight club)
    DRAMA (ex: all of the above)

    Plus, having worked with Pitt, Blanchet and Norton- I trust that he can pull even better performances out of Stewart and Pattinson. They are budding actors after all. There’s only room to grow!


    Ya’ll are making me nervous with all the bad mojo-speculation…

  6. I’m looking forward to hearing Emmett say, “Excellent plan, my brother.”

    In my head I always hear it pronounced “brotha” and I can’t wait to see how they decide to do that.

    But unless they expand his role I can’t see him having that many lines, Emmett’s barely in the book for three chapters (“Party”, briefly mentioned in both “Stitches” and “Flight”, and then “Vote”). It makes me a little sad that we won’t actually get to see the Cullen’s for a reasonable amount of time until Eclipse, which is perhaps the biggest downfall of the Twilight movie.

  7. Hmmmm….new director…..

  8. David S. Goyer – the Invisible.
    Either him or

  9. No. No.
    Dare I say it…?

  10. Ok. Hurray for the director change. Sorry fans, but we need this to look like a feature film and not a you tube video. I think who ever they get will be briefed on the fan base craziness and will be instructed to stick closely to the book. Also, to address the whole worry about Jacob/Taylor thing. Did anyone by chance see a little film series called The Lord of the Rings? Just by camera angles they can make him look 6’7. Do you really think Elijah wood was that tiny. And on that note, I put my very long shot vote in for Peter Jackson as director. He did an awsome job of sticking to the books and how freakin awesome of a job would he do with the wolves? And maybe he could make Jasper look a little less constipated…and give him a hair cut. Yikes.

  11. Devon061381 says:

    With every interview I read about Kellan Lutz, I adore him even more! He seems like such a nice, genuine person, and I really hope he goes far in his career. He IS Emmett. And I seriously cannot wait for Eclipse (and hopefully Breaking Dawn) so we get TONS of Emmett interaction 🙂

  12. Totally agree w/ Bonnie! FIX JASPER’S HAIR lol
    buuuut it’s also a lot easier to make ppl look shorter (especially short ppl. E.Wood is only like 5’4) so making him look shorter wouldn’t be hard, but making him look taller without looking fake is gonna be a challeng.
    Just stay posi 🙂 they’ll make it awesome.

  13. SydVicious, just watch the extra features on the LOTR video. They showed just how they made everyone look like the right height according to the characthers. Also, look at Tom Cruise. He is a shortie, but in the movies they always make him look taller. It will be ok.

  14. lol MEL GIBSON! definitley must be on the list!

  15. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    I think Stepenh ( sorry can’t spell his first name)Spielberg. I heard he is emotional and we need that to help Kristen and his awsome with special effects. He can make sweaty Edward to Diamond Edward even though i loved of CH directed.

  16. WELL. I think that the guy who made the third Harry Potter because, directorial wise, that was probably the best. But if I had to chose out of anyone, I think Steph should because it is her imagination that will perfect this movie.

  17. While I seriously enjoy Catherine’s work, I’m sort of glad she won’t be directing “New Moon” although I’m sure she’d do a fantastic job. My reasons are sort of bit selfish, mind you, as she is the ideal director for one of the projects we’re working on. It is more her style… a teen character drama that’s on the cheap. So while I am disappointed with her departure with the Twilight series, I am happy that it will hopefully open doors once my project takes off the ground.

    As for another director… Let’s see… Crazy hair styles… muted colors… pearlesque white skin… It’s a Tim Burtin film in the making… Yes… I would love to see Tim Burtin handle the Twilight series, but then again, I doubt he would be stay too true to the books… but then again, look what Steven Speilberg did for Jurassic Park. If anyone has ever read the book, you know first hand that you nearly have to have a PHD to understand all the genetic mumbo jumbo, chaos theory, and medical science in general, to get the book, but Steven understood that if he dumbed it down just a bit and made it a bit more actiony, that children from around the world would drag their mums and dads to see it over and over and over again (raises hand… I did). I saw it 4 times in the theater alone. 🙂

    As for them replacing Taylor Lautner… Firstly Taylor isn’t the only werewolf in the story, and ALL of the other Quiluete teens are 6 foot something or other. They’re all uber tall. So if they replace Taylor… they would have to replace Solomon and Cris as well. I don’t see that happening. Honestly the simple thing to do is… Not make them uber tall. Yes they are deviating from the book a bit… but you know what works in a book and in a movie are two different things, and if keeping the human forms normal size as possible allows Summit to make a better movie, then so be it. I’m not going to whine over such a small thing. Does leaving Taylor at his current size dramatically alter the story… No… It might change our mental images of him from the books, BUT a movie is a totally different beast. As I stated earlier, what works in a book may not work in a movie. I’d rather them change that than replace half of the cast. Honestly, I’d feel really bad for Taylor if they decided to oust him, simply because he wasn’t NBA standard height. For Summit, it would be a bad move, as they’ve spent so much money pimping Taylor as Jacob Black, to then change him out of the blue. That is my opinion… at least.

  18. Noah, you know what’s up 🙂

    stay posi. It’ll work out in the end

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