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Entertainment Weekly asks, "Should a Man Direct new Moon?"

MySpace Want a phone call from Rob? Find out how you have a chance on MySpace.

Want to get Kristen Stewart’s signature look? Teen Vogue explains how. If you want Bella’s prom dress, Lexiconer Frances has found four close duplicates (one). two, three four.

Check out what Billy Burke, AKA Charlie, had to say to TV Guide


  1. that 3rd dress is actually really close! cute!

  2. I loved billy in Twilight! =]

  3. My friend and I decided today that Tim Burton should direct New Moon. Imagine how that would turn out! Lol, but that relates to this cause he IS a guy (last time I checked) :]

  4. By the way, if you don’t recognize his name, he directed Nightmare Before Christmas, Sweeney Todd, Edward Scissorhands, etc. He also directed that new animated movie that’s coming out based on the book, called the name of a girl…I forget it, but it looks REALLY creepy.

  5. You mean the Coraline movie? That does look creepy. Pretty cool though.
    It certainly would be interesting to see Twilight directed by Tim Burton…nice idea. ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. Twilight_Mom_In_503 says:


    I just saw this clip while browsing People…it’s Twilight..but in puppet format…

  7. if tim burton directed new moon, i would be very happy

  8. OMG, if Tim Burton directed New Moon, that would be EPIC!!!

  9. Um…er…
    Since when is Charlie supposed to be so hot?

    honestly. ๐Ÿ˜›

  10. ImBettingOnAlice says:

    There are a whole bunch of news articles saying that the guy that directed Golden compass and About a boy and American pie got offered the directing job. Chris weitz is his name….do a google search under “news” for ” twilight” to see for yourselves

  11. yeah about the chris weitz thing…


    still unconfirmed, but if he ends up directing it let’s just say i will not be a happy camper ๐Ÿ™

  12. i miss catherine already… but there is still hope. lol

  13. I am horribly disgusted by the people who lied about how many times they saw the twilight movie. Some people said 35 times! Psh. Yeah. right. thats over $350! And i highly doubt they have had that much time.This contest myspace has right now is awful and i dont think people are being truthful enough. Some liar will probably win and get the phone call. I hope they take it down. Its a disgrace to see some twilighters lie just for this. And Im disappointed about the director thing too. Catherine Hardwicke did an amazing job and i just hope some bozo doesnt come screw up the rest of the movies.

  14. as i said before

  15. Forgive me, but I kind of don’t want Tim Burton directing New Moon. Don’t get me wrong, I like almost ALL of the films he’s made, but I don’t think New Moon is his forte. Okay people, yes New Moon is darker… MENTALLY. Bella goes through a state of depression, and yea there are werewolves in it but I don’t think this is his style. And I don’t mean to type-cast him but we can all agree that he only sticks to a certain type of movie category.

    Now that I got that out of the way, this guy that is being considered, that Chis-what’s his face? Yea, all I can say is Summit PLEASE keep looking.

  16. I felt he really made the movie for me besides the obvious Robert. He just cracked me up with the pepper spray LOL I love him. So glad he’s Charlie!!!

  17. Chris Weitz is a good director. about a boy is a great movie and as perverted as the amrican pie movies are… you know you love them. people who read the golden compass books hated the movie. i didn’t read the books and i LOVED the movie. i understood the story enough to enjoy the movie and want a sequel, so they obviously did a good job of keeping important stuff and losing the extra. he was also a producer for nick and norahs infinite playlist. this guy gets teens and teen drama. PLUS those CGI polar bears were awesome, totally realistic and the fight scene between them was really graphic and made me jump in my seat. i’m all for this guy directing new moon. tim burton does one type of film and he does it perfectly… lets not ruin to good things at once by trying to get him to do something different. (like he’d ever do this kind of film anyway) and mel gibson… MEL GIBSON?

  18. Ugh, but the story from the book that made Golden Compass so great was butchered on screen (the entire ending, which was so emotional and epic in the book, was totally ruined in the movie) – and it was also supposed to be darker than it was portrayed on the big screen. If Weitz is picked I will be very nervous.

  19. I’ve never seen The Golden Compass, so I don’t know…
    Thus, my vote is for Mel Gibson! hahaha

  20. i have nothing against chris weitz as a director, but if the rumor is true i don’t think he’s right for new moon at all. i read golden compass and the movie was a horrible adaptation of the book. yeah the effects in the movie were good but in the article i posted earlier there are multiple comments saying that weitz was kicked out of the editing room because he couldn’t handle the cgi (i’m in no way saying those are credible but it seems suspicious to me). about a boy was cute. nick and nora’s was cute. i do not want new moon to be “cute”. american pie was hilarious too, but new moon is the most serious book in the series and the only one without any real comic relief. to me it seems like summit is rushing the whole process in an effort to crank out another major money-maker like twilight and screwing up the entire process. not a good pick.

  21. What?! Mel Gibson…Tim Burton? Are you guys on crack? Hahah. Jk, sorry. I love Tim Burton, but he has such a different vision for his films. He twists his movies so that they are creepy, odd, and dark. I wouldn’t want that to happen to Twilight. Although Twilight has this sort of dark edge to it, it would have a completely different mood to it. Besides, I doubt Tim Burton would even want to direct a movie that looks like it’s just for a bunch of cliche screaming teenage girls. I love Burton, but still…

  22. WOW! just saw the Dark Knight!! Maybe Christopher Nolan should direct New Moon…LOL! Oh, I miss Heath Ledger! ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Billy Burke as Charlie was such an awesome surprise in the movie. He was a character I loved in the book, but Billy made him so real and lovable, and his dynamic with Kristen as Bella was perfectly awkward/loving…can’t wait to see more regardless of who directs! Tim Burton would be awesome, just because his vision is so different, but I kinda doubt that will be happening….of course, since Johnny Depp is often attached to his films, lets just take a moment to imagine how incredibly hot that would be for Johnny to appear in New Moon….ok, that was awesome!

  24. I am not sure who I would like to see direct New Moon. Right now, I like the idea of Joe Wright. I mean he made the new Pride and Prejudice fantastic and that is one of the most romantic books for all time. As much as I love Tim Burton, I do not want him to do New Moon! He is too busy anyway doing the new Alice in Wonderland for Disney (Henry Selick the director of Nightmare Before Christmas is the director of the new movie Coraline, not Burton).

  25. http://www.usatoday.com/life/books/news/2008-12-09-rowling-meyer_N.htm
    Not exactly related to this post, but I don’t feel the need to tick people off in the forum. Twilight got knocked off the top spot by Tales of Beedle the Bard by J. K. Rowling.

  26. Twifanatic Amanda says:

    he’s is such a freaking hottie

  27. Billy Burke = my favorite.

  28. THe Golden Compas was a really horrible movie. I didn’t understand any of it. But to give them credit it could have been because I couldn’t really understand what they were saying so it could have just been bad sound quality. At least it looked like a quality movie.

  29. I didn’t like The Golden Compass, haven’t read the book (yet). But most people weren’t happy with the adaptation so it would be weird if he could try again with New Moon right? Imagine what will happen if he screws it up…

  30. K, who would want to copy Kirsten Stewarts “signature look”? Here is how: roll out of bed, no makeup, definately don’t brush your hair, wear the clothes you went to sleep in.

    As far as possible directors go, no one could be as bad as Catherine, so anything would be an improvement.

  31. I just realized something–

    1. If Tim Burton directs New Moon, all his fans will see it and it’ll be HUGE (not that it wont be anyways, but still.)

    2. Everyone says they want Johnny Depp as Aro or someone like that…he IS in a lot of Tim’s movies!

    3. Same as #1, but w/ Johnny…

    4. Tim Burton would be AWESOME as the director…but for New Moon ONLY! (maybe Breaking Dawn)

  32. If the golden compass guy directs new moon, i will be depressed…

  33. Whoever they choose for the director, he/she needs to understand the story line. I’m not sure if a new director will be able to grasp the concept in such a short time. I’ve heard where Taylor is looking forward to kissing Kristen in New Moon – that does not happen! This is a love story between Edward and Bella, don’t give Jacob a bigger part than what he should have. Maybe it’s a new screen writer that it needs. And a bigger budget!

  34. And Rachel – Kristen looks gorgeous! She certainly doesn’t look like she just rolls out of bed. It’s funny how girls just love to tear her apart. However, there are many times where Rob looks exactly how you described, and we all say he’s hot. Don’t get me wrong, I love Rob but…even he says he doesn’t wash that often.


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