Movie News

The Normal Mormon Husbands are back. This time they have their own ideas on New Moon casting, or should we say recasting. They also have a quiz where you can voice your opinion on their recasting choices.
The Examiner has a 4-part series/debate featuring book fans who did and didn’t like the Twilight movie.

Newsweek analyzes the latest trend in vampires.

MovieWeb has a post Twilight release interview with Peter Facinelli.

Box Office Prophets just doesn’t know what to make out of the Twilight selling pattern, because frankly it’s not following any pattern they are used to.

Now if you want the really interesting stats, you go to Box Office Mojo where you soon find out that:

  • Twilight is the most successful vampire movie of all time
  • Twilight(despite a week 2 fall off followed by a week 3 climb)  is the number 16 (and still climbing most successful movie this year)
  • Movies that opened on what is considered Holiday weekend it ranks 7
  • Earnings as of December 7th estimated are
    • Domestic:  $138,552,000
      + Foreign:  $21,325,749

      = Worldwide:  $159,877,749