The Cast in Germany

Here’s an on site report from Lexiconer Saskia

It was amazing! Such a cool experience. But first things first.

At about 5am I drove to Munich with a friend. It’s about 2 hours from my hometown, so not far away. The streets were icy and I had to drive very slowly. So we arrived at the cinema, where the event should take place, a little bit later than we planned. When we came in there we were like … WHAT? So many people? We didn’t expect so many people since Twilight isn’t that big in Germany… unfortunately.

Anyways, we stood and waited till they would let us in, so that we could run to the red carpet and find a good place to wait till the cast came. We couldn’t really find one and we started to talk with two other girls who were standing in the front row and we asked them if we could come to the front row when the cast (and of course Catherine) arrived. The one girls answered, that we could have her space since she wasn’t a Twilight fan and only here because of her cousin. So my friend and I were standing in FRONT ROW!!!

While waiting two hours that the cast would arrive the people from the cinema gave some tickets away for a screening of some scenes of the movie. My friend and I were soooooo lucky to get two tickets! Now we stood in the front row AND we were able to see the scenes! (I have already seen the movie, but there were some rumors that the cast would say something about the movie etc. in the cinema so we were really happy to have 2 tickets.)

Then the waiting continued. The press was there took tons of pictures of the waiting fans while we were freezing and hoping that Rob, Kristen and Catherine would come soon. Some girls at the entrance started screaming every time a car would pass by and the press would always run to the entrance. It was quite funny.

Then FINALLY the moment arrived and the cast appeared. The screaming was unbelievably loud. They took the time to give autographs (I’ve got one from all of them!!) and they were so nice. I talked to Catherine or a short moment. About the movie, and that I liked it. She was so nice and told me that she was happy I liked it. And I told her that she did an amazing job. She was so cool. And she looked beautiful! Her dress amazing! Then Kristen came and I got her autograph. When I thanked her she said that it was no problem, and that there was no reason to thank me. She was nice, although I think, that all these events are a little bit too much for her. After all she is only 18. So my age… and I think something like that would also be too much for me. Of course Rob came too and the screaming next to me got louder. He came and I told him that he was an amazing actor and that he did a great job. He smiled and laughed and said: "Thank you so much. It’s always nice to hear that." Then he smiled again and continued giving autographs. He is really handsome! He looks better then on all the pictures on the internet. At least that’s what I think ๐Ÿ˜‰

After that everyone with a ticket to the cinema got into the cinema to see the screening. After everyone was sitting the cast appeared again! They were asked some questions (by a man who could barely speak English… so embarrassing!) and got some gifts. Rob was funny as always. When he was asked a question and everyone started screaming again he said: "Don’t mind… I was not going to say something important" and laughed again.

Then we some the scene were Edward introduces Bella to his family. The long trailer in German (which sucked :D), the ballet scene and some behind the scene stuff which I hadn’t seen yet.

I can say that I had an amazing day! Rob, Kristen and Catherine were as nice as I thought they would be. It was a great experience and I am now owner of a copy of Twilight with the autographs of the three of them. I am so happy =)



  1. I made tons of spelling and gramma mistakes^^ I just saw it.. I’m sorry =)

  2. that sounds so amazing! you are so lucky!

  3. I cleaned it up, no worries. it wasn’t that bad.

  4. WoW nice ! Thanks so much !

  5. thanks for cleaning it up^^ but there are still some mistakes… but i think everyone can understand it =)

    I know!! I am soo lucky! I am still so happy ๐Ÿ˜€ I will never forget that day =)
    I can’t wait for the New Moon premiere! I will be there since I am going to do an au pair year in the US next year ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Ah, das alles ist Deutschland.
    I wish I was there…

  7. hi Saskia (:
    great report (=
    you said that you’ve already seen the movie … but how since you live in germany?

  8. That was an awesome account of the premiere! Thank you so much- it’s made my day. ๐Ÿ˜›

  9. @ Meredith

    I drove to Prague to see it. It was totally worth it. I love the movie!

    @ Angel

    Thank you. It’s nice to hear that you liked my report =)I would love to do such things more often =) Perhaps I will be able to write something about the New Moon premiere next year for the Lex ๐Ÿ˜€ I would love that^^

  10. I found a video of the part inside the cinema =)


  11. How was Kristen and Robert? They seem very close. They are always laughing at each other.

  12. Rob was so nice.. and laughing a lot!
    And he is sooo cute ๐Ÿ˜€

    And Kristen was very nice to me too. I think she didn’t feel comfortable when the guy asked her questions. I can understand that. It’s just one event after the other… it’s getting too much.

    I hope this was the last one and they can concentrate on other things for a while =)

  13. Saskia, you are sooo lucky!
    Instead of being in Munich today, I was sitting in my University in Mannheim and had to write an exam…
    Jetzt waren sie schon mal da und dann…
    Nice pics!

    To all:
    There was another chance for German fans to see the movie (legally – in a movie theater) without driving to another country:
    The “Broadway-Cinema” in Ramstein is showing the movie, it started to show it in November!
    (I was there, of course!)

    Greetings, Caitlin

  14. It’s so cool that Twilight is becoming a hit worldwide. We’re united in fandom of these special books. Thanks, Saskia!

  15. omg, you are sooo lucky. I wanted to go but I already had plans for that day. otherwhise I
    m only 14 and I don’t know if my parents would have aloud me to go.

  16. Carolina Cruz says

    You guys are so lucky. I’m so disappointed that we always get left out… I live in the Philippines and the Twilight crew has completely neglected their Asian fans =( I hope they remember us

  17. Hi! I’m from the Philippines too and I just wanted to thank you for sharing your experience and pictures with us who can’t go to these premieres. This just made my day. I too hope they get a chance to recharge after this tour. It seems to get all a bit too much and the strain seems to be getting to Kristen especially. They are both stunningly gorgeous.

  18. By the way, do you where they’ll be next? Is this the last of their European promotional tour? Thanks…

  19. i don’t know for sure… but i think that was the last one…
    but as i said.. i don’t know for sure.

    i know that I am extremely lucky. I still can’t believe that i had the chance to meet them.
    this was the first time that i was glad to live in germany.. and near munich =)

    it’s great that you all liked my review. it’s nice to hear =)

  20. No, they’re still going to France.

    Saskia, u r the luckiest person on earth, seriously, i wish i was u! Kristen and Rob actually SPOKE to u! luckyluckylucky!!!!!
    I wish that they would come to South Africa, but sadly, no one cares about us at the bottom of the world ;(
    But i am soooo happi cause due to popular demand, the movie release has been moved from the 31st of Dec to the 19th~! yayayayayayaayayay!!!

  21. chichichobits says

    That is awesome thanks for writing about your experience ๐Ÿ˜€

  22. @ Carla
    The 19th!!! That’s cool.
    I know you are going to love the movie! It’s awesome!

  23. I was in the front row, too! And I have 2 Autographs from Rob and one from Kristen and Catherine! They were so nice! I had the chance to talk to them too, cause I was at the very beginning.
    Just to clear it up, we didn’t scream when a car passed by! We had sort of a screaming competition. The girls on the outside vs. the girls on the inside. A Cameraman filmed us and we won!
    Kristen is so nice and really shy! I told her she looked gorgeous (she really does) and she said something like thanks but the credit goes to her stylist…
    With Robert it was a bit difficult cause I got hit all the time… But a girl from the 4th row or something gave me a twilight t-shirt and I asked him if he could sign it, he said sure he could and I thanked him when he gave it back to me and he answered something like it’s a pleasure =)

  24. Edwardbitespillow says

    omg i jst love the whole cast…i live in NJ and i went to one of there signing with Kristen and Niki(but i didn’t know you needed a wrist band) but me and my friend still waited outside. They both seemed really nice. We actually got to see them..but i was trampled over with my broken foot.. but anyway the experience was worth int.
    Saskia…you are so lucky!love the report!!

  25. Edwardbitespillow says


  26. You are all welcome. I loved writing the report.
    I thought everyone should know that Rob, Kristen and Catherine are amazing and so nice.

  27. You are so lucky! But why didn’t they come to Berlin?! It’s the CAPITAL!
    I would have been there but my mum wouldn’t let me. *cries*
    They have to do something like that in Berlin the next time!

    Ich hรคtte sogar die Chorprobe und den Tag der offenen Tรผr an meiner Schule geschwรคnzt! xD

  28. Hey Saskia,

    thanks for sharing…I got the link from Cathy. I’m in her Twilightmoms group and I’m from germany as well!I moved to the states 3 years ago ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait to meet you and talk a little german once in a while ๐Ÿ™‚ Where are you going to be an aupair?

  29. Samantha says

    Hallo Saskia,

    Gehst du dann auch zu der New Moon premiere? Ich wohnein Neumarkt I.D Opf und bin auf jeden fall dabei!!!

  30. I was sooooo mad when i found out that they went toHere in germany i’m here because my dad is statined here he’s in ther army and we live in Mannhiem Germany which is a couple of hours away from munich and i got soooo furious but i’m trying to see if there going to be here any other time during this year.


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