So What’s All The Screaming About?

TWILIGHT NEWS Twilight News UK caught up with Rob Pattinson on the black carpet (they don’t do red in the UK) and asked him, ‘When you walk into a room now, do you feel out of place now if no one screams at you?’  

He laughed and said, ‘It’s really weird.  You run a website, can you ask the readers this question? Did people scream while reading the books?  I want to know!’

So Rob asked, let him know.


  1. Yes. Yes, I did. Well, not screamed, EXACTLY. But I don’t scream, EVER. So what I did counts. =]

    You know, grinning from ear to ear compulsively until my face hurt, sudden exclamations, yelling @ the characters when they did something stupid (I still need my mouth washed out w/ soap for what I said when SPOILER Jacob & Bella kissed in Eclipse.Sorry. Not on Team Jacob. SPOILER)

    Shut up.

  2. Like Caleb, I didn’t scream, but I’m almost 40. I did get excited in my reading and at times my husband would want to know why I had started reading out loud, or why I was sitting in my chair with the book and grinning from ear to ear, laughing, or hold the book out and say “WHAT is she… or WHAT is he…?” So didn’t scream like they do at Rob, but Rob brings Edward to life so that is the difference. I’m team Switzerland, Loved Edward for Bella, but loved Jacob (just not for Bella, for someone else – an imprint).

  3. I definitely screamed a few times… and almost hurled Breaking Dawn across the room in disgust.

  4. yeah, I screamed.

  5. I don’t scream in books. I cried in the second book when he left her, but that’s just because the pain was so real. The only other time I get upset or angry in a book is when a child get hurts. If they kill a child or do anything harmful to a child in a book, more than likely I will stop reading it or get so pissed off that I have to finish it to know the person was caught. Anyway, no I did not scream in the Twilight books. And no I would not scream at Pattinson. Wouldn’t a normal person be to blown away by him to scream? I would be at least…

  6. No, I didn’t scream. The occasional squeal escaped my lips, but scream, no.

  7. I didn’t scream while reading the books,I did laugh uncontrollably.and cry a bit.and grin until my cheek muscles ache.and swoon a lot.

    I screamed at the movies.because Edward in my mind+Rob= 😀

    And don’t forget Jackson Rathbone.And Peter.And Kellan.And Taylor. (Oh yes,I am grinning like an idiot right now.)

  8. La tua Cantante says

    Um I am 33 and i have to admit while reading the books i probably did some sort of excited screaming at some points. Not like really loud or anything,actually probably ALOT of gasping,some louder than others,and maybe some exciting yelps.hahahaha.
    BUT i would NEVER be able to be one of those fans waiting for Rob at one of his things and screaming in anticipation for him at the top of my lungs. I would probably just be frozen.hahaha
    Plus i wouldnt want to be stampeded upon.

  9. i did scream! in all the books i would scream at the book actually. in twilight when it was taking edward so long to tell bella or in port angeles when she was about to attack and she didn’t run. in new moon when edward left! that was a huge one. or in eclipse when she kissed jacob and wouldn’t stop. breaking dawn too! when jacob couldn’t convince her not to have reneseme. there were plenty of times. of course, it wasn’t the wild scream girls do for rob.

  10. Of course I screamed!!! Only the first time Edward touched Bella and every time after that throughout the entire series!!! And through the entire meadow scene!!!

  11. I would classify what your hearing a squealing, not screaming. Screaming suggests rage and anger, squealing suggests delight and happiness. Anyhow, no out right “screaming” while reading. I did say “no!” and “you’ve got to be kidding me” out loud several times. The people around me were growing concerned. I think I was most outwardly verbal with New Moon and Breaking Dawn. Immensley enjoyed all 4 books though. Can’t wait for the 4th one to come to the screen. And for the record, the bulk of the people screaming at you are adolescents and they don’t have any more sense than a 3 year old throwing a tantrum in the presence of a celeb. It’s not their fault, it has more to do with their heightened and displaced hormones. I highly doubt the TwiMoms are screaming or sqealing at you. Enjoy the ride and appreciate the trip. XOXO~Megan

  12. I definitely squealed a lot! 🙂

  13. Devon061381 says

    ha! I never screamed. I squealed when I read them, yelled when I was pissed and let obscenities fly when need be, cried, grinned like a fool, etc. I would never scream in person either – I’m 27, and screaming is for annoying teen fan girls. If I ever met Rob at a Twilight function of sorts I would try to be normal, maybe freeze up. But yes I would try to just be normal. He’s a normal guy who happens to have a very cool job and “is” Edward Cullen on screen for all of us. I am excited to see more of Rob’s work 🙂

  14. I did scream three times but I GIGGLED ALOT AND FANGIRLED !!!! I LOVE THESE BOOKS SOOOO MUCH !!!

  15. Actually, I think I DID. Not a full scream, but lost of gasps and OMGosh. Definitely out loud tho’.

  16. That’s rude to throw Breaking Dawn even if I hated it I WOULD NEVER DO THAT !!!!

  17. I think when reading a book….its more like internal screaming!! Its from being excited that the book is now a film that people are screaming! Rob just happens to be nice looking and in the movie! LOL!

  18. livvycullen says

    ummm no i didnt scream at the books i got so wrapped up in them tht sometimes i think i almost forgot to breath lol 😛 i did have tears and would have to try to hold in my giggles while i was reading breaking dawn at 2 am. my parents probably wouldnt have appreciated being woken up by my ridiculous sounds heheehee!! when i was reading the books i would get so into them so wen i had to get up my head would feel very thick!! i think my family probably thought i was in a trance hahhahaahhaha but thts just me!!! 🙂

  19. i dont scream during the book, but i do squeel and laugh loudly and cry and randomly smile hugely. my family thinks im crazy but my twifriends are the same!

  20. Huh? The UK doesn’t do red carpets?
    I swear we do…

    I grinned, but never actually screamed.

  21. I’m 26 and yes i screamed, squealed, and cried throughout the whole series. My kids thought i was crazy and my husband asked what was all the fuss about. Of course after he read the books he fell in love to, but there was no screaming from him more like scowls and a lot of profanity. By the way I’m TEAM EDWARD!! and he’s TEAM JACOB. Imagine the arguments we had!!

  22. We do do red carpets in the UK. Just happens that the 2 premieres Ive been to had green (Prince Caspian) and black (Twilight) carpets

  23. Yes! I definately screamed while reading the books! not to mention, I bounced around, squeeled, yelled and cried aswell. If i ever meet Rob, for his sake i won’t scream, but i will jump up and down until i can be alone and scream! lol. We just luv Rob bcuz he is literally a dream come true. You hav brought our hott character to life and we luv u for it!!!! that’s why we scream! we cant help it.

  24. I didn’t scream, but i swooned, laughed, cried, and had squeaks come out. I loved all the books the author is extremely talented.

  25. It’s more of a squeal, but yes, I do!

  26. I didn’t scream at the books but I wouldn’t scream at Rob either. I’m a giggler LOL

  27. I most definitely screamed!, and cried, and laughed hysterically, and talked to the books like the characters could hear me and would do what i wanted them to. i think my parents probably thought i was clinicaly ill from my trans-like state and sudden outbursts of laughter. my mom now understands though because i got her to read them, and my gramma, yes, gramma!When my mom was reading the books i basically sat on top of her and read along, and screamed and laughed and cied all over again.
    by the way, i definitely love edward more for bella, but i love jacob just as much, and i have to say i can’t wait till new moon when jacob cuts his hair, because i couldn’t stand taylor lautner with his long wig.

  28. I didn’t actually scream at the books. I had BUTTERFLIES often, and my husband gets a kick when I giggle out loud. Especially since I’ve read them so many times.
    There HAVE been moments when pictures of Rob appeared and I almost slid out of my chair! WOW! I probably would scream at him, more like whoo I’m actually seeing him in person. NOT fangirl whoo, I wish he’d bite me!

  29. I didn’t really scream. I would squeal or growl…I think that is what you would call it. I was just always really really excited when I was reading, so it’s not just Rob even though he did help it. But, the books started it.

  30. I screamed in New Moon, when Edward left Bella because i was so mad at him

  31. i giggled, cried, laughed, gasped… scream? no my house is too quiet and i would end up scaring everyone around lol

  32. runswithvampires says

    hmm… screamed when the trailer came out…
    cried durring new moon from the loss of edward,
    and the bordem w/out edward…
    i think i screamed when i got Breaking Dawn,
    and Eclipse too.

  33. Edwardbitespillow says

    haha yea i screamed…but only when they kissed for the first time in Twilight, when Edward left in New Moon(but a bad scream), when Edward came back:), when Edward came home early from a hunting trip to see Bella at his house and they “cuddled”, when they got married, Bella had Rennesme, and when Breaking Dawn ended.

  34. Edwardbitespillow says

    but i would never scream in Robs face though if i ever met him…i would go somewhere alone and start hyperventalating lol

  35. Devon061381 says

    Yowzers. Billy’s looking pretty damn hot there, I must say. Thanks for posting that!

  36. No, i didn’t scream and I don’t think i would if i saw Robbert Patiinson. I would be really happy and have a gigantic smile on my face. Oh in the books i usually had a smile on my face or like in New Moon, i cried. lol.

  37. JaspersFangirl says

    No i don’t scream i giggle and have a big stupid grin on my face. My friends are use to it now, they are like oh great she reading it again

  38. I never screamed while reading the books, but at times my jaw dropped and I said things out loud like, “Holy ****!”. I’d never scream at Rob, either. I was pretty excited while I watched the movie, though. Some girls in the audience were squealing and whatnot when Edward first appeared on screen, so I shouted “Baby!” just to make my friends laugh. I can otherwise control myself. =)

  39. i wouldnt scream if i met rob or if he just walked into the room. i may freeze in shock but not scream. but i definitely was rendered speachless during the book. i might however scream if taylor lautner walked into the room…

  40. Twifanatic Amanda says

    I only screamed when Bella willingly kissed Jacob in Eclipse and in pretty much every chapter in Breaking Dawn.

  41. Uh, yeah I screamed once. Mostly squeals, squeaks, laughs and the occasional talking to myself about it:)

  42. no i did not scream however i was smiling it.s just nice to put some real romance back where it belongs instead of bed yeah i said it i am 48 so i know what i am talking about been married 30 years and they forget what romance is or don,t care but i like the dream world better then the real one

  43. I laugh and blush more than anything when I read the book…

    we scream because we’re excited and because it incredibly contagious!

    when we count down the hours to the day we finally get to meet Rob, the excitement just builds and builds and when we finally do see him…what else can we do?? its really hard not to especially if there are about a hundred other girls screaming around you, lol


  45. arielkid78 says

    While reading the books it was more like… grinning from ear to ear, squeel, and giggle. My husband was having fun watching me while I was reading. My daughter made fun of me, when I cried in New Moon after Edward left. She knew exactly what my reaction was going to be. So we were laughing and crying at the same time, and so hard until my ribs hurt.

    We went to see Rob at the Austin Film Festival, we were giddy before he arrived because we wanted to get in the theater and we were bored. I would never scream at him, I am older so I can control my emotions better. But for the Twilight books sometimes I wish I could have the excuse of the “young and inexperience” and just scream like crazy!

  46. Claire Ateara says

    I talk to my books, for SURE! And, I cry and laugh and… ok, squeal, lol.

    Twilight is still the best book series I’ve ever read–and I read A LOT of books–though it kinda makes me sad it’s so popular now… It’s like when you really like a band and then are kinda annoyed when they get popular, because they’re not as special… *sighs* Oh well. It won’t stop me from loving them! 😀

  47. oh yes, I screamed a lot. Mostly I cried, swooned, hyperventilated, laughed, and a lot of the time spent my reading time attempting not to scream out loud in class, so squealing had to do the job for those times. I remember screaming/crying really hard in the middle of the mall the first time I read the bit of New Moon when Edward leaves, though. So I guess I did a lot of screaming. ^^’

  48. It’s really hard NOT to scream/squeal/yell/smile when reading the series. I mean, we’re all so devoted, it’s such a natrual reaction.

    Like I find myself yelling at the characters in the book, like that will change anything.

    And I laugh out loud all the time. I WILL be sitting in a public place and just start cracking up and people will give me that ‘crazy’ stare…


  49. Haha! YEA
    Twilight : not so much
    New Moon: I threw the book when Edward left and didnt touch it for a week
    Eclipse: YEA! BELLA WAS MAKING ME MAD! Why chose Jacob over Edward yesh
    Breaking Dawn: yup 😀

  50. When I started reading Twilight I, like Rob had NO idea how huge it was. As soon as Bella sees the Cullens in the cafateria, I was undoubtable HOOKED on the book that I could not put it down! I have NEVER been so engrossed in a book in my life.

    I found myself not only feeling happy, excited, sad, and frustrated. I not only did I scream, swoon and squirm when reading the books but I aslo cried.

    So you can let Rob know that my husband would rush into our bedroom late at night, thinking I had a nightmare, only to find that I was screaming because I was so excided or frustrated with the book.

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