Twilight Christmas Tree

The lovely ladies from the SLTA have decorated a Twilight themed Christmas Tree for charity.  Check out the article in the Dessert News and see the pictures below


This just in from Dano: 

A VERY generous donation of $4,000 purchased “A Cullen Christmas” tree. It was more than we ever imagined we’d earn for the hospital.

The ladies of the SLTA set to work to find the perfect gifts for our favorite characters

  • Bella – A Camera and a Scrapbook
  • Edward – An Electric Piano
  • Carlisle – The game Operation
  • Esme – A Pink tool set
  • Emmet – A bear rug and a red toy jeep
  • Rosalie – A silver-plated vanity set complete with brush, comb, and mirror
  • Alice – A Magic 8 Ball
  • Jasper – Books on the Civil War along with a baseball and bat
  • Charlie – A Fishing Pole
  • Rene – The Host autographed by Stephenie Meyer, and a gift certificate from the Kings English Bookstore
  • Renesme – The complete works of Shakespeare and Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice
  • Jacob – A tool box, a work light, and work gloves.
  • The Volturri – The board game Risk
  • In addition to the character presents we had many wonderful donations to add to the presents under the tree.
  • Infinite Jewelry donated the Official Bella’s Bracelet and Engagement Ring.
  • Twilight Teez donated the Edward “bite me” baseball cap and the Jacob “Hot Dog” Beanie Hat
  • The Forks Chamber of Commerce provided a Forks Washington Baseball cap
  • Forks Outfitters sent a Forks Spartan Sweatshirt
  • Brent Neilson hand carved the beautiful Queen and Pawn Chess pieces for the Twilight Saga book ends
  • Shauna Call worked tirelessly on the tree skirt which is actually a twin size quilt with the four book cover designs.
  • A La Push Hoodie jacket, a Forks T-shirt, a Team Edward Purse, and a plush penguin doll, the Twilight 2009 Calendar, and a Twilight Movie poster, and a “Dear Santa Vampires Believe” cookie plate completed the delights under the tree.


  1. Ohhh Nice I love in SLC !!! I’ll check it out !! BUt I really hope they do a Hot Topic New Moon tour and they actually come out to Utah !!

  2. Some one should make a new shirt – Dear Santa, Vampires believe.

    Awesome – how can you win it?

  3. Ooo thats so awesome!
    I wish i had that tree and all the really great gifts underneath it 😉
    great job to everyone involved, it came out really good =]

  4. aww, what a nice way to donate to charity 😀

  5. Yay!! I live right by that place!! I’m going to go there this weekend, for sure. 🙂
    And tw, yes, I hope they come to Utah! I know I’d go!
    GO UTAHNS!!!

  6. Krys (slc) says

    Yay that is the coolest tree Ever!! I love the Festival of Trees! I go every year!! I’m so gonna check that out!

  7. Hey i live in Salt Lake and going to the festival of trees on friday and cant wait to see that tree! 🙂 Wish i could have bought it!

  8. Wow…that is just…wow…
    That tree is made of awesome!

  9. wow that’s so clever. i wonder what’s the total cost

  10. that is incredible. I wonder how much it’ll go for??
    I’m betting a couple of thousand dollars.

  11. wow
    that’s pretty amazing : )

  12. I saw this today at the Festival of Trees! It was even cooler in person- you get to see all the little touches & it was just brilliantly done. Really the best one there (in my humble opinion)! Great job ladies!

  13. I mean I live in SLC haha I BET IT WAS THE COOLEST !! NICE JOB SLC !!

  14. Yay! i love this..we should do something like this as a twilight online community..

  15. Wow, that;s awesome! They should bring something like this to California, then I’d get my fix. It would be so cool if they turned the big tree in San Francisco into a Twilight tree. Ahhhhh…… A girl can only dream….. 😀

  16. R Cullen (for edward only) says

    OMG…..everything is just awsome……i think that kit thing for Rosalie is just hilarious!!…
    by th way…can we get this stuff???
    i would lik to order all of these things plz….hehe

  17. I love how the volturi are getting risk haha. very cute =)

  18. A VERY generous donation of $4,000 purchased “A Cullen Christmas” tree. It was more than we ever imagined we’d earn for the hospital.

  19. That is so amazing. What a great idea.

  20. “Wow, that;s awesome! They should bring something like this to California, then I’d get my fix. It would be so cool if they turned the big tree in San Francisco into a Twilight tree. Ahhhhh…… A girl can only dream….. ”

    I think the massive tree in Union Square would look b.a. Twilight-ed. :]

  21. inspiredbytwilight says

    Great job SLTA! What a great way to support a worthy cause.

  22. I saw this last night at the Festival opening! I totally FREAKED OUT. It is SO COOL in person!!
    Major kudos to the SLCTA for their B-A-UTIFUL decorating job!

  23. these are the greatest gift ideas for the characters!!

  24. That is so awesome!

  25. That is absolutely WONDERFUL!! The tree is beautiful and the thought and spirit behind this is completely heartwarming. This is a GREAT story and congratulations to those that donated their time and talents for such a worthy cause!

  26. Twilight Nymph says

    wow, that’s awesome. I was actually thinking about this on Tuesday while I was decorating my tree, how cool it would be if I could make it Twilight themed. Yet, they would never let me do that in my parent’s house have to wait till I get my own place. Hopefully by next year.

  27. would be perfect if it had a sparkly vamp under it with a big red bow! (OME)

  28. Wacko_Fan13 says

    lol, the Volturri get risk. thats soo perfect!

  29. Miss Temple says

    I really like the things they chose for the characters. ^^
    But what is the SLTA anyway? I’ve never heard this.

    ~~They are the Salt Lake Twilighters Anonymous – a group of about 25 LDS ladies from the Lex who meet about once a month to talk about Twilight. They are led by Danonbanano of the furry werewolf barbie fame and include recognizable members like Nena_Cullen, sprtygrl, jenni_elyse, shoppingwithalice, geographee, variety, and the ladies from Infinite Jewelry. There are tons more, but I don’t think I have enough space to list them all!

  30. Miss Temple says

    Sounds cool, they really did a great job! Thanks for the explanation! 🙂

  31. alice_is_my_homegirl52995 says

    That is so amazingly cool! I wish I could have gotten it! 😀

  32. twilightened says

    This is a cool thing. The Parade of Trees benefits Primary Children’s hospital, the premier children’s hospital in the Intermountain West. Church groups, families, clubs, etc. put these trees together then take them to the Parade of trees where they set them up. The exhibit is open to the public and last time I went there were about a thousand different trees, all decorated differently. Then businesses and private individuals come through and bid on the trees, with all the proceeds going to Primary Children’s hospital. Most of the trees end up in business offices through the Salt Lake Valley and Northern Utah.

    I got to work on a tree for our church group a few years ago. We hand made all of the ornaments, and the tree was auctioned off for $1,800. It was really a neat experience.

    Congratulations SL Twilighters Anonymous, that was a really great looking tree and it went for a great price. It makes me feel proud to see some of our Twilighters getting involved in worthwhile projects for the benefit of others.

  33. Awww, that was absolutely cute and generous.

  34. Edwardbitespillow says

    omg thats so cute……can we do something like that?

  35. Kenneth Cullen says

    OMG that tree is just a mirical I would have payed more to have it…I love the BD Chess peices, i wonder where the found them that big?

  36. The link says “Dessert News,” it’s Deseret…

    I just love it.I wish I could go there and take a picture of the tree.

  38. Thanks for all your praises. It was a fun tree to do. My dad cut the chess pieces from wood, then we painted and glittered them. I had to hand paint the red on the white tulips. Choosing the gifts for the characters was the best part for me. And for those interested, I’m putting together the quilt pattern for the twin quilt that I made to use as the tree skirt. I’ll hopefully get the word out when it is done.

  39. look spectacular! and for an absolutely wonderful cause. so don’t get me wrong, but Operation? haha what a slap to the face.

  40. CullenWannaB says

    We had so much fun with this tree. Thank you Dano for the idea. What you can’t see in the picture is an ornament in the back of two penguins. We thought those who know the books and noticed would get a kick out of it.

  41. Thanks everyone for your kind comments. It was so great to do something to give back to the community. Way for Twilight.

  42. There were a few different Twilight-themed trees there, but this one was incredible! There was a huge crowd gathered around it gasping and taking pictures of it when I was there yesterday – even the men were impressed. Beautiful job, ladies, and awesome that it raised so much money.

  43. Ah~man~duh!!! says

    ahaha i love the volturi’s
    the board game risk

  44. Esme Isle Dreamer says

    I saw the tree, in person. It was beautiful and the gifts under the tree are very clever. I had to take pictures with it. It was definitely the best of all the Twilight themed trees. It was a crowd pleaser. My favorite is the platter with the “Dear Santa, Vampires Believe”. I may use that on my Twilight themed Christmas card. Great job and it goes to a wonderful cause!

  45. the tree would be perfect with bella and edward on it

  46. you have a wonderful site!


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