Twilight Christmas Tree

The lovely ladies from the SLTA have decorated a Twilight themed Christmas Tree for charity.  Check out the article in the Dessert News and see the pictures below


This just in from Dano: 

A VERY generous donation of $4,000 purchased “A Cullen Christmas” tree. It was more than we ever imagined we’d earn for the hospital.

The ladies of the SLTA set to work to find the perfect gifts for our favorite characters

  • Bella – A Camera and a Scrapbook
  • Edward – An Electric Piano
  • Carlisle – The game Operation
  • Esme – A Pink tool set
  • Emmet – A bear rug and a red toy jeep
  • Rosalie – A silver-plated vanity set complete with brush, comb, and mirror
  • Alice – A Magic 8 Ball
  • Jasper – Books on the Civil War along with a baseball and bat
  • Charlie – A Fishing Pole
  • Rene – The Host autographed by Stephenie Meyer, and a gift certificate from the Kings English Bookstore
  • Renesme – The complete works of Shakespeare and Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice
  • Jacob – A tool box, a work light, and work gloves.
  • The Volturri – The board game Risk
  • In addition to the character presents we had many wonderful donations to add to the presents under the tree.
  • Infinite Jewelry donated the Official Bella’s Bracelet and Engagement Ring.
  • Twilight Teez donated the Edward “bite me” baseball cap and the Jacob “Hot Dog” Beanie Hat
  • The Forks Chamber of Commerce provided a Forks Washington Baseball cap
  • Forks Outfitters sent a Forks Spartan Sweatshirt
  • Brent Neilson hand carved the beautiful Queen and Pawn Chess pieces for the Twilight Saga book ends
  • Shauna Call worked tirelessly on the tree skirt which is actually a twin size quilt with the four book cover designs.
  • A La Push Hoodie jacket, a Forks T-shirt, a Team Edward Purse, and a plush penguin doll, the Twilight 2009 Calendar, and a Twilight Movie poster, and a “Dear Santa Vampires Believe” cookie plate completed the delights under the tree.