First Report from London

Maggie just called from London and asked us to post this:

As I approached Leicester Square I could hear the crowd from three blocks away and was not disappointed with the fan enthusiasm in the UK.  Catherine, Rob, and Kristen all looked great.  Catherine excited, Rob manically running around, and Kristen freezing but all happy and energized.  The folks from Nokia are brilliant and I will have a full report up soon. 


Be sure to check back here and Maggie’s blog tomorrow for more updates!



  1. I can`t wait to see the premiere`s report!

  2. livvycullen says

    hahahaha rob manically running around awwww but still sounded kinda funny lol sorry ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. cool

  4. it seems Maggie’s a born writer ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Can’t wait to see the full report!

  6. Robert manically running around.

    Nice. That’s nice.

    Good to hear Kristen and Catherine are happy and excited!

  7. i liked the dress Kristen was wearing =]
    and rob…looking as sexy as ever ^^

  8. yay. i want to go. i keep forgetting that rpattz is originally from the uk.

  9. Cant wait!!! Thanks for being our eyes!!

  10. I was there too! I had to be in London today for a meeting and decided to pop by Leister Square to see when the premiere would start. It was bloody cold!! People were lining up around 4pm and stayed until 6:15ish when they started to arrive. I don’t know how Kristen Stewart managed to wear a dress in that weather. It was about the temperature of my refrigerator. I had to leave to make it in time for my meeting, so alas, I missed the arrivals by about 5 mins. I could hear the cheering all the way by the tube station though.

  11. Wish I was there. So badly.

  12. R Cullen (for edward only) says

    JUST WANT TO BE THERE!!!!!!!!!!
    Rob….i only think og him as EDWARD!!!..nothing else
    everyone is just awsome@!!!!!

  13. I was there and it was insane!!! Catherine said that the LA one bombed compared to the London one ๐Ÿ˜› Rob was within a metre of me, Catherine signed my book, and Kristen waved to me and my friends when she was leaving in her car.
    Some people were really awful though. As in = the fans. I totally understand why they were so excited, but was it really necessary to blow fag smoke in our faces in attempt to make us move (didnt work), knot up my hair in anger because i didnt move, and kick me because I wouldnt move. I didnt move. Sorry, if you want to be at the front (i was 2 people back) people should get there earlier, not beat up those with better time management.
    Also, only Catherine, Rob and Kristen turned up…o and another crew person who did work off screen…which was kinda disappointing. Still worth it though XD


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