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Let’s make sure that Twilight has a great weekend. Get those people who haven’t yet seen Twilight to a theater and then hook them on the books!  Here is the latest from Box Office Mojo.  Let’s get it to that 150 million this weekend.

Also, for those of you who are dying to have the DVD, this is just in from Naomi who stumbled on Twilight info at her local video store.

I was at my local mall today, scouting out new Twilight merchandise, when I decided to check out FYE. I went straight to the posters that were displayed and there, taped to the display, was a sign that read "PREORDER TWILIGHT TODAY! COMING IN 2009." I literally ran up to the counter and asked the lady to fill me in. She told me that I could pre-order it by putting $5 down on the dvd, and when it came in, they’d call. I asked when it was coming in and she replied around Valentine’s Day (February 14th). Also (and I don’t know if this is just at my local FYE or at others too), the woman told me that she was having a contest to win a special Twilight prize. To win, all you have to do is pre-order the DVD.
Oh, and they have 2 different versions of the DVD coming out: a regular (estimated at $19.99) and a special edition (estimated at $22.99).


  1. EEEEEEEEEKKKK YAY!!! ONLY 2 MONTHS!!! I soooo can’t wait to get the SPECIAL EDITION!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€

  2. OMG that’s great news! So soon!

  3. christine says:

    can’t wait!

  4. February?! That doesn’t seem right. Since when do they put movies out on dvd 2 months after it releases in theaters? Won’t it still be in the theaters then? (maybe dollar theaters) Plus, aren’t there some countries that have to wait that long to see it in the theater? I don’t know, but that doesn’t sound reasonable. Maybe the lady she talked to didn’t know what she was talking about.

  5. Devon061381 says:

    Yeah…February sounds waaaaaaay early for a DVD release…wasn’t there something last week that they were looking at possible April DVD release? I could have sworn I saw that somewhere. I don’t think they have a set date yet.

    Me thinks FYE is trying to increase their holiday profits by taking advantage (early) of Twilighters…

    I really think they’d not release it until at least they start shooting New Moon.

    Speaking of New Moon, I think I found a perfect song to be used when Edward leaves Bella, for the movie. It’s called “Should You Return” by Copeland. It’s just perfect. With her wandering off into the forest then…it has a haunting/sweeping quality to it. Oh how I wish they would take fan suggestions for the New Moon soundtrack…not that I don’t like the Twilight one, I love it.

  6. rebelangel says:

    is the special edition the blue-ray???

  7. Devon061381 says:

    “Special edition” constitutes that it has extras that the standard version does not (music videos, cast interviews, director’s cut, etc.). Blue-Ray is just another format…like DVD…but it’s just high-definition. That doesn’t make BR “special edition”….

  8. Devon061381 says:

    In addition, and I could be very wrong about this since I don’t own any Blue-Ray, but I’m pretty sure that Blue-Ray discs are not given two versions, like DVDs are (standard vs. special edition). I believe most Blue-Rays that are released now (as most, if not all, movies now are released on both DVD and Blue-Ray automatically) always come with all of the extras; I don’t think there is a “standard” plain-jane version for Blue-Ray.

  9. rebelangel says:

    awesome, thanks devon!

  10. Woo, that’s hella early.
    If it’s right, it’s in time for my birthday.

    And no, blue ray doesn’t have a ‘special edition’ of anything – it already comes special-ed.

    It seems a little odd that it’s so early, but the movie itself did have a pretty fast turnaround. Filmed early this year, out by November?

    We’ll just have to see, won’t we? ^^

  11. Wow! I’m on the Lexicon!!!

    Sorry, had to do that. But that’s what the lady at FYE said. I couldn’t believe it myself!

    I suggest you all ask the FYE employees yourself.

  12. That would be WAY cool!! AH! I want that dvd SO MUCH!!


  13. I heard a lot of the other fansites are promoting everyone go and see Twilight again in theaters on the original release date of December 12. I thought it was a cute idea, and I plan to go with a bunch of friends. Maybe it’s something you wouuld like to promote, too! Just a thought.

  14. miharuskii says:

    I am going to see it for my b-day on sunday (3rd time and the only movie I’ve seen in theaters 3 times)

  15. I seriously doubt the DVD will be released that soon. However, if it’s true I’ll just have to throw a party!!!! I was bracing myself a loooong wait… πŸ™‚
    I’ve seen it 6 times and I think I might go for 7 later this afternoon.

  16. i want to see it again in theaters but cant find people to go with me anymore… guess i have to roll solo to see edward..

  17. BlueStarlight says:

    Usually they wait 6 months or longer to release the DVD. I don’t really care when it comes out, I’m buying it- the special edition, DEFINITELY!!!!

  18. lirael cullen says:

    hahah that is so awesome!

  19. I don’t believe that. The film will be in theaters straight through January. June would be the earliest we would could reasonable hope for the DVD release. Example. The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian was released in theaters in May, and it has a December DVD release.
    This story would be wonderful if it were true, but all I know that is happening in February in regards to the Twilight saga is New Moon is slated to start pre-production.

  20. OME i’m really crying.

  21. It’s really good that it’s coming out so soon! But I’m guessing the release date will be different in the UK…

  22. Hmm…doesn’t sound right. Two months after the cinematic release. If it is true I’ll be mightily disappointed. I was gonna hope that they would’ve put some New Moon Teaser on (first footage, behind the scenes, uncut scene etc). I mean that doesn’t shoot until March is it?!
    Still it would be good to have Twilight on DVD early. Although the release date will be like a month or so later in Ireland πŸ™
    Still have to wait for it to hit theatres.

    I really hope they have a WORLDWIDE release date for NEW MOON and not this having to wait for weeks after America (and some other countries too to see it). I suppose I’m lucky in a sense. Isn’t there one or two countries who have to wait until January to see it!

  23. I love the idea of a February release, but I don’t see it happening before April. Movies that released in July are just now starting to hit DVD – so a solid 5 to 6 months sounds normal.

    And I hope that there is a ton of BONUS stuff on the deluxe version. I want every cut / extended scene possible. Music videos, bloopers and commentary would be nice too.

    And New Moon is already in pre-production. If the SAG (Screen Actors Guild) strike holds off they are looking to start preliminary filming in March.

  24. has a place where you can pre-order it too. THey don’t have a release date. I don’t think Feb. is right though. I’m thinking more around Summer. Thats how movies go. Theaters in winter = DVD in Summer and vice versa.

  25. FEBURARY?! As nice as that is for someone who has only seen this amazing movie once, that’s really soon. They need to take their time.
    I was expecting maybe March or April, but, goodness, Feburary?

    And that special edition? Is MINE. I don’t care if I have to beg. Or pay for it myself. It’s mine mine mine. I must see all the special features. I MUST OWN THEM. I hope they have bloopers! How I love bloopers. And if they show Rob falling off the bed? I will die. Aw! And I think out of everything I want? If there’s an extended director’s cut of this movie, I will SCREAM! In joy.

    DVD FTW.


  26. doesnt the dark knight DVD get out this month? didnt it get release on july? dats like 4 months and a few weeks:–WS—2-Discs—Steelbook—Special-Edition—f-y-e–Exclusive–Movies_stcVVproductId54879259VVcatId455376VVviewprod.htm

    & twilight is not on their website… =[ i wish it were true tho for valentines day dat be PERFECT!!!

  27. I could have sworn I read somewhere that Catherine said early spring for release of the DVD and that she has already been working on it.

  28. Sex and the City was released on DVD almost exactly 4 months after it released in the theatre(May to September). So February sounds a little early, but I would think late March or early April is definitely possible.

  29. Alu Rathbone says:

    I think sweeney todd came out in November or early december of last year and was out in late March early April… so it is possible for the movie to be release as early as February. American release of films to dvd are always before other countries… and i mean the american made films. Harry Potter movies come out any where from two weeks to about a month before america dvd releases of the movie in the UK.

    And if twilight is released around Valentines day that means birthday present for me! YAY… Feb. 15 people! lol… I can’t wait to have the movie!

    But again… I also think February is a bit early… wonder if it will be available as a digital copy as well…

    Lets just be happy it isn’t an independent film… Pray For Morning (JACKSON RATHBONE!!!!!!!) was made in 2006 and wasn’t released to DVD till about mid July 2008… and I still had to order it off of Best Buys website.

  30. stupidshinyvolvo_owner says:

    you have to think about that their different production companies right?

    so it’s a possibility that it may come out in feb… but i’m thinking april …

  31. Yes, there is another website asking everyone to go see Twilight again on the origanl release date 12/12…It would awesome to get alot of people to go…I KNOW I WILL!! πŸ™‚

  32. Edwardbitespillow says:


  33. runswithvampires says:

    sooooooooo getting that!
    whered u put down the money????
    that is soo early 2!

  34. I really don’t think that information accurate. That FYE worker must have been mistaken. According to it’s not supposed to come out until April. Think about it. It’s only December right now, most popular movies spend at least 2-3 months in the theater. The DVD is supposed to magically appear right after the movie leaves theaters?

  35. definately getting special edition.

  36. Love.Bite says:


    -sigh- Well, I waited this long for the movie, so I can wait this long again…-checks time- Is it time yet?

    As for the money, I’m sure I’ll be able to let my mom cough up 10 or 20 bucks, and I’ll pay the rest. -fangirl squeal- I can’t wait! XD

  37. Now that I think about it, it is pretty early. But I kinda want it out then and kinda not. Translation: I want as many extras on the dvd as possible!

    I’ll keep the Lexicon posted if anything changes. And ill check back at my FYE store to make sure its confirmed.

  38. Ah Yay! thanks for this =]
    That special edition DVD is mine! no way am i buying just the reg.
    i thought it was coming out in March, this is way better ^^

  39. bumblebee33 says:

    it sounds too early yo be true, but if it is true, i’m cool with that. haha i’d die, valentines day is 5 days after my birthday!!! and must have the special edition too. there better be some funny outtakes.

  40. While I would love for this to be true (and I haven’t read thru all the comments), videos are usually released on Tuesday & 2/14/09 is a Friday. Another Website had it listed as April 2009.

  41. Twilight Moms is rallying everyone to go see the movie on December 12. I think we should all go on that day. HOW COOL WOULD IT BE TO MAKE TWILIGHT #1 AGAIN because we all go see it on the same day! It would really demonstrate the power of the fandom!

  42. Brittiany says:

    YAY!!!! What a perfect Valentines Day present!!! Who cares if its so soon? The sooner the better!

  43. only two months?!!

  44. If it does get released in February it would be perfectly in time for my birthday.But I think that would be unfair for all the other international fans who didn’t even get to see Twilight in theatres yet.

  45. Omgosh!!! :O
    eep, this is so exicting!
    2 months! ahhh! πŸ˜‰
    Cant Waiit! Special Edition…Whoot! ;D

  46. This information can not be correct that is really early for a movie to come out. I would say the person was getting ripped off. Also I was watching an interview with the director and she said that the special edition dvd will be two discs and that it has deleted and extended scenes. She said that there are like close to 12 different scenes that they put on there and she is including a lot of stuff and she is hoping there will be a music video. She said that there will be interviews and all that good stuff. To those of you who have read Midnight Sun or at least know what it is Stephenie gave a copy to the director and Rob so they could get a better feel for Edward. Catherine said that in the special features disc she is including a never before seen clip that they did out of Midnight Sun. It will be interesting which clip and to see if Stephenie finishes that story. I hope so.

  47. I agree with Cynthia, VideoETA gives an estimate of April…sounds a bit more correct. I WISH it were true though that it would be available in February – but hey, more time for me to finish teh books.

  48. The movie was awesome. i personally think whoever is puttin it on d.v.d is waitin a little too long, but ohwell… haha, cant wait.


  49. SunCoast is doing the same thing for pre-orders. I paid the $5 fee and reserve the special edtion one the day it hit theaters. Plus while suppiles last they’re giving away “Team Edward” or Team Jacob” window decals when you reserve your copy. They also have the same est. release date of Feb 2009.


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