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The LA Times covers vacations that are Twilight themed (book and movie)in the Pacific Northwest. explores the multiple people playing Dali this year, including Rob. Plus IF Magazine covers the Little Ashes trailer.

Entertainment Weekly provides a double dose of Twilight Saga tidbits. First they talk about the box office, and secondly they speculate on the Volturi in New Moon casting. Some of their picks are a little…well…odd, but at least they read the next book.

Can Mag has an interview with Peter Facinelli.


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  2. As much as I like her I think Kristin Chenoweth is much to old to play Jane I imagined her to be in the 9-12 age range!

  3. angelique says:

    i always imagined jodelle ferland as jane. she’s got that cute but kinda evil thing abt her

  4. I see Tobin Bell (Jigsaw from the Saw series) as Aro… Especially here

    And I always saw Dakota Fanning as Jane.

  5. Horrible casting..seriously? They are all way too old. Jane is around 12 in the book. And the men are way toooo old and not attractive at all. ughhh.

  6. Ashley G. says:

    OMG….i have come to the conclusion that they are INSANE

  7. Cillian Murphy as one of the 3 voluri bigshots and Michelle Williams as Jane. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. *Volturi* sorry.

  9. yourbrandofheroin says:

    ya all the Twilight vocations sound fun, but at the same time it sucks how so many people are trying to bank on us fans…so not cool!

  10. proud_twihard says:

    okay, even though she is WAY too old to play Jane, I love Kristin so much that if they cast her it would be the best day of my life.

  11. I think they should cast much more young people.Especially for Jane because technically she’s a child.

  12. Grace_Masen says:

    There is a young actress named Madeline Carroll, who played Kevin Costner’s daughter in Swing Vote. She’s only twelve, but she seems much older and uncannily mature in her acting. I think she would make a wonderful Jane. As for the rest of the casting, I would love to see them go just slightly older with most of the Volturi. Maybe mid-30’s to early 40’s. I’m still holding out for Johnny Depp as Aro. Crispin Glover might make a good Caius. I’m not sure about Marcus, maybe Joseph Fiennes. Just my $.02 worth.

  13. lirael cullen says:

    O.o my brain just supplied what i thought they should look like. i didn’t like imagine anyone in their place…. just a thought do you think Steven Strait could pull of the older jacob? i mean if you look they’re definitely a resemblance… and steven strait as Caleb Danvers in the Convenant. At the pool scene O.O ohhhh yeah ^_^ just a thought.

  14. TWI.lover says:

    I definately think that they should cast someone young to play Jane, because as Safina said that is how it is supposed to be, but also in general having a thirteen or fourteen year old playing Jane is much more creepier. For Caius i always pictured Jason Isaacs from Harry Potter (Lucious Malfoy. Though, if they choose him or not it doesn’t matter to me, but i really think that they should choose at least one ‘more famous’ actor to help make some more hype for New Moon!!

  15. i love kristen chenoweth. if she got it i would be a very happy twilighter

  16. Crispin Glover as Aro? You got to be joking!

    I’m sorry, but the person I’ve just visioned that would do a great job as Aro is Christian Bale. He’s perfect in my mind and that’s my choice! ๐Ÿ™‚

    What do you guys think?

    Just in my opinion.

  17. I LOVE TWI.lover’s idea of Jason Isaac as Caius. But I dunno… isn’t Aro described as being kind of fragile looking? When I think of fragile, Christian Bale doesn’t come to mind… but I could be mistaken.

  18. Steph, in my mind he does.

    But who knows, you might just be surprised! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I would be really happy if that were the case though!

  19. Wolf Girl says:

    CRISPIN GLOVER would be PERFECT as one of the Volturi! I’ve always pictured him as one. He is super original and weird and I love him for some odd reason.

  20. Alaina (Portland, OR) says:

    I almost wish Kristen Dunst was still 11…every time I read New Moon, and Breaking Dawn and picture Jane in my head…I see Kristen’s character from Interview With a Vampire from 1994…she did an amazing job for only being 11.

  21. Alaina (Portland, OR) says:

    Crispin Glover would do weel as one of the Volturi…as would Alan Rickman (Sanpe from HP). I see Rickman as doing really well as Marcus.

  22. you can't see me kay? says:

    yeah i could so see dakota fanning being jane. she looks a little bit older than this now but just look at this picture.

  23. Butterfly says:

    I would like for Dakota or Elle Fanning to be Jane, and for Blake Woodruff to be Alec. here’s a picture of Blake, he’s perfect.

  24. Ew i do not like all these old guys everyone is picking for the Volturi! Just because they have been around for practically forever, doesn’t mean they were old when they were changed.
    i never pictured them as old people with wrinkles…i just CANT see them that way.

    And jane! jane is supposed to be a kid!

  25. twilightroxz says:

    personally i see dakota fanning as jane just give dark hair for marcus i think alan rickman would be a good fit

  26. i think the guy from HP lucious malfoy to be a good caius!!!! nd snape to play marcus!!! lol HP transferred to twilight lol

  27. Yes. Steven Strait in the Convenant does bear a striking resmeblance to Talyor Lautner only older. Good Eye! He’d be a pretty hot aversary to Edward. Not that there was a chance for Jacob!

  28. oh, opps. Taylor- my typing gets a little dazzled when thinking of Edward. LOL!

  29. littleyellowporsche says:

    hahahahahahahahaha! Kristen Chenoweth as Jane! That made me giggle! As long as its NOT Dakota Fanning I will be happy

  30. Devon061381 says:

    FYI, apparently Rolling Stone is on a free-magazine-kick right now…I don’t know why I got them, but I just got 2 free issues of Rolling Stone over the past 2 weeks and supposedly am getting 2 more. I never signed up for anything, but whatever. The reason I’m FYI’ing is in case anyone starts getting them as well, one of the issues they send you has the article on HOT Rob Pattinson in it. The one with the pic of him laying down with the cig hanging out of his mouth. But in the front index, there is a MUCH better pic of him…very drool-worthy… lol ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Devon061381 says:

    TWI.lover: haha I didn’t even see your comment earlier about Caius, but I was thinking to myself earlier this afternoon that Jason Isaacs, with the whole white Malfoy hair, would be PERFECT as Caius!!! That is so weird.

    Although…he has the personality to play Aro, but with black hair…that might be more interesting… Hmm.

    I’m having trouble really coming up with good picks for all of the Italy crew. Need to think some more.

    I just think people shouldn’t get their hopes up that they are going to fill in Volturi spots with “big names” – I think they’re going for, not so much “no names,” but less well-known actors/actresses for these movies. Like, Johnny Depp? Not gonna happen. Much as that would be cool to see, it’s not realistic.

  32. Go see the movie again this weekend lets put it back to number 1 come on you freaks we have seen it 4 times and we are going to go again this weekend. Lets push it back to the top!


  33. Twilight Nymph says:

    Jason Isaacs would be a good Caius the only problem he’d look too much like Lucius Malfoy except for the eyes. HA, it’d be like the Harry Potter characters trying to sneak into Twilight. LOL No offense, big fan of HP, but yeah that would be funny.

  34. Alan Rickman for Marcus! He can look bored in a way that nobody else can.

    And Jane and Alec are supposed to be really really young… because they were changed sooner than Aro had wanted because they were going to be burned at the stake in their village or something, right? I need to go look that one up. But they’re very young, I always imagined around 10-14 years old…

  35. Lunna-san says:

    Those guys from EW never read the books, have they? ยฌยฌ;

  36. Is it just me or did anyone else want some variety with the Volturi cast?

    A lot of what I see suggested are white actors and our dearest Stephenie mentions a lot of dark palors and olive-toned skins… aka other races than white people. LOL

    (By the way, I am white.)

    I always imagined Jane and Alec to be pale, but otherwise very dark skinned, and young.

    Oh well, I suppose we can only voice our opinions. That won’t exactly change the movie’s production.

  37. i REALLY want shauna powell to play jane : )

  38. NO!!!! NO ONE CAN PLAY JANE!!!! well, i know of one girl who can. wanna know who that girl is??? that’s ME!!!!! it’s my part!!!!! mine! i wish i could torture someone now…. UGH!!!!! I WANNA BE JANE!!!!!!! >:O (lol x10! gosh i sound harsh!

  39. It’s always a relief when someone with obvious exepritse answers. Thanks!

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