How Much is Twilight Bringing In?

According to Box Office Mojo, the current estimate through November 27 is over 93,000,000 within the USA. If you add in the the places where it is in release outside the USA and the total tacks on another 9,000,000.

According to their stats, Twilight currently ranks as the number three vampire movie of all time right behind Van Helsing and Interview With a Vampire.

It currently ranks 23rd in the top grossing films all year.

They also have a variety of polls to track movie background and give them better statistical reporting, so go over and participate.


  1. JordanaCullen says

    lets make twilight #1 vampire movie!
    we can do it, we are twiligh fans after all ! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Twilight only needs $27,000,000 more to be #1. That sounds like a lot but considering we all helped bring in $70M opening weekend it is a possibility. It is too bad that the rank only includes the gross number from U.S. sales – Twilight would easily knock #1 off the list when international sales are included!

  3. I agree with you JordanaCullen.
    We have to (and can) make Twilight the #1 Vampire Movie.

  4. Edwardbitespillow says

    I also agree with you JordanaCullen!
    Lets do it! IT can’t be that hard….can it

  5. I only have one thing to say:



  6. I am so thrilled! G Twilight!

    It has to become the #1 vampire movie of forever!
    It has to become the #1 MOVIE of forever!

    Why don’t they include international sales too?

  7. now we have 11 million more
    total: 114,202,346

    we need 2 more millions to beat the # 2 vampire movie: Interview with a vampire

    LET’S DO IT!

  8. The total I see is $114 million- and it says it is #17 this year! And no, elle, Twilight does not need to simply get $27 million more to be the number one movie this year… ummm… have you seen how much the dark knight made? OVER $500 million. Twilight really doesn’t have a chance getting to that.

  9. twilight is doing fantastic in the box office, that is what it matters!

  10. Maddie Cullen says

    I think Jordana meant # 1 Vampire Movie ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m so happy for how well it’s doing and I’m going to see it again tonight! ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. Maddie Cullen says

    We only need 1 million to beat #2 on the Vampire Movies!

  12. Alice Cullen says

    Uh James Cullen, I think Elle meant that it only needed 27 million more to be the #1 VAMPIRE movie.

  13. Brittany Hale says

    YA!!! i’m totally up for that!! especially seeing as i got like twenty people to see the movie last night!!!

  14. Woo-hoo!!! I’ve seen it twice, I’m going again this week. LET’S MAKE IT #1!!!!!!!

    On a side note, I started the applause at my theater on premiere night – the credits hit, and everyone had this hushed awe about them.

    And then I started clapping. Everyone joined in. It felt so cool!!!

  15. Twi-hards FTW!!! Great job guys!!! Lets keep it going, and get Twilight to the #1 Vampire movie of all time!!! Go us!!!

    I’ve seen it 4 times, just last weekend…I’m going again this weekend! *clap*

  16. okay, now it has officially made around 104 million in the US and still has 9 million outside of the US, so yeah, around 114 million worldwide, and psh, it’s not gonna be hard to knock of Van Helsing considering its looking like its gonna be making around 10 million everyday during this weekend, and during the weekdays its making like 6 million a day. By the end of this weekend, i’m predicting its gonna be the number one Vamp movie.

  17. Alice Cullen says

    OME! I was watching the tyra banks show with rob and taylor and on part one at 2:35 it showed the names of the people tyra was interviewing and it said taylor lautner and EDWARD pattinson.


    sorry thats kinda random

  18. I think that it’ll be more of a hit when it comes out on DVD. When is that? March? I’d rather wait awhile and buy it on DVD than watch it in theatres where people are either 1) making fun of the movie or 2) squeeling like crazy because they just saw edward.

  19. is new moon, eclispe, and breaking dawn ever going to become movies too?? i really want to no!!!

  20. Wiat, isn’t Canada inclueded in the domestic box office?

  21. Edwardbitespillow says

    lexi, new moon is coming out in 2010…i don’t know when they other two are though

  22. twifreak731 says
  23. u people are sooooooooo random!!!!!

  24. I’ve heard news that Four Christmases will knock it off the No 1 spot though.

  25. Much of the revenue the movie is grossing in comes from fans seeing it four times each… I don’t think too many movies have fans like that.

  26. Shouldn’t be a problem to make it the number one vampire movie ever… just got back from my third viewing…

  27. Alice Cullen says

    Well that is either a photoshopped picture or she really is a druggie :(. That would be very disappointing. It’s sad that young actors are getting involved in such nasty habits. Well… we can’t do anything about it but that really says something about her judgement. But I wont judge her for that was a decision she chose for herself. But hopefully it was a one time event and she isn’t addicted or anything… I hope.

  28. bumblebee33 says

    haha thats so cool!!! seeing it my 3rd time tmrw! ๐Ÿ˜€

  29. I’ve seen it twice now. And may break down and see it again. Gotta do my part to ensure the sequels are adequately funded. Anyway, my biggest concern for our sequels is that so much time will pass between Twilight, New Moon, and then Eclipse. Rob’s not getting any younger (heaven forbid he should lose his hair, but it happens) and actor availability could pose a problem. I’m all for a LOTR style of concurrent shooting. Besides today’s dollar buys more than tomorrow’s will. Like Bella said they’ve got to strike while the iron is hot!!

  30. well, i think it’s good but..what happend to the music? i mean…it could have been much better MUCH MUCH better. dont give me wrong, the soundtrack is great but i couldnt even hear it! i needed more action, rock pop classic whatever, but more.
    i just wanted to say that.
    i think You and Me of Lifehouse, would be the peeerfect song for this movie!
    anyway i love the books, congratulations to the author!

  31. so hey does anyone know if catherine is going to be directing new moon?

  32. Paul:Yes New Moon is going to be made into a movie and that’s official.

  33. I’m so glad to see how well the movie is doing. I only hope that this will give Stephenie the will to finish Midnight Sun. I’m so sad that the saga is over. ๐Ÿ™ I have gotten so many friends and family into the books and they are sad as well. We are however looking forward to the guide being released! That has given us something else to be excited about. I saw the movie three times already and I’m still craving more! I can’t wait to see New Moon on the big screen! Everyone involved in the movie did a fantastic job! I didn’t think it was possible for my obsession to grow, but it has! lol

  34. We have to wait till 2010 for New Moon! OMG what am I going to do???

  35. Edward Cullen is Smelxy (Smells good and sexy) says

    I loved Titanic and The Dark Knight a lot…but Twilight is my first love, and most likly going to be my only love, so let’s do this!
    Twi-hard Twilighters unite!

  36. Yay!! Going to watch it tonight again!!! and as many more times as I can not only to help it become #1 vampire more but because I Loved it!!!!!!

  37. Seen it twice already. Will most likely see it at least 1 more time and maybe another when it gets to be a second run movie. Then of course will have to buy the DVD with all the extra scenes!!!

    Anybody know how we can track how much Twilight is making every weekend? I know there are still quite a few countries that it hasn’t opened in yet.

    Does all the merchandise and soundtrack sales count? Or just box office?

  38. Four Christmases might be number 1 BUT IT WAS AN AWFUL MOVIE !!!!
    I thought it was going to be funny and boy was I wrong they had awful chemistry never wasting money again !!!

  39. I saw the movie on the Friday it came out! I thought it was amazing but seeing as I read the whole series I just didnt want it to end! I hope along with all of my twilight loving friends you make a movie for the whole collection!!!=] You have my word I will go see it!!!

  40. do you all think it is true that kristen was smoking pot or not?
    a link to the photo is on comment #23.

    but don’t go on attack mode saying drugs aren’t bad or something…i just wanna know what you all think.


  42. Alice Cullen says

    Yes I understand it is her private life… but she could be a little more private about it.
    And the only thing is that I love her as Bella and really appreciate her as an actress, but starting unhealthy habits at her age makes me sad. If something were to just happen by accident, something bad could happen. Look at what happened to Heath Ledger. I looked up to Kristen Stewart, and I thought she was different from all the stereo type actors, but I guess she is not and that disappoints me. But it was her decision and I can’t change that. But I do have a right to voice my opinion.

  43. R Cullen (for edward only) says

    I cant believe it!!!
    U no wat……i did hav my douts on Robert Pattinson (which r now completely overcome) but i always new that the movie will be the best oof the year and i m sure we can make it get to the top and keep it there!!!!!!!
    Twilight Rocks!!!!

  44. Twilight Nymph says

    This is awesome, this is just great news. I will totally see it as oon as possible. I’ve missed Twilight Lexicon so much. Being stuck on a ship w/out was excruciating. Yet, one thing for certain is that the best part about going to Miami is that it’s where I got to see Twilight and three hours earlier than here. I so totally missed you guys.

  45. I love Twilight Lets Make It #1…

    If you cant get enough vampire action, Be sure to check Out Interview with the vampire, sure they don’t sparkle, but brad pitts peircing green eyes make up for it in the instant classic!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Personally, I dont like to read at all. But the movie Twilight has made me want to pick up their books! and become a part of the adventure everyone is talkingn about. I can’t get enough of twilight. I’m planning on telling all my friends to go! I want Twilight to stay on the charts for as long as it can! Guys you dont know how much I love this movie! Best movie of my time!!!!! I believe all the characters fit their roles perfectly, even if others strongly agree the actor who played Edward didn’t match the looks of the book. I think he was the best for Twilight!!

    Wooo who Go Twilight fans and lovers!

  47. I know I’m more than glad to do my part. I just came home from my 6th time!!
    I am gonna watch it till they take it away from me… ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. ok so i jus came back from my 2nd time with my friend (also her 2nd time) and the dvd cant come out sooner!!! i am sooo gonna go another time i cant help it its so adictive! lol it keeps getting better and better and ugh 4 xmases? plz da weekend came and it didnt knock it down… so far so good =]

  49. I read somewhere that Kristen wasn’t smoking pot, and was shooting a scene for a new movie, but I don’t know if that’s true or not.


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