For Your Shopping Pleasure

There are certainly no limit of outlets looking for your Twilight obsession dollar.

Hot Topic has a ton of new stuff added to their already stand-out collection.  A couple of sample items would be the vintage carrying case and the new sparkle tee.

For starters you can have your life-sized version of Rob, Cam, Rachelle, or Kristen in your home.



    That is insane.
    And upon a second viewing of Twilight, I’ve decided it’s better the second time, so my theory is it must get better EVERY time, so I’ll just have to watch it every time I can scrounge up the change.

    I want a Rob cut-out.

  3. omg! i want all of these!!!!!

  4. please santa

  5. A life-size version of Rob!!! *squeals and faints*

    Can I get the real Rob instead? ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. And I love the new Twilight shirt…very cute. Now the only thing I need is cash…

  7. bumblebee33 says:

    haha i wish the rob cut out was a sexier pic of him. but that works too. ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. God, what I wouldn’t give to have a life sized Edward/Rob in my room…*sigh*

  9. Devon061381 says:

    I’m 27. Is it wrong of me to want this life-size Rob? LOL.

  10. imbettingonalice says:

    HaH! The life size cut-outs are hilarious. I want all of them. That would really freak my roomate out. Saw the movie for the second time. It was WAY better. I had a better audience too. First time was a bunch of screamers. This time a bunch of cryers. Funny.

  11. Oh man! That’s cool!

    I went to Hot Topic today and they’re selling twilight jewelry music boxes!! It plays clair de lune and the cullen crest spins around inside. I bought it! ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. 2nd Bella Cullen says:

    wel……..i m not sure!
    they r soooo koooool
    i really want every single one of them!!!!!!
    i want to c the movie soon so that i can also talk to others about it!!!!!!!!
    i think i m bout to die……..*swoon*

  13. hello christmas present, i have been looking for the perfect gift and cut out edward is it!!!

  14. The only thing that could be better is a life sized cut out of Jasper!

  15. dear lex,

    please stop showing me things i can buy as i’m running out of money.

    ps. i’m trying to pretend that twilight’s not worth every cent.

  16. ok so I bought one of these intending to give it to my 9 year old niece (I’m 28)….I set it up and put it in the corner of my room. With all the lights out half of his face kinda glows (the cutout of him is half in shadow) I swear to you it is freaky how real it looks. I just might be keeping it and getting her another one ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. I’ve got the cutout of Rob, and I SWEAR to you…late at night, when I’m about to go to sleep, and the blue glow of tv is the only light in the room…that cutout looks REAL. It’s SCARY how real it looks. Scary…and AWESOME. ๐Ÿ˜›

  18. oh that edward cut-out would not last a day in my room lol ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. nicole, where did u buy it? online or store?

  20. I saw the cut-out of James at the mall last weekend and did a complete doubletake, lol.

  21. Wow. I want the Edward one.


  22. i want a Jasper cut-out!

  23. I love the sparkle tee! And all the other stuff too! Too bad I don’t live in the US ๐Ÿ™

  24. NO JACOB (TAYLOR LAUTNER) CUT OUT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! im disappointed. ah maybe when new moon comes out

  25. Ha, I wish they had a cut out of Jacob with short hair!

  26. OME!! i saw that box the other day! it cost like 30$ and now I want it!! I hope my dad buys it!

  27. what do you carry in the carrying case??

  28. I saw the Rob/Edard cutout at FYE a couple weeks ago. I turned to my mom and told her that I had to have it for Christmas. She looked at me like I was crazy.

  29. What I wouldn’t give to have a life-sized Rob in my own home….

    Though that might motivate my parents and friends to hold an intervention for me…

  30. natalia-That is so amazing! ๐Ÿ˜€ I couldn’t find it on the HotTopic site :*( How much did you pay for yours?

  31. I wish I lived in US.

  32. OME I love everything!! I WANT EVERYTHING!!!!! For Christmas I’m asking for Hot Topic Gift Cards!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. ._. Wth? That’s kinda creepy.

  34. That is just creepy.

  35. Christina Cullen says:

    I agree! I need a Jasper cut-out! <333

  36. me love jasper hale says:

    i went on the website and they also have a laurent cut out, but no jasper:(

    that makes me sad ),: <- see the tear…..

  37. Honestly, not trying to be offensive or anything- but when given the selection of Edward, Bella, James, Victoria…. and Laurent? Who would honestly choose him over anyone else in the movie? I never thought once in the movie- Laurent is SEXY. Again, no offense to Edi, but that is what you get when you are co-staring in a movie with Cam and Rob;’s sexiness on your side…

  38. somethingawesomeis here says:

    ummm am I the only one who thinks that that’s just a little bit creepy? I mean…it’s awesome…but a small bit scary.

  39. daaaayum, shame james wont be in the second movie.. they’re all so gorgeous! muah!

  40. I bought the Edward Cut-out already. haha! and The collectable carrying case, and the new sparkle tee, and the Cullen Family Crest necklace, and the patches….this is why i have two jobs. Harry Potter and Twilight are going to bankrupt me.

  41. Amy Cullen says:

    Life size rob? Yes Please!!! yum…

  42. Umm..why does it seem necessary for people to comment saying FIRS COMMENT!! ? Its silly.
    and THAT IS SO AWESOME. I want edward to watch me while I sleep ๐Ÿ˜‰

  43. JonasGirl says:

    This is so cool.I am so going to get it no matter what it costs.Anyone no how much?

  44. omg! seriously, i have no space or money 4 these, but i dont want them. . .i NEED them!!!! yes, the movie jus keeps getting better. it was great the 1st time, awesome the 2nd time, wicked the 3rd time, and FREAKIN AMAZING the 4th time!

  45. it would be amaazzingggg if they had a Taylor Lautnerr onee.
    hes amazinnggggggggg.
    i cant find one any whereeeee.

    Taylor Lautnerr <333333333333333333333333333333333

  46. i have the edward one!!!! my mom gave it to me for christmas.
    that scene in the movie where she wakes up and edward is in her room, but when she turns on the light he’s gone…. i wake up to that every night.. except mine doesn’t disappear.


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