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Rob and Taylor were on Tyra’s show today. Catch some highlights here.  And YouTubed here.

Rob made Rolling Stone Magazine’s 2008 Hot List. Peter Travers adds his two cents here.

CanMag interviewed Kellan Lutz.

TWILIGHT MOVIE Daniel Radcliffe, who plays Harry Potter and co-starred with Rob in The Goblet of Fire, mentioned Rob and Twilight in a recent interview. Dan is currently starring on Broadway in Eqqus.


  1. I usually don’t even have my TV plugged in, so I had to do some engineering to catch this show this afternoon, and it was so adorable. I am afraid it was almost squeal-worthy, and the Volvo, and Rob being so sweet and Taylor so afraid of the thong … Great going, Tyra!

  2. Mary Alice Cullen says

    Its so funny how Tyra said. “ur so nerves” and lays her head on him. Funny =]

  3. Mary Alice Cullen says

    Taylor looks so freaked out about the tong thing. He is soooo cute and when Rob bites Tyra sooo funny.

  4. Alice Cullen says

    Loved Rob on the Tyra Banks Show!!! But I’m not the biggest fan of that picture of him on the rolling stones hot list.

  5. The Tyra interview was awesome! Rob is just adorable! I loved his reaction when Tyra said she did an episode where she was a stripper, priceless!!

    The RS picture was kind of weird, I agree…but whatev, Robert is still gorgeous!

  6. 2nd Bella Cullen says

    You guys just need to check out that interview with Kellan Lutz coz it is just hilarious!!!!
    He actually had fans comin up to his door and saying….”Emmett, we r yr fans!”
    just 2222222 funny………haha

  7. Celticmaiden says

    Hey guys, did anyone get this on tape or dvd? I programed my dvr to tape it and it did, but instead of Tyra, ABC put on football! I would love to see the whole thing. I have seen the whole bite thing on youtube, but if anyone has a link or can send me a tape or anything! Please let me know! My email is

  8. um, why did she just like molest rob? lol taylor was just being ignored and robs got toooo much gel in 😛

  9. the youtube link isnt working!

  10. Isn’t “Eqqus” supposed to be spelled Equus? Like the genus?

  11. JordanaCullen says

    if you youtube search robert pattinson and taylor lautner on tyra there is a really good video thats in two parts by liasonlove..great sound quality and graphics!

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