A Look at What Built Twilight

The LA Times has an article talking about early use of the Internet was key tot the success of Twilight.  Our very own Alphie is quoted.

The Seattle Examiner talks about how Hollywood consistently forget the buying power of women.  and EOnline echos the same sentiment.

Time magazine sounds off in an article called, The Fangirls Commeth.


  1. Devon061381 says:

    Hollywood is ridiculous. I mean, thinking that young guys are the ones they have to appeal to. I go to all of the “guy” movies with my husband. I’ve seen all of the James Bond flicks, the superhero flicks, the “guy” comedy ones. And don’t get me wrong, I love them. But Hollywood just doesn’t take women seriously, and I’m so happy that we, as a broad female demographic, have proved them wrong. I saw my fourth installment of Twilight last night. Keep proving them wrong, Summit, and a surefire way to keep us coming back for the sequels so you can rake loads more cash in is TO DO THEM RIGHT WITH A LARGER BUDGET. I hope that exec that was quoted saying that they don’t need to spend as much on New Moon because Twilight did fine with a measly budget is reading this (or someone who will inform him) – part of the bargain, buddy, is that we’ll throw our cash at you, yes, but we need you to up the ante on subsequent installments. That’s the deal. We are a force to be reckoned with, remember that.

  2. Amen!!!

  3. sigh…i’m a twilight fan…but i feel that you people here think too highly of yourselves.

  4. 2nd Bella Cullen says:


  5. No offense against Taylor L.honestly cause i think he did o.k in Twilight the movie,BUT honestly I’m sorry i hope they find another actor that is at least 25 and looks it to play the part of Jacob for N.M.
    I mean i have read that Taylor is bulking up or whatever BUT honestly to me that WONT make him look ANY older, He will just look like a 16 year old boy that just bulked up more. I mean the change in Jacob is supposed to be Extremely drastic and he is described as being really tall and yes definantly has muscle definition but I never pictured him really bulky.He was more tall and lean with muscle definition.
    Sorry this is just the way i feel and the story wont feel the same to me if Jacob just looks like a 16 year old boy that did alot of working out over the summer,or winter or whatever. NO amount of working out isnt going to make his facial features look older.


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