New Moon on the Horizon

Rotten Tomatoes has added their version of a Twilight Trivia game. Check it out and see how you score.

MTV goes crazy with Twilight and New Moon coverage. First they talk to Audrina Partridge who has a secret desire to be a part of Twilight. Then they have Peter talking about his hopes for New Moon. Then they wrap it up with everyone’s favorite good-guy/villain Edi.

ET is covering Rob in his next big thing, his upcoming role as the iconic Salvador Dali.

People discusses Catherine and her potential as the  New Moon director.

Access Hollywood also asks Catherine similar questions.

We also edited our interview with Catherine that we posted earlier. the transcript is now complete.


  1. ewww…Audrina Partridge better keep her slimy little hands away from New Moon! She would totally wreck it!

  2. lol audrina on twilight? lol hmm idk bout dat i like the show but… twilight? lol

  3. Can’t wait for New Moon!

  4. Maybe it’s just me, but the Rotten Tomatoes trivia thing doesn’t work well. It repeats questions I just answered and takes a long time to ask questions.

  5. audrina NO. NO. No.

    Twilight is vapid and shallow enough. We don’t need any connection to the hills.

  6. has anyone seen pictures of kristen smoking? pretty interesting

  7. That trivia thing worked for me. Some questions were…interesting.

    Have you seen pictures of her smoking? I knew Robert did, but I didn’t think she did…like you said, interesting…

  8. who cares if kristen smokes, everyones trying to start rumors and gossip saying it was pot she was doing, but from everything weve learned of kristen thats not her thing. Shes to down to earth for that kinda stuff.
    Its not INTERSTING.Its stupid TMZ gossip.
    Who cares if she smokes?!
    Its her life.

  9. ImBettingOnAlice says:

    if they cast audrina I will throw up. NO NO NO!!!

  10. While I do not care if Kristen smokes, (I mean it’s not umcommon or anything), I guess that really puts the idea of ‘immortality’ out of the question…lol. Still, kinda suprising.

  11. New Moon in 2010?! That’s too long!!!! I’ll be graduated from high school by then! I think they might could make it come out next year…didn’t they film earlier this year for Twilight? So it took less than a year. Or about a year, but they had to cast and everything too.

  12. i didnt say it’s bad or good that she smokes. I just said there are pictures of her smoking. I also don’t really care if she smokes. Like you said, it’s her life. And i said it’s interesting because I didnt expect that. so yeah dont go too crazy, alright?

  13. Edward's Mistress says:

    I just saw Robert Pattinson on Saturday Night Live with Jay Leno. He was completely beguiling. However, he revealed some questionable hygiene habits…

  14. Edward's Mistress says:

    Sorry about my earlier post. I saw Pattinson on The Late Show with Jay Leno on Tuesday evening/ Wednesay morning.

  15. HI,
    i am an actress waiting to be shined:]
    I have the biggest dream of staring in one of the twilight movies, like new moon or eclipse.
    I don’t mind about being an extra or playing a long part in the movie. If you have any openings please let me know.


  16. I would totally hate it if Audrina was in any of the Twilight movies. She, in my opinion, wouldn’t fit any role!

  17. yeah i just saw the interview with Jay Leno. As much as i adore him on and off the screen…he needs to stop telling ppl he doesn’t shower!! whether he is joking or not..haha and is he really that SHY in person…or is it just him not dealing with all the fame with twilight?!?!
    whatever….i still think he’s a great actor/person. ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. Ooh, and about the smoking. I don’t actually think it is her, if you look at the pictures, they don’t quite look like her. If they were, however, it is her choice. So I don’t really care, she made a good Bella, hehe.

  19. No I’m almost positive that was her. They showed actual footage on TMZ (not that I think they’re all that trustworthy)…

  20. genuinesmile says:

    I saw the picture of Kristen in the newspaper, don’t know if there was an article attached ’cause i was just skimming through it but yeah…i just think it’s just one of those “really?…who cares?” thing. I really don’t see how that’s interesting *shrug* Oh well…as for Audrina in ANY Twilight i believe most of us would agree she should stick to The Hills.

    ๐Ÿ˜† —>”I’d suggest they get in touch with their inner 15-year-old girl. [Laughs.]” Peter

    New Moon in 2010…eh i don’t mind the wait as long as they do take their time and make it sharper than Twilight.

    Tonight’s Jay Leno…couldn’t have been any better with Rob and Heidi! ๐Ÿ˜€

  21. I didnt go crazy, i just have read alot of negative responses to the fact that she smokes and it just bugged me how people can disect every inch of someones life and feel they can judge them on the smallist of things. Im not saying your one of them i just wanted to get that out there.

    Its nothing personal against anyone =]

  22. Edward's Singer says:

    Does anyone know anything about extras(like being one in New Moon)?????????

    And also back in Like February when they were filming one of the extra had a blog and said that she saw every one of the main people like the Cullens and stuff with the exception of Kellan Lutz smoking. Or if that didn’t make sense (I honestly don’t know if it made sense to me) Kellan Lutz was the only main person that she didn’t see smoking. Is this information reliable? Who knows just saying what I read. Not saying it is true or anything.

  23. Edward's Singer says:

    And honestly I don;t even see why we are talking about it. It’s really not that big of a deal. Ya know? It’s just something that people do.

  24. Devon061381 says:

    Awesome interviews as always, and the trivia game at Rotten Tomatoes is really good! I only got 2 wrong ๐Ÿ™‚ (the stupid question about who was first to post their review on RT, and the Lady From Shanghai question with the Ballet Studio scene – never saw that movie).

    Please God no 2010 for New Moon. We need 2009!!! This is probably because they’re not starting shooting until March, rather than February like with Twilight. Ugh I really don’t want this turning into the Harry Potter deal – it should be illegal what Warner Bros. is doing to HP fans. Catherine, if you’re reading this, PLEASE give us New Moon in 2009. I will grovel at your feet. Serious.

    I’m feeling very full of despair now. Me and “patience” don’t have a very tight relationship ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Devon061381 says:

    And about the smoking? Geez who cares. Yeah it’s a disgusting habit, whatever. People do it. So actors/actresses smoke. I work for a hospital. You’d be surprised how many doctors and nurses smoke. They know it’s bad for them, but they do it…it’s stress. People will do what they do.

    Personally, I’d rather waste my time daydreaming about all of the male hotness in Twilight than whether one of them is breathing in potentially cancerous fumes; the former is infinitely superior when wanting to make myself drool or smile stupidly.


  27. I don’t know about Audrina I really don’t wach the hills because its just plain stupid but i mean people give her a chance it all really depends on how she acts she seams excited and the characters she’s really talking about are in Breaking Dawn and it dosent look like they are going to be making that movie.

  28. Christina Cullen says:

    Guys, no offence but shut up about the smoking, ‘kay?

    I don’t want to wait for 2010! That’s too, too, too LONG!!!! I can hardly wait one month. How am I supposed to wait for two years?!

  29. Audrina = NONONONOONO.

  30. Audrina??????????

    NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!

    sry i dont know much about the hills but i really hope she will not take any part in new moon!!!!!!!

  31. i scored a 160. pretty pathetic, i know

  32. audrina can’t act…please help us all.

  33. AriLovesEdward says:

    sorry, she can’t act…if she was in New Moon, I would cry. The hills is the worst show in the history of television, and I dont weant to see catty little girl fights in my favorite book/movie series! GAH! NO!

    And just because it says 2010, it could change, or be like in January 2010! Be optimistic!

  34. Ugh.
    Now I kind of hate that Twilight is a movie.
    All the media wants to do is make the stars seem like horrible jerks, bad role-models, and a-holes.
    The cast are good people and everyone should just ignore what the media says. Or tell them to stuff it, because they’re just lying to get page-hits. How rude.

    And if they put Edward in New Moon where he’s not supposed to be (aside from shots of him miserable in the attic across the world from Bella, update shots, etc) I swear to Bob I’ll never see it in theatres, not even ONCE.

  35. PS — who cares if Kristen smokes ANYTHING, isn’t she allowed to have a life? Let’s not turn her into Britney Spears, PLEASE.

    Just because someone signs a contract doesn’t mean a company OWNS them.

  36. Please stop the gossip! It seems that people just try to trash Kristen all the time. Also heard there is gossip about Nikki. Enough! A while back, Kristen was talking about a movie she made after Twilight where she was playing a stripper? Anyone hear info about that movie? I’m thinking it was an indie movie, but not sure. I would assume after the Twilight success, we should be hearing something.

  37. I just hope that in New Moon, and the following movies Jacob is recast, he needs to be played by an adult to be realistic.


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