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Well given the announcement that New Moon has been officially greenlit anything else today seems pretty…well…superfluous. Anyway, Alphie and I have just gotten back from our movie event and dinner. We hope that everyone who came to Nashville to see the movie with us had as much of a blast as we did. We’ll post pictures and video later in the week. 

So in seeing the movie ourselves we loved it! Are there some things we didn’t like, sure, but that’s true with any movie. We pretty much feel that Summit got it right. Kudos to Catherine, Melissa, The cast, The producers, and way too many people to list.  Thanks for respecting the heart of the story and transcending it to screen.

As for various media naysayers who said things along the lines of, ‘It will never be that big."  "It’s only for tweens."  "Well the (insert random, predictable comment on fangs, goth attire, and blood here) crowd is the only ones who are going to like it." and my personal favorite "well it’s just women, that’s not going to make money."  The only thing we can say is this, "37 million so far. How do you like them apples, baby!?"

Bloomberg News sales coverage.

Anyway here’s the best news over the last 24 hours or so.



  2. Oh yeah…37 MILLION!!! Take that! :p

  3. my official review:

    Oh my gosh, squeak, squeal, scream, swoon, gasp, giggle, giggle, lol, faint, squeal, jump up and down, swoon, giggle, giggle.

  4. Yeah!! cant wait to see New Moon! in the mean time, gonna go see twilight a few more times πŸ™‚

  5. littleyellowporsche says:

    yes!!! i was very happy with the movie. Like many have said, it wasnt perfect, but i still loved it!! and now i am thrilled that i will get to see New Moon too!!!!

  6. I LOVED IT!!! it wasn’t as good as the book of course but it was still amazing for a movie. I wanna shove the number 37 mill. in tons of peoples faces who hated me for being a twilighter. YAY!!

  7. omg HELLZ YA! and its only saturday…haha!

  8. Awesome!!!! I just read my email from Summit and found out about New Moon! Yea Us!! I loved the movie. I saw it at midnight and it was fabulous! THen I saw it today and it was still fabulous! The cast was perfect and Edward was unbelievably hot!!!!!! I must say I was not sure he could pull it off, but I was swooning with the rest of the fans. Loved it, loved it, loved it!!! Can’t wait to see it again! Thanks Twilight Lexicon for keeping us all informed throughout the whole book and movie processes. You are the first site I go to to look for updates! Thanks. Now I am going to go read Twilight again….

  9. Went at 10am and it was packed! Grown men with their daughters, mothers with their kids, me (25) with my fiance (who was not happy about being up that early to see a “girly” movie) There was every age and gender. I loved it for what it was, not a reenactment of the book, but a potrail of the story. Cant wait for New Moon!!

  10. 37 million!That’s great!I can’t wait for New Moon and I really hope they get a bigger budget so the movie can be even better than Twilight.I really do hope.

    Go Twilight!

  11. I thought it had to make $150 million before they would make New Moon?
    Not that I’m not happy, just a little confused. I’m very happy for New Moon, it was my favorite book and I’m excited to see it on the big screen.

  12. I went to the midnight showing and to the 7:00 show last night with a group of 16. We all loved it.
    angie <– anxiously awaiting NM

  13. Ok, for Keri Lynn, let me explain something. (I understand you are confused.) 37 million for an opening day is huge. Cloverfield, you may remember from earlier in the year, had an opening weekend of around 49 million. and that was the weekend. The Indiana Jones movie had an opening day of 25 million and James Bond was like 27 million. It sounds to me like the only movie this year that could beat it is Dark Knight but that was an awesome movie and holds the record for biggest opening weekend EVER with around 169 Million. Does that make sense? It is going to make way more than 150 Mil.

  14. Hahha
    “How you like them apples?” I love that phrase! I say it to my friend but I use different orange, bananas, etc. LOL

    Anywayy YAY! big congrats for the movie! i was also sick of those kind of comments that this movie wasn’t gonna be big and the fact that women alone wouldn’t be able to make this a huge hit. (typical of them to think that, aint it?) but it did so ha! in their faces (hehe..)

  15. I took one of my male friends and at the end he admitted that he loved it! I was so proud of him =P. and my mom went to the premiere and now has an obsession with Robert! haha. Ownage.

  16. Good explanation David W. I wanted to add that the 37 mill made Twilight #14 for all time opening day revenue.

  17. loltanyasmynametoo says:

    this is so exciting! i saw twilight at 8 last night, and i thought it was really good! of course it wasn’t going to follow the book perfectly, but i thought they did a really good job of keeping the same feel. I can’t wait for new moon!

  18. So I saw Twilight again today (1st time was at the midnight showing) and I enjoyed it better the second time than the first time. Sounds strange, doesn’t it? I think that 1st my expectations were sooo high that I nit-picked more than enjoyed it. Don’t get me wrong, I liked it the 1st time. But, the second was GREAT! I really got into everyone’s character and noticed things that I hadn’t before. (The first time I just stared at Rob Pattinson lol) Anyway, I suggest everyone going to see it a second or even third time!! Our movie theater handed out free Twilight movie posters and they were huge and of course awesome!!!

  19. Thank you Higgen704, you saw the yahoo, article too huh? I would also like to mention that i went to the midnight showing, bought my tickets on halloween, and i am a guy. Most of my friends like Twilight as well, we had a group of about 16 seeing the midnight showing.

  20. yes!
    i have seen it 4 times myself, and i work a full time job. hurray for late night showings!
    i really de enjoy the film, for all that it is. it is different than the book in some ways, but i can enjoy it, almost like it is just another book in the series. seeing my favorite characters brought to life in such a way, it fulfilled all my dreams and expectations.
    seeing it again tomorrow after work.
    need to get that number up. 37 million is not enough!

    And I too am tired of the ppl who don’t know the story, the actors, or the fanbase, bashing the movie.

  21. God, that movie was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went to the midnight showing with two friends and their sisters. We went to Pizza Hut and the pizza guy saw our Twilight shirts so he kept talking to us about it because his daughters had read the books and he had only read the first one. He was really nice, he even gave us free candy and cinnamon sticks full of sugar to keep us hyper for the movie. My friend’s sisters sat with their high school friends so I think my friends and I were the youngest Twilighters there since we’re only 13. Anyway, we made bets about how many guys were going to show up. Quite a few did actually, but they were mostly nice boyfriends. So the movie was AWSOME!!!!! We couldn’t breathe when the movie stated and then when we saw Edward for the fist time…AH!!!!!!!! Overall, best movie ever!!!!!!! It was funny, and sweet, and dramatic…I am so going to watch it again!!!!!!!!

  22. Well…I’m a big fan of the book Twilight, but I don’t think the movie did it justice. I found myself laughing out loud at some parts that were just ridiculous. Some lines in the book sounded so bizarre being said by Robert Pattinson, especially about the heroin. The acting also bothered me, but I know I nitpick with acting because it’s what I like to do. But I did see it at midnight, and was completely exhausted, so I am planning to see it again just to take everything in.
    Overall it was an okay movie. I’ve been waiting about three years for this baby and I appreciate it because how true it is to the books, and I mean line by line. I know that I will be very quick to buy it when it’s out on video. It puts my obsession for the past few years in visual form.

    p.s. Seeing it at midnight was such a fun experience, because I was surrounded by other Fanpires and we all laughed at parts that were inside jokes in the books. I think my favorite parts in the movie were just Jasper all together (because he was awesome) and the little dance/fight between Billy and Charlie. Hilarious.

  23. Ha-ha…37 million… B*TCHIN!!!

    I saw the movie. And I LOVED it. I am SO gonna see it again-and again, and again, and again. πŸ˜‰ I missed the first 15 minutes of it because the ticket was mental, or something, so I have reason to see it again. -smug smile-

    NM!! Oh, my- I can NOT wait to see the movie! It is so gonna kick arse. I guarantee it. πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to see Taylor shirtless!! -pant, pant- πŸ˜‰

  24. BOOYAH, apples are the win. πŸ˜‰


    Also, Stephenie is in the Author Spotlight on Itunes.

  25. kaitlyn S. says:

    Awesome!!! I hope Twilight sets a record in the box office or beats Harry Potter’s best in the box office. (i like HP but not as much as twilight.)
    I can not wait until New Moon comes out!
    I LOVED twilight.
    Especially the part where Jessica said
    something along the lines of “Jasper’s the one who always looks like he’s in pain.” haha. i laughed so bad and his facial reaction.

  26. Yay for proving everyone wrong! I dodn’t really liek the movie but whatever… The cast was good but they were given a not-so-good director and screen writer, and laughable music. I’m excited for New Moon. Charlie was possibly the best part of the movie and Jacob wasn’t bad either. They’ll be in it more. Oh… and Kristen Stewart does the expressionless zombie thing well… lol. I’ll miss Robert though.


  28. jennifer D says:

    I”m so happy everyone liked the movie as much as I did. I’m a mother of 3 little boys and went with 12 other girlfriends and most of us loved it. I went again for my second time today and loved it even more. Robert Pattinson was fabulous as Edward. I couldn’t get enough of him and all the vampires. I was also pleasantly surprised at how well the human characters did. I really enjoyed them. Can’t forget Taylor. For his small part in the movie, he did very well. The ending was the best and what a transition into the sequel! Hearing that New Moon is officially on it’s way made my week! Now I just have to figure out how to wait that long?!

  29. Ok, so I’m already obsessed with the book series and now the movie,and i’m 21. I saw it at midnight the first time with a whole crap load of my sorority sisters, and we all ADORED it! Then, last night, I went with my parents for my mom’s birthday because she wanted to see it. I talk about it all the time, so my parents had a good idea about what it was about, but my dad was just going in thinking he’d “edure” it-he’s a good sport lol. Coming out of seeing it for the 2nd time, i loved it EVEN more, and not only did my parents like it, they LOVEDDDDD it! Everything about it! Even enough that now my DAD is like “i think i’m gonna have to at least read the first book now.” hahah. and my mom says he can’t stop talking about how great the cinematography and everything about it was! now THAT’S a compliment haha. Now I find out New Moon is coming out. All I can say is…I can’t wait to see it for a THIRD time and read the series all over again…at least until New Moon comes out lol. love ittt!!!

  30. The movie’s budget was 37M. In less than two days Twilight has become a financial success (by breaking even with the budget). That’s gotta be some sort of record.

  31. stupid sexist critics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. twilightfans5 says:

    I saw the movie opening night as well and let me say I loved it even more the second time around. Going to see it again sunday. I am so obsessed with everything twilight I can think of nothing else. Loved the books so much I cant even consider reading anything else my entire life! Loved the movie I hope they dont change a single character and I cant wait till new moon comes out!!

  33. AriLovesEdward says:

    I think Rob pattinson is lucky for the box office. The two biggest movies he has been in are the two highest grossing opening day movies ever outside of the summer (HP4 and Twilight)

  34. All I know is that I liked it “okay” the first time I saw it, mainly because I didn’t know what to expect and soaking it all in that fast, I was too excited & missed the little things. So the 2nd time was AWESOME, better the 2nd time (also because I got use to Edwards constipated kinda face, and it didn’t bother me the 2nd time while also not looking so constipated).

  35. I LOVED the movie, my only complaint it that it was too short…LOL

  36. RockPaperScissors says:

    I was at the Nashville event and Alphie, Pel, and the whole Lexicon gang did an AMAZING job of making sure everyone had a great time. The giveaways were ridiculously good – I’ll be wearing my “Hot Dog” ski cap with pride. Kudos for all the sponsorships, ladies!!!! I agree with many of you that it was so much better the second time around. I was more relaxed and could better appreciate the translation. I’m thinking I missed some of Rob’s expressions by looking at other things on the screen…guess I’ll have to go again. This time I’m taking my hubbie!

  37. Anybody else notice on box office mojo that Twilight has the highest opening day sales of any movie that is not a sequel? Everything above it is further along in a series. Summit – tone down the white makeup and we are all going to get along great!

  38. so some people are asying that the movie sucked bu i honestly thiknit was great!
    HAving read the book and watched the movie yeah they changed some stuff but RObert PAttinson ans Edward was fantastic!

  39. i wonder when they’ll start filming πŸ™‚

  40. The Nashville event was amazing! I’m so glad I got to go. I can’t decide if I liked Twilight better the first or second time…they were both pretty much perfect. But I heard and saw a lot more the 2nd time at Nashville because the theater was much better than ours. *jealous*

    One of my favorite parts of the Lex’s Movie Event was that we had to start the movie over because the screen had this insane green tint to it. I assume everyone’s facial expression was something like O_o. That was hilarious when we all cheered after they fixed it.

    The prize giveaways were exciting. I’m also jealous because my friend won a humongous Edward poster…

    But I love my apple necklace!
    THANKS guys for putting together such a great event πŸ™‚

  41. Cullenvamp 113 says:

    OME!!!! I’ve just gotten back from seeing Twilight for the third time. This is the greatest news ever!

  42. CANNOT WAIT!!!

    twilight was AMAZING~
    [it was soo short]]

    cannot wait for new moon!
    so ready for more JACOB! [a lot more jacob]

  43. WE ALL NEED TO MAKE IMDB ACCOUNTS AND BOOST THE RATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT DESERVES FAR GREATER THAN A 5.3 out of 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. i loveddddd twilight so much !
    they need to start new moon right now and come out with it for christmas =] hah.

  45. Kelly in SD says:

    I saw the movie twice and really enjoyed it. So much so that I’ll be going back twice more on Tuesday. I thought all the actors did terrific jobs. Rob and Kristen captured the tension and chemistry of Edward and Bella’s love. Billy Burke especially impressed with his portrayal of Charlie’s awkward tenderness for Bella. By the same token, I was a little disappointed with the directing and the screenwriting. I think had they perhaps spent less time on flying through the trees and on close ups of glares and stares, they could have afforded more time to provide a better foundation to the story. For instance I think non-Twilighters may have better understood the stares between Edward and Jacob and Billy had they included the confrontation between Billy and Bella. I even read one reviewer’s comment who thought Edwards eyes changed from black to gold by looking at Bella! I hope Summit will realize that if they invest more in the production of New Moon, the fanbase, marketing of the film and Summit itself, will likely be better served!

  46. i just wrote a huge thing on why critics don’t like twilight over at novel novice twilight if you want to check it out:

  47. Obviously there are some things that I didn’t like, but the movie was amazing. I went to the midnight showing and then a 7:30 showing. I plan on seeing it at least 2 more times. It captured the essence of love between Edward and Bella but still kept a tension. I can’t wait for New Moon to come out as it is my favorite of the series. I’ll probably cry at the beginning ha.

  48. anothercritic says:

    Okay while there are going to be things we all nitpick about it I think Melissa’s comment is a bit harsh. I mean Catherine is a great director and you really have to have a little depth to get her eye and the cinematography in the film. Also sorry you didn’t like the soundtrack but britney and the jonas bros just don’t fit. There is nothing “laughable” about the music especially the Muse song during the baseball game.

    I loved some of the edge Catherine brought to the film. I mean there are some super cheesy lines in the book that thy pulled off, like the lion and the lamb line. There are also some that didn’t translate well to screen, not because of actors but because they are just hard lines to read. But then again that is why they keep writers on staff during shooting because something that looks great on paper may come out all adlfhasdhf;u on film and they are there to tweak. Plus i mean they also had to work with the fact that they can’t leave too many crucial quotes out of the film because fans would freak out.

    Honestly my only complaint would be the needed addition of about 20 min to add more of their intimate moments and bonding time. but considering the tiny budget they had I think it was done really well.

  49. LOVED TWILIGHT!!! I got to say I have seen it 3 times already with different groups of people and they have all love it…the cast was Awesome!!!
    Yay!!! for New Moon!!!

  50. this movie was AMAZING
    I really enjoyed it the first time i saw it
    then i went back the next day and fell in love with the movie. It was much better the 2nd time around. Of course it wont meet everyones expectations, but mine were very satisfied and i can not wait a whole nother year for NEW MOON, it will be this year repeated all over again, glued to my computer wating for the Lex to put up news

    ahahahah =]]]]

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