Temporary Shut Down

Out of respect for our moderators who are either asleep after seeing midnight showings or for the rest of us who are seeing the film today, we will be closing the message boards until Saturday afternoon. 

Enjoy the film everyone!!!!


  1. you do realize i am going to die tomorrow without the lex. thanks guys!

  2. soozabooza54 says:

    i hope everyone who sees it tomorrow loves it as much as i did! πŸ™‚


  4. dazzling..of course : )

  5. Ahhh! The Lex withdrawls have already started!

    It was awesome. I’m def. gonna see it at LEAST one more time in theaters.

  6. Toni AKA Bloodlust says:

    Eh…it was ok. I’m disappointed, but at the same time, pleasantly surprised. I’ll explain in GREAT detail on Saturday…

    Something cool that happened: CATHERINE HARDWICKE CAME TO THE THEATER!! It was awesome.

  7. Just got back. Catherine came?? So cool!

    I liked it a lot, but it would’ve been 1,000 times better with 20 more minutes added in–ten towards the beginning, and ten at the end.

  8. awesome

  9. we have to wait till iith in Australia. so unfair

  10. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! LOVED IT!!!!!

  11. Clarabella says:

    Oh yeah. Am exhausted and can’t bear the thought of having to be up with my kids in three hours. It rocked. Far better than I thought it would be. A few dodgy moments, but hey… will go again…!!

  12. Absolutely worth it! I loved it. Wasn’t perfect. But o well what movie is?And of course it’s not as good as the book, But then again when is a movie ever as good as a book?


  14. Just got back from watching the movie..LOVED IT! My Sister and Brother came with…they were of course giving me crap about reading the books…but guess what they said after I made them watch the movie!?…THEY LOVED IT! [naturally..I’ve already loaned out the books to my Sister..hehe] I’m going to go see it at least 2 more times…hopefully the screaming and random shouts of “I love Edward Cullen” have subsided enough for me to get some of the dialog….all in all..it was a great movie!

  15. Quit sad for the people who have to wait ages for Twilight. Now we don’t have the movie and no lex to distract us from not seeing the movie yet.

  16. ahhh! why we have to wait until the 19th of december in GB and Ireland??? I want to see the movie now!!!

  17. aaaah! i hav 2 wait until 31st of Dec, here in South Africa, um, not kwl… πŸ™
    But, lucky me, i am going to see my luvly father in England after x-mas, and will be seeing it three times while im there, (hopfully it might be on the plane, so keep fingers crossed, although i probably wont want to get off, and they’ll hav to send security to fetch me, and THAT wouldnt be embaressing… or i wud end up in Dubai or some other random place,) and then four times when i get back. the only sucky stuff in there is, that i will never actually see a premier… ;(
    ah well, i hav no idea if im gonna like it, cause there are so many mixed resposes, but im keeping my mind open and my fingers crossed.
    but from the sounds of things, it looks pretty good.
    sorry about my long speech, but i am so stoked, and hav just scared the hell out of my BFF/secretary but now we r both jumping around.

  18. Twilight will only be here in Singapore on 18th of Dec. Hope I’m not disappointed

  19. I loved it! Just got home and I can’t stop thinking about the movie. It has spurred on my obsession even more, which I thought was imposible. Of course, not as good as the book but very entertaining and the everyone is amazing in it. I want to see it again already!! And I’m going to have major withdrawls tomorrow when there is no lex…

  20. It was entertaining to be sure. I won’t go into details. Worth seeing ^.^

  21. It was a good movie. Rough around the edges but with the right budget next time, it will probably get better. I’m disappointed with the parts that they left out and ofcourse with my annoying room mate who has brains size of peanuts asking every now and then who will die or telling me that the girls will scream when they edward and bella kiss, well ofcourse that’s kind of disappointing.But I will see it again, this time alone!!!LOL! However, this I must say. I am never a fan of cheezy lines and cutesy teenage love because I am 26…but I seriously stopped breathing during edward and Bella’s kiss. I also got scared a little during the meadow scene, because I never really visualized how scary edward can be when he was trying to scare bella. But I loved it…I am not judging it because I have the budget constraints to consider when I was watching. And by the way, the movie is really funny. And so love Edwards dramatic entrance in the cafeteria.

  22. I’m going to go crazy without the Lex, and randomness, gahhh I’m going to miss them.
    But it’s only til saturday, and I’m seeing the movie saturday sooo I think I might survive.

  23. Edward Cullen is Smelxy (Smells good and sexy) says:

    This is what I thought:
    It was cheesy, yet you couldn’t help but love Rob (except for maybe the glistening scene…hahaha.)
    In a way, it was cheesy, but it was also the greatest thing in the world :]
    I was hypervenilating and reaching my arms out for Rob…hahaha…
    The midnight was awesome!
    But I do think that people who haven’t read the book won’t understand the movie…so yeah…

  24. I’m very happy you guys can see it already! Must be so cool…
    I still have to wait until the middle of Jan here in Germany.. isn’t that horrible?? Two more months!!
    Actually I only want to see it in the original English version and I hope that’s possible. Dubbing sucks!

  25. Where do you live in Germany? If you live close to the border you might be able to come to Belgium or the Netherlands? We’re supposed the have it next wednesday and december 4th. And we don’t dub! You’ll just have to look past the subtitles πŸ™‚

  26. chichichobits says:

    Oh my gawd you guys got me so excited to see it on Saturday I can’t wait it’s awesome you saw the midnight showing yay! I’m kind of bummed the message boards are down I don’t know which theatre to go to now in the city πŸ™ Perfect timing.

  27. Wow. So glad all you guys could see it.

    Have to wait til 19th of December here in the UK. Noooooo!!!!

    Can’t wait to see it though. I bet it will be brilliant! πŸ™‚

  28. StarEmerson says:

    Oh no!

    No Lexicon fix and no movie for us in the U.K till the 19th December πŸ™

    I can NOT wait! x

  29. Uhuuuuuu…. I’m in germany and a theater is …. i don’t know… shwoing it?^^ in english. But it’s 2 and a half hours away from me!!!
    And now ive to persuade my mother to drive with me…. argh!!! UNFAIR!!!! ROB!!!! %(

  30. @Natsha
    Landstuhl in NRW zeigt ih schon seit gestern. ICH WILL DA HIN!

  31. hups, meinte RLP

  32. Ich kann es kaum erwarten… 15.Januar… das ist sooo gemein…
    zeigen die kinos ihn auch auf englisch?

    I can’t wait wait to see the movie…
    but I have to wait so long, because I’m from Germany…
    15th January… I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. uuuh, you lucky buggers!! i wish i was american !!!….

  34. i really enjoyed it. the acting was a bit hard to swallow @ times with me, and was it just me or did Rob make it seem like Edward was about to burst into tears at any given moment through most of the film? it didn’t really bother me, it was just interesting. Rob’s take on Edward is new, so i will have to see the film again to fully love it (he was not a gentlemen, which i knew ahead of time but was still surprised) but i was in NO WAY disappointed. My sister hated Kristen, but I felt she was absolutely perfect. Charlie is my new favorite character. seeing it tonight again, and saturday.

  35. berangelvamp says:

    saw it last night…need to see it again…i liked it as a movie…i agree that if they had added ten minutes more of dialogue it would have gone much smoother…worth seeing, obvioiusly, but could have been better…

  36. this isn’t good for my addiction, I have lex-abstinence…
    And saturday afternoon? That’ll bee like in the middle of the night for me, HOW am I to survive all the way to monday without everybody? Oh, I’ll just go sod in that corner over there, until I travel 4 hours to see the movie tomorrow, away from home 7.15 am to around 11.30 pm…

  37. that was way dumber than i thought it would be. i didn’t go with high expectations but even with the low ones, i was extremely dissappointed. the serious parts of that movie were a complete joke, and what was with carlisle making out with edwards neck? that was weird and awkward. They should stop making them and never touch it again. they needed to have someone make the movie that would be great or atleast acceptable. o well, atleast it was good for a HUGE laugh! -ha ha! πŸ™‚

  38. Gah! I can’t wait to see it! I am going today at 11:00 am. I can’t wait!!

  39. Brianna I agree with you 100%

  40. My SIL saw it and we both loved it! We both think Kristen was amazing!!! Very happily surprised about how good it was! Love the baseball scene! I just have one word… “CAT”
    Oh and I sat next to a guy named Stevie at the Brighton, MI theatre…and he totally made the movie for me!!! He was so cute! He squeled everything the inner fangirl wanted to say! SO if you’re on here Stevie…THANK-YOU!!!!

  41. All I could say for like five minutes after I finished watching this movie was “Wow.” It was so good! So much better than I expected!

  42. Saw it last time for the 2nd time and it was EVEN BETTER!!! You absolutely must see it again and again to really take it all in.

    Since the Lex is down, here’s a link to a Dallas Morning News video featuring the goings on at a local midnight release: http://www.guidelive.com/entertainment/video/index.html?nvid=306003&shu=1

  43. Here’s my take:

    There were cheesy parts in the film, especially at the beginning (for one I didn’t like Edward’s about-to-puke face when Bella came in the classroom) but then again most of the lines in ‘Twilight’ are cheesy…let’s admit it, we love them. Translated to the screen however, the lines become weak or overplayed.

    I went to the midnight showing last night and it’s hard for me to make a proper assessment since people were breaking out in laughter every time they zoomed in on E’s face (he did go overboard at times with his smoldering stares).So I would like to go again to take it in further. However I think he played Edward very well (quiet and mysterious) and Kristen did a wonderful job too (she pulled off awkward introverted Bella for sure). Their chemistry was great!

    The turning point for me (when the movie got better) was at the baseball scene. It’s pretty freaking awesome and I wish most of the movie was directed like that one. I think that’s what my problem was, the direction. Certain angled shots of the film seem arbitrary or seem better fit for a tv movie than a feature film. I think what they did with the budget they had was good but it will certainly get better I’m sure if they have more to spend.

    Loved Carlisle (flashbacks were cheesy tho), loved Esme, loved Alice, Jasper and Mike was just annoying.

    Oh and can anybody explain why every time Jacob appeared girls started screaming?? I was never a fan of his.

    Final Grade: B

  44. No Lex, Sniffles. I understand though. I’ll be looking forward to seeing peoples reactions tomorrow.

  45. BTW Tyler did an AWESOME job as Jacob…I honestly believed he nailed his character best…and Im team Edward all the way! But it was sooo Jacob!

  46. Devon061381 says:

    I hope they don’t make us wait forever to get the movie on DVD, because I’m all about the deleted scenes and director’s cut – I’m anxious to see what they filmed that was left out.

    I was pleasantly surprised by Taylor’s performance of Jacob. I think he’ll do an awesome job with a bigger part in New Moon if they shoot it. HA! That scene at the prom where Edward and Jacob get an eye full of each other – it speaks volumes, like Edward was marking his territory and Jacob kind of glared back. Loved it!

    I’m also really impressed with the glittering effect for Edward/Rob – I read in the movie companion how tough that was and finally a company came through with an effect that Catherine loved. I have to say it was perfect – wasn’t overdone, and it looked awesome.

  47. For all the people who hated it, I can’t sympathize but I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy it. As for me, I went in knowing it wouldn’t be perfect (what book to movie is???) but I was so amazed! Honestly, I couldn’t sleep this morning because the soundtrack and the movie kept playing through my head over and over and over.

    Also, on the cheesy note, I didn’t see that. Honestly I heard two very skilled actors deliver some of my favorite lines in the book and they were spot on. The lion and the lamb quote? That could have been awful, but the way the actors presented them fit just right. It didn’t sound forced or silly, just sweet.

  48. OMG! THE MOVIE WAS SO AWESOME!!!! I really enjoyed it, my sister and friend raven (two other twi-fans) didn’t, they said it was too cheesey.

  49. saw it at midnight and LOVED ITT!!! enjoy, peeps!

  50. and i completely agree with “krystol”. just sayin.

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