MTV Interview

MTV has a great interview up with Taylor, Rachelle, and Edi.  The video is great and they are all so funny.


Cinematical has some great new interviews with Kristen Stewart and Catherine Hardwicke.  They also have a poll about Twilight’s openning weekend.



  1. What’s the link for the MTV interview?? I only get the MTV logo.

    ~~ It should be fixed now. Sorry about that!

  2. Hey..I don’t know if anyone has seen this on AOL, the Lexicon is mentioned! It’s a Twilight A-Z!

  3. ImBettingOnAlice says

    iTunes has celebrity play lists for the cast of twilight. Eveyone but kristen. The cast has interesting music tastes. Rob is into blues music. Everyone seems to like Van Morrison too. Check it out.

  4. ImBettingOnAlice says

    oh.. The link to their playlists is on the iTunes store main page next to “top music videos”

  5. Where is this on itunes….ImBettingOnAlice?

  6. LOL! thanks! you must have read my mind!!!!! LOL!

  7. ImBettingOnAlice says

    yea they kind of have it hidden. After you click on the link on the main store page, click on the “cast of twilight” icon.

  8. Christina Cullen says

    SO funny!!!! I love Taylor, he is HILARIOUS! He’s so awesome. I like Edward more than Jacob but between Taylor and Rob, I choose Taylor. *this is probably very off topic, sorry!*

  9. Cool video of some of the cast singing Miley Cyrus.

  10. Can someone youtube the mtv videos please?

  11. Christina Cullen says

    That Miley Cyrus thing was pure gold. My younger sister read the Twilight books (only the first and second because she’s not old enough to read the last ones) and she loves Miley Cyrus. Well, she really got a kick out of that! Thanks for the link, Jackie!


    USA Today says Twilight is FAIL. Two-stars only.

    Unfortunate, really…
    I agree with the woman, though. Fangirls will eat it up, simply because they can now put a face, a name, a movie, a t-shirt, and some horrible acting to their Twilight-God.

  13. Hot Topic has new merchandise.

  14. lirael cullen says

    well people, it’s mere hours before me and my sister start driving to the city that is a few hours away. As i worked tirelessly through my day, looking at computers and monitoring the network. I found myself thinking on the first day when the first photo’s of the Cullen family were released. I remember that day well, (i believe it was February) my eyes bugged out of the sockets while i tried to remember to breathe. Now eight months later, i am in awe to say its finally here. The movie may not be the best and it may not be what i expect but, hey i’m all for it. I will see this movie at 12:01 with happiness and awe. While remembering all the days, the readings, the Twilight Tuesdays i sat through to get to this point. And the only words i can manage for tonights excitement is this,.. ‘It’s going to be awesome. ^_^’

  15. “Nice speach, Lirael cullen!” πŸ˜‰ ahh! i can’t believe itΒ΄s finally here!!!! IΒ΄m going to see the movie in about 19 hours!) 19!

  16. Mary Alice Cullen says

    I can’t believe that 7:30pm tomarrow i will be watching twilight. The book i fell in love with October 16, 2007. I will never forget it.
    I think i’m going to cry when i sit down.
    Well thats just me πŸ™‚

  17. Is it my imagination or has Kristen been standoff-ish. Any time I see her in photos with the group, she is never near Rob. In some of her interviews, she speaks as though she made a mistake doing the movie. What’s up with her?

  18. OMG. Edi: “I love this game!” lolz

  19. lirael cullen, you have totally read my mind. I remember freaking out about just finding out about the cast, or seeing those twilight tuesday videos. And now it’s here… ahhh! I am so excited!

  20. Christina Cullen says

    Cyndi, I TOTALLY agree with you! Kristen always seems so out of it! She acts like, I dunno, like she thinks it’s stupid. I think you’re completely right, I think she might regret it ot something…

  21. AriLovesEdward says

    true lireal. I remember the day after I saw those pictures, I was talking to my friend about the cast. We were both so scepticalbut now, just like 3 hours away, im so excited! I heard that the acing was flawless, and that makes me happy. I heard that the special effects sucks, and I could care less. We all wanted a movie, and a movie which has an enormous fanbase and a good looking cast is what we got. VIVA LA TWILIGHT! (ps im sooooo wierd)

  22. I don’t think Kristen is standoffish. I think she’s shy and really nervous, and she has more than a right to be.

  23. Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!I think I’m just going to die!I cannot wait.

  24. The New York Times has a new article about Twilight. πŸ˜€

  25. ImBettingOnAlice says

    I don’t find kristen to be standoffish either. She’s just a quiet/shy girl who seems overwhelmed. Johnny Depp comes across the same way in his interviews. Very quiet and reserved. Anyways 28 hours till I see the movie!!!!! What a joyous day it shall be !!!

  26. ome!!! i’m so excited! i get to see it in four hours! πŸ˜€

    this has been a full blown twilight week… with the premiere and the lost show/twilight tour on tuesday… i’m so happy!!!

  27. I cannot wait for this movie.
    Despite what some of the reviews
    say, I think its going to be good.
    Half the people who comment on those
    reviews are the typical twilight/fad bashers
    who seem to think they are better than everyone
    else just because they like this and that yet HATE
    something that other people do just because its soo
    popular. D: its getting old people. Suck it up and
    get on with life. This crazy obsession isn’t going
    away anytime soon.

    Besides, the movie isn’t even out yet, so how do the commenters even KNOW if it sucks? Bah, I’m
    going to avoid any reviews until after I see the
    movie so I don’t get all biased or whatever. ><;;

    and KSTEW=AMAZING. She’s just…shy and doesn’t like to be interviewed by interviewers that don’t
    seem to fully grasp what the heck it is they are
    talking about.

  28. I honestly love Kristen. She really was the best to play Bella. I know this because I saw Twilight yesterday!! She was amazing. So glad they chose her.

  29. Rotten Tomatoes gave Twilight 44%.

    Does the film deserve it? Maybe. I haven’t seen it yet.

    But really,it’s teen-targeted, low budgeted. I’m not exactly surprised, but that’s too bad.

  30. I am on the East coast and I just saw the midnight showing of Twilight. I LOVED IT!!!! Good job, you guys! You all brought the characters to life and I lived in the movie almost as much as I lived in the book. Rob and Kristen were excellant as Edward and Bella. I will see it again this weekend. YAY!!!!! My Twilight really IS on the big screen.

  31. Devon061381 says

    Just got home from seeing Twilight! With the low budget, I’m completely satisfied with how it turned out. I expected going into this that scenes would be condensed and they wouldn’t be able to fit every single thing into the movie, so I feel no disappointment. I think everyone did an awesome job. I love how they ended it with Victoria! Got a little foreshadowing in there for the (hopeful) sequel(s)! I’m definitely seeing it again on Tuesday with my cousin, but I’m going to try and catch it again this weekend. My husband thought Rob did a great job as Edward. I, of course, knew that he would – gut instinct. I was anxious to see Kristen pull Bella off, and I think she did a great job. All of the Cullens and nomads were perfect πŸ™‚ I’m so looking forward to how they tackle New Moon (keeping fingers crossed for this) – with a bigger budget, it will be even MORE awesome. I loved it! πŸ™‚

  32. Natalie Dority says

    I absolutely love the books, I can not get enough of Twilight, but the movie…total letdown πŸ™ I knew it was low budget and would probably be cheesy and not follow exactly with the book, but I was so disappointed with it. At least I know the sequels (if there are any) can only get better, so there is hope.

  33. Ahhhh! Big thanks to everyone who’s gone to see the movie so far… I by no means live in a large city but the theater was pretty well packed! Yay! Kudos and loves to everyone who laughed and cheer in ALL the right places, too bad there was a poor guy sitting RIGHT behind me the entire time going “Why is everyone cheering?” “How’s that funny?” xD Sooooo a movie for the fans. Catherine Hardwicke you ARE my hero! Love the Stephenie appearance WOOHOO! I was almost afraid I missed it til I saw her and only a few people in the theater recognized her… yay! Now I urge everyone to go laugh and cheer with the rest of the Twilight fans at the theater, too good to miss!

  34. Natalie Dority:
    I don’t really get the huge letdown you feel… i really did love it. maybe if you explained more? was it the few random camera angles? that did bother me a little. was it the acting? if so i can’t agree with you there, i thought the cast did wonderful! a few slips here and there on rob and kristens part, but nothing that ruined the movie for me. the only actors i didn’t like were eric and tyler, but they were in it so little it didn’t take away from the movie. basically what i’m saying is, besides the low budget things that we knew to expect, i really enjoyed this movie. and i honestly think critics are being WAY too harsh. they need to save up some of that smug-know-it-all-bullcrap for movies that truly deserve it… confessions of a shopaholic anyone? when you get right down to it, this movie had heart, and the cast and crew put there all into it and despite a few minor glitches, it really shows in the film. i loved it.

  35. I just saw the movie and loved it,it stayed true to the book, Kristen did really well. Usually she plays the same character in all her movies but this time she really IS Bella-serious, smiles, laughs. Loved all the Cullens and Humans, Rob did a good job too. Looked a little constipated in some parts which I giggled, so he got the “aching” part down. The first time in Biology was the funniest scene! Baseball scene was Awesome! The only thing I wish looked better was when the vampires ran…. but with only that being not a big problem. All in All- Movie is a must see, very good, true to the book (which I think it being low budget was a huge help to that). Only wish there was more Alice and the Blood biology scene

  36. Just wanted to let the Lex know that Summit is sending out a letter to everyone signed up for their newsletter, and that it is a message from Kristen and Rob saying New Moon is a go. Thought I’d share the good news!

  37. how did everyone else like the movie?? because i hated it… it was nothing like the book, and one question i have is one day while i was watching an interview on stephanie meyers[on mtv] and she kept complaining that the ideas for the movie were so ridiculously different from the book so, why make a movie at all??

  38. HAHAHA. The MTV interview was hilarious. I love them. Taylor, Rachelle, and Edi and so down to Earth and great people with a great sense of humor. I laughed throughout the whole interview when I was reading it.

  39. uhh youtube for the vidoe please?


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