Twilight Live Podcast Officially Uploaded

This just in from Andrew Sims:

Twilight Source, Twilight Series Theories, and Twilight Live proudly present the recording of our live show in Los Angeles on November 16th at the Borders of Westwood.  Twilight stars Peter Facinelli, Jackson Rathbone, Mike Welch, Christian Serratos, and Solomon Trimble all took part in our podcast by answering questions from the panel. 

After the stars left, MTV’s Larry Carroll joined us for a great discussion on the Twilight fandom, film, and much more.

Fans can download the podcast by downloading the MP3 file at this link:

Lead panelists were lead hosts Andrew Sims and Kallie Ross.  Co-panelists were Matt Britton, Kassie Ross, and Larry Carroll. 


  1. First??

    I love Andrew Sims! I can’t wait to listen 🙂

  2. As a straight male, could someone explain to me why I would like Twilight? :/

    Aside from Robert Pattinson.

  3. Ehm: Think of it as a learning experience. You should read it for educational purposes. Twilight teaches men how to treat their girl. Plus, if you read it out in public, it’s like carrying a little puppy around with you, you will attract many woman. My question to you is: why WOULDN’T you like Twilight? 🙂

  4. I’m not a huge Andrew Sims fan but I do love Matt B. so I can’t wait !!

  5. Elm it really is a great story that honestly makes you think your really there and it’s a great story about love I know cliche right ? but it has it’s own twist into this fantasy world but still down to earth story that people just fall in love with !

    And really you can score with the ladies just by telling them you read Twilight haha

  6. Twilight is basically every girl’s fantasy and so is Edward Cullen (proven by the fact that fans r crazy, absolutely NUTS when it comes to twilight and Edward Cullen/Rob Pattinson)… also, guys don’t act like that in real life (which is so sad btw), but if you read twilight as a guy then you’d have the knowledge of the innerworkings of the female mind. all guys complain about how they have no idea what a girl is thinking… well this is the handbook for figuring out a girl’s mind. this is the kinda stuff we think about. this is what we WANT from a guy. so if you can read twilight as a “relationship manual” of sorts then you’ll make some girl very happy with your new found romanticism.
    **also note that girls want this kinda stuff from a guy, but they don’t want to have to tell a guy what they want, b/c it just ruins it to have to ask for romance. then you might as well have romanced yourself! so take twilight (chick-flicks work as well) as a learning experience and get out there and do this stuff on your own!

    also, there’s some pretty cool action/adventure stuff that would appeal to guys, aaaand it’ll make u want to be a vampire! b/c vampires are amazing in this book – i.e. super strength, super speed, super senses, live forever, etc. SO awesome!

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